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Warrior's Academy: Assassin's Fate

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Zenith is the top assassin in the family of Aspen. She is furious, talented, and one of a kind with an innocent angelic face lady. She is extremely curious to know who killed her parents because she badly wants to bring rightness to their death—until her grandfather, Zilver, agreed to let her leave their assassination and gave justice to their death but on one condition... She must enter the school full of warriors, by disguising herself to have an undefined power and be one of the students in Warrior's Academy.



A large explosion suddenly erupted in the center of Tagum City, many people were injured and hurt.

"All of you deserve that! Comrades! Come and destroy those worthless creatures. Everyone you can see, young or old, kill them! We have nothing left!" The excitement of the tourists behind the blast lingered.

"Aahh!" Screaming in fear of the residents, everyone was in a commotion and running frantically.

"Shout! Scream! That's right, just shout in fear! It's so nice to hear the grievances of all of you!" knowing the joy on his face as he continued to shoot at the people, the leader of the army moved and toured the area to find more victims.

He saw a family running so he quickly followed and fired a gun, "Do you think you and your family can escape? Hahaha! You're done!" once shot at the head of the family, her husband was surprised that she was now watching the bloody and lifeless husband.

"My love! Y-You killed my husband! You! Heartless people!" the woman resented the leader.

The gun pointed at her, "Tsk, don't worry because you're next and your child will follow the both of you," Smiling as the dog said, the woman held her baby son tightly.

"Please. H-Have mercy… Don't kill my son, just… kill me just don't kill my son." The woman sobbed.

"Do you think I'll feel sorry for you? I don't care about you and your child! Only murder makes me happy and I'll be happier when I see you out of breath-ugh!" It suddenly fell to its knees due to the speed of events.

"Don't you ever say that... murder has never been a hobby, that's what you'll remember," a woman holding a knife with human blood said coldly.

She was the one who stabbed the leader effortlessly, but the bloody leader with a foolish face still managed to look back at her. "Z-Zenith? The highest of the Aspen family… Tch! A-Are you here to stop us and save these worthless creatures? Pfft! We're still the same... you're m-murderer," he struggled as he continued the bleeding of the neck, Zenith slowly approached to end it.

"It's only my job to kill and you're my job," she said before finally beheading the leader, she turned to the woman and looked sharply at the baby, "Take good care of your child."

When she left, she started walking away to go to the other comrades of the person she killed while carrying the severed head and continued to bleed. "T-Thank you very much!" she heard the woman shout but he ignored it and no one seemed to hear.

When Zenith arrived at the place where the rest of the army was, everyone was suddenly stunned and looked at him in shock with the severed head of their leader.

"Impossible, w-what have you done to the Chief?!" streaked with anger and fearful curiosity of it. But Zenith did not answer.

"You'll pay—" the one who rushed in was stunned when one of his companions blocked it.

"Don't be stupid, you don't know that woman. She is from the famous Aspen family so don't let her give you a chance to kill you," explained the detainee.

Zenith suddenly threw her head at them. "It's just my job to kill, the value of your leader Tyrant's head is one billion while the total of all of you left is five billion. So when you add it up, it's six billion. It's also useless to stop your partner from scratching me because you will all die too so if you don't rush me, I will rush," she explained.

"W-What do you mean by that?" This question stuttered.

"It's simple, all of you are my work. Your gonna die," she replied directly with emphasis.

And then she approached the armies, the others retreated and the others just rushed as well. She quickly avoids the enemy's attacks, he slowly intercepts the locusts that are being shot by others because he suddenly jumps high to everyone's surprise, the impact of Zenith's descent is strong, it even slightly destroys their base. She then changed the shape of her body and one by one killed them using only the knife she was holding.

After that, she took the hearts of all those he killed and counted them to make sure everything was complete. "Tch, I'm still not really good at math. I'll take a shower when I get home," she said annoyed, and picked up the phone and called someone.

"Hello?" He was kind enough to answer the call.

"I'm done with what you're asking me to do, where's my money?" she immediately said it.

"Don't worry… I already sent it to your account, is everything complete?"

"Ah, maybe? Will you just take his head here or will I take it there?" she asked reluctantly.

"No need. I'll just get it there, we don't really regret the money paid to you, Zenith." He smiled.

"Tss. You are using people's money, how can you not regret that? Psh! I'll go ahead… include their hearts as well. I have no intention of donating them to anyone in need."

"Is that so? Are you—" She did not finish what the mayor was going to say and she immediately turned off the call.

She turned to the woman behind him who was holding the body of another colleague of the one she had killed.

"Looks like you're not really good at Math, kid?" the woman said.

She gave a face when Zenith asked, "And who are you?"

"My name is Palm, you didn't realize it secretly ran away earlier when you suddenly jumped so I killed him because he's a bad person," was his long reply.

She looked at the corpse annoyed and the woman, "Ah, is that so? Alright… I'll just give you the amount of that person," she said and turned his back on the woman.

"I don't need money so it's up to you, I have another purpose…" she immediately formed a defense when Zenith suddenly attacked her.

"I don't have time to talk to you, are you an opponent?" she asked emphatically.

"N-No. I came to offer you… you're not an ordinary person yet."

"Because I'm a monster, I'm a murderer and I can kill you right now," she said directly but the woman named Palm didn't care.

"It's your job to kill and it's not your job to kill me if I'm not mistaken you're an assassin..." she said gently so Zenith let go of her and turned around again.

"What now? Spread it..." she said lazily.

"I won't do that, I just want to talk to you for a while."

"Every hour is important so I can't…"

"A million in a minute, will you agree?" Zenith was stunned and turned to Palm.

"Let's not be here, the staff of the organization for those corpses is coming," she only said and walked again but Palm followed.

They stopped at a broken restaurant that was involved in the blast, and they both sat outside.

"Is it really okay to show your personality in public, as an assassin, doesn't it affect your job?" Palm asked, but Zenith just looked at him bored.

"Is that all you want to talk about, you're just wasting my time like that," she said.

"Alright, I just wanted to offer you a chance to get into our school. I saw your talent as a warrior and you have the potential to be a full-fledged warrior."

"School? Warrior? Psh, I don't have time there so you can't force me to be a busy man," she replied immediately.

"I know that but I have to find extraordinary people who have the potential to be warriors to save humanity, then I found you…" she explained.

"Woah? Save humanity? The more I don't fit in there, it's my job to kill and not to be a superhero."

"But you can be the same, save the good and kill the bad. I've seen you fight before and I believe you have good will just because you have a reason why you do it." Zenith stared at her because of it.

"You're not an ordinary person, are you?" she asked Palm but she smiled, "One question, one answer. What school are you talking about?"

Palm smiled even more at what she heard and replied, "Warrior's Academy…"


Zenith's Point Of View

What are these four eyes of this woman saying? Aish! Warriors Academy? Does she think I'm weak and still need to study?

"Warrior's Academy, huh? I'm not interested in that." And then I stood up.

"I .. I thought you were? That's why you asked for the name, right?" I turned to her and shook my head in response.

"Nah. I'm still looking for something so I don't have time for useless things." I turned my back on her.

I was about to leave when she chased after me, "Wait!" so I stopped again.

"What now?" I asked irritably, she reached for something.

I just looked at it, "Here… you can find me using this if you change your mind. And don't worry, I'll just send you the money," she said.

"Keep it. I can find you on my own besides I don't accept money less than a hundred million so don't do it, let's go .. I have a spear." I finally left, it might be difficult for me to stop again and what else can I do with that woman.


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