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Wild Steamy Tales

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: astarr
  • Chapters: 160
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 760
  • 5.7
  • 💬 8


This book is a collection of wild erotic tales, adventures and fantasies ever written and compiled in one book! It's really satisfying and forbidden, naughty and lustful at it's finest and i must warn you, It's not your usual erotic book. Be very sure of getting the best mouth watering, thigh tingling steamy collections. These stories feature all the lusty, and most explicit action you could ever hope for. NB: All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities in this book are 18 years old or older. ............ Excerpt.. "Do you like it mommy"? She raised her arms over her head. "See, I'm all shaved. Just like you like me mommy." Just as I was trying to grasp my cousin calling her aunt, "mommy". My mother said, "God, I love when you call me mommy. Do you like pretending I'm your mother. Do you wish I really was your mommy"? "Yes, I do. It gets me all moist and warm inside. I wish you were my mommy and she would do the things to me that you do to me aunty." I stood up, unbuttoned my jeans, yanked them down with my underwear and sat back onto the couch and fisted my already stiff joystick, my eyes clued to the scene being played out on the large screen. Read more and enjoy..

Blackmailed into submission: 1

Introduction: Arrogant office manager is blackmailed into submission.

Note: All names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. All comments and constructive suggestions may be directed to the comment section.

Read and enjoy..



Kathy Andrews, at 28 years old, was the youngest VP of Financing the company had ever had. She also was one of the most beautiful women working for the company. Her long wavy blond hair was accented perfectly by her emerald green eyes. She was of average height, standing 5'6" tall; but nothing else about her was average. She could best be described as being exceptionally proportioned. Her large firm breasts were at least a 'C' cup in size, but seemed all the bigger by the fact that her waist was so tiny. Below that minuscule waist she had one of those asses which most would simply describe with one word - perfect. Its shape, size, and firmness, were beyond description.

Although not overly bright, she was an exceptionally hard worker who always seemed to know what cards to play and when, to garner favor with the senior management. And one of those cards she played often was the appearance card, much to the dismay of some of her co-workers. Within several years of starting work, she had managed to work her way up from the general secretarial pool to her current position as VP of Financing. Unfortunately, Kathy also had a personality to match. From the moment she started working there, she had an arrogant air about her. She treated everyone around her, with the exception of senior management, like they were less than her - nobodies. And for those unfortunate enough to work for her, she made their lives a living hell. She had no problem telling people when they made mistakes, but was never one to praise good work. And if one of her people actually did something noteworthy, she would always ensure that she took full credit for the idea, rather than letting senior management know who was really responsible.

Kathy, in her mind, was on top of the world. When she started working for the company, she had been forced to work in the 'bullpen' with the rest of the pool of secretaries, sharing a desk with another employee. And now, just a few years later, she sat in her own plush office which even had its own bathroom. She had been promoted into the position at just the right time, as the building was undergoing major renovation then. She had been placed in charge of the renovation project and therefor had complete control over the design and layout of her own office. One of the things she had insisted on was having her own private bathroom and the other was making the walls soundproof. Kathy enjoyed exercising her power and would often scream and yell at her employees for very trivial things. For this reason, she wanted the soundproofing so that anyone walking by the office wouldn't accidentally overhear her tirade. It certainly wouldn't do to have a senior member of the firm hearing her treat an employee like that.

Kathy's belligerent attitude and demeanor turned many employees against her. And no one hated her more than her executive assistance Vicki Chambers. She had been working at the company for several years prior to Kathy's arrival, and when the promotion came that would have elevated Vicki out of the secretarial pool, she lost it to the newcomer Kathy.

Now Vicki wasn't an ugly woman, she just couldn't compete with the natural beauty that Kathy possessed. She had long jet black straight hair, and dark almond eyes which went well with her slim high cheek bone facial features. She had an attractive figure, though somewhat on the smaller end of the spectrum. She was several inches shorter than Kathy measuring only 5'4", so her 36B breasts seemed smaller than they really were. One thing Vicki did have that Kathy didn't was a keen intellect. Unfortunately for her, Kathy knew that and that was why she had arranged for Vicki to be her executive assistant. This way she would be able to keep Vicki under her thumb and take the credit for any good ideas that she came up with.

However, as it happens with many people in power, Kathy began to become complacent. She became overconfident in her control over Vicki and stopped scrutinizing her every action, believing that Vicki knew her place in the big scheme of things and wouldn't dare take action against her. This proved to be the weakness Vicki had been looking for.

After months of preparation, Vicki was finally ready to confront Kathy and begin the process of change. Gathering up the papers she needed to put her plan into action, she marched into Kathy's office and closed the door without a word. Now before today, this was completely unheard of. Kathy demanded complete obedience from her employees, and insisted they first announce their presence through the speaker phone and wait for permission to enter.

Kathy expression of shock quickly turned into anger when she saw that it was Vicki who had broken the rules. 'That impetuous b*tch' she thought to herself. 'I see I'll have to knock her down a peg or two and remind her who's boss.' A vicious sneer began to form at the corners of her mouth.

But before Kathy could say a word, Vicki had marched right up to the desk and plopped the package of papers in front of her. "Before you have one of your little temper tantrums KATHY," stressing the word Kathy, "I think you'd best read those papers."

Kathy's expression quickly reverted to shock at hearing Vicki's tone of voice as well as the fact that she had used her first name. For Kathy, that had been absolutely forbidden. She enjoyed having everyone around her refer to her as 'Ms Andrews'. She thought it helped to remind them of their subservient position to her. Momentarily silenced, Kathy picked up the top sheet and began perusing its contents. At first she didn't understand what she was reading, but as she got to the second and third page, it became readily apparent what it was that she had before her.

" don't understand?" she stumbled over her words, trying to piece together what was happening.

"Well Kathy, I think its fairly obvious what it is you've been doing. From looking at those papers, it seems you've been siphoning off a lot of money from the company over the last few months," Vicki replied with an evil grin on her face. "I guess your plush little salary just isn't enough to sustain you anymore, and you now have to steal from the company to sustain your life style."

"No. That's crazy. I would never do that. I've never seen these papers before today. I didn't do this," she objected vehemently - a slightly crazed look beginning to appear in her eyes.

Because of Kathy's arrogant belief that her employees, especially Vicki, would be loyal to her for fear of losing their jobs, she didn't always check the work that they were doing or the paperwork that she was signing. Over the last few months, Kathy had been content to let Vicki run a lot of the projects and just sign off on the paperwork when necessary. This way, she didn't have to do any of the work, but could take all of the credit when it was done. Unfortunately for Kathy, Vicki had been slowly inserting various legal documents for her to sign which authorized the creation of a personal bank account in Kathy's name and the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company into this same account. It was done over such a length of time and so surreptitiously that Kathy never had a clue to what was going on. Now, all of a sudden, there was incontrovertible proof that she had singlehandedly stolen a very large sum of money from the company. Every piece of paper had her signature on it - no one else's.

"You b*tch!" Kathy shouted at Vicki. "How f*ck*ng dare you..."

"NO. You listen to me you f*ck*ng c*nt," Vicki snarled viciously back at her. Years of hatred bottled up, suddenly exploded out of Vicki. "I've put up with your f*ck*ng b*llsh*t for too many years."

Kathy sat back in stunned silence at seeing such raw hatred flow out of Vicki. Until now, Kathy never really understood how much her employees truly hated her.

"There's enough evidence there to ensure you go away for a very long time. You're looking at 15-20 years minimum for the crimes you've committed. I imagine the women in prison will love to get their hands on you," Vicki chuckled menacingly.

"Wait..No..I didn't do this...I'm being set up," Kathy protested weakly.

"Do you think any court in this country will believe you?" Vicki asked incredulously. "Every f*ck*ng piece of paper has your original signature on it. Everybody in this company thinks you do all of the work on every project. In your arrogance, you've made sure of that. Nobody will believe that you allowed someone else to do anything for you."

With a sinking feeling Kathy knew what Vicki was saying was true. She always made sure everyone in senior management knew that all of the work done on any project was done by herself. She refused to give any credit to her staff. As far as the higher ups were concerned, Kathy micro managed everything and did all of the work herself.

"Please, why are you doing this to me Vicki?" Kathy asked with panic in her voice.

"WHY? You have the f*ck*ng gall to ask me WHY? Are you that f*ck*ng stupid? I would have thought 'why' would be the easiest answer for you." Vicki replied contemptuously. "You come into this office with no education or experience, and through your slutty looks alone, get promotions over people who truly deserve them. On the way up the ladder, you never cared who you stepped on to make yourself look better. You treated everybody out in that office with contempt - like we were worthless. You thrived off making our lives miserable. Well, guess what missy, it's all over now. You'll be spending the next 20 years of your life behind bars."

"No, please. There must be another way," Kathy begged. She realized that what Vicki was saying was true.

"There is, so listen up c*nt, because I'm only going to say this once," Vicki replied.

Kathy immediately sat up straight in her chair upon hearing that there may be a way out of this mess for her. She expected Vicki was going to make some demands for money, or perhaps a promotion and pay raise. She thought she was prepared for what she was about to hear.

"You have two choices available to you. The first is that from this point forward, you will become my property. You will do whatever I say, whenever I say - without question or hesitation."

"What? Are you f*ck*ng crazy?" Kathy asked incredulously. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Blackmailed into submission: 2

"Your other choice is jail then," Vicki replied nonchalantly. "You have one hour to decide. I'll be back at 9:30pm." And without a further word, Vicki turned around and marched out of the office, closing the door behind her.

Sitting back at her desk, Vicki smiled to herself as she played back the scene in her mind. Everything had went exactly as she had planned. 'God, the look on Kathy's face when she delivered the options was priceless' she thought to herself. Even before the hour was up, Vicki knew what decision Kathy would make. Kathy wasn't bright enough to fight this in court and she valued her comfy position and salary way too much to risk giving it all up.

When at last the hour had passed, Vicki got up from her desk and marched back into Kathy's office. She was still sitting at her desk with a stunned look on her face, looking at the papers before her. Without being asked, Vicki sat herself in the chair in front of


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