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Villian possession

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"strip"his husky voice sent thousands of shivers down Daniella spine, but she refuse to show it, she just can't go down this easily, she needed to escape this pervert and contact her parent immediately. Just he wait and see ho0w rotten he will be in jail. "Don't make me repeat myself"his deadly stare makes her. Gulp down in awe, before she knows why happened he grabbed her by her hair making her scream in pain. "Let go off me" she scream as she begins to gasped for air, her eyes became blurry filled with her tears. Suddenly the person holding her fell face down to the floor all in his own pool of blood. She immediately fell unconscious........ How about you find out more on this twisted fate.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

"Good evening Mr Black"the pale man in a blue suit bowed his head immediately he enters his office, he stood there waiting for permission to explain why he his here but got none,after thirty minutes he heard the man scoofed signalling him to go on.

"Sir I heard the lee's daughter needs a bodyguard and Mrs Stephanie lee is planning on getting one from the P.T company because her daughter is going on a holiday by herself"the man immediately explained.

"Shut down the P.T's company for tomorrow, you can go''

The man immediately bowed as he exit out of his office ....

Almost immediately a slender man in his mid thirty walked looking good and neat in his black sooth,and a black shade. He bowed immediately walking in.

"Prepare my ride, cancel all my schedule for tomorrow"he said in s husky tone that sent immediately send a cold shiver down the man's spine.

"Yyyy--yes boss"the man quietly excused himself.

"Come back Ray" The man instructed, this time he stood up.

Ray immediately walked in with his head bowed...

"I want full update on Aaron and Aryan ok!!"

"Yes boss"


"Mum did you get any bodyguard"Daniella asked with a frown,she had asked her mother not to worry,this is supposed to be a quite holiday for her but it seems her parent won't let go of her that easily.

" You just can't believe it the P.T shut down at the last minute dear"Stephanie exclaimed with a frown,why is it so hard to get her daughter an undercover body guard for the month peaceful holiday as she calls it.

"You see that a sign I can take good care of myself, am 21(twenty one) mum"Danielle tried to persuade her mother the more, going out of her hometown is what she had always wished for and she plans on getting her own house outside the country,far from her parents pestering. She heaved a sign.

"Ok fine but u promise to call me every minute ok"?

"Ok mum, I promise"she smile meekly.

Daniella give her mother a warm hug before exiting out of the mansion, she hop into the waiting car before the car gingerly zoomed out of the luxurious gate. She heaved a sign of relief.

But little did she knows something unexpected is waiting for her.

"young miss are u sure u don't want Me to take you to the airport" the chaffeur asked with concern.

"No thank you Gordon, I can manage "she reply with a faint smile as she hop out of the car she baded him good bye before waiting for her ride to the airport , in less than five minutes a black Lamborghini halted at her, she stood there expecting the driver to come open the door for her but it seems the driver is not coming out soon, she heaved a sign as she mummuered a curse words before going in.

"Such a pest" she gave a fake smile,almost immediately the driver zoomed off not waiting for her order.

"Uhnnn you are Mr gin right" she smile meekly trying to see the drivers face who was is wearing face mask totally covering 80% percent of his face and only his blue eyes were visible.

The driver didn't say a word.

Daniella begins to panick immediately, this is not her first time trying to be abducted, she gasped at the thought of this stranger abducting her and her parent would never finds out cause they never knew gordon didn't take her straight to the airport and she had told her parent not to track her plane until she calls.

She looked through the window as she immediately gasped the driver just zoomed past the airport, she immediately switched on her phone but was left startled as there was no single network not to talk of an internet connection.

"Excuse me sir, you just passed" she yell

"Keep quiet"

"Helllllpppppp"she screamed upon realizing she is in danger.

"Don't bother screaming, it a soundproof."the driver flitted the car sending her unconscious, she fell back as she hit her head on the seat angle.

Daniella sneezed as she slowly opened her eyes adjusting her eyes to her surroundings, she gasped as she immediately sat up, this is not her room, she looked around as her heart beat begins to palpitate loudly she stood up run to the door as she tried to open it.

"Let me out, heeelp somebody help"she screamed as tears immediately welled up.

She sat down gasping for breath.

"help I need my inhaler pllllssss"she gasped trying hard to hit the door, the more she tried to shout the more she loose her breath she fell unconscious helding her chest.


"She is going to be fine she just needs some rest and it seems she hasn't eaten anything, so I will advise you give her something to eat immediately she wakes up"the doctor explained

"Did you get the inhaler" came the man husky voice

"Adam you should go easy on her, she is just a child"

"I don't remember asking for your opinion Brian " he said shooting the doctor a deadly glare.

Brian tried to smile as he immediately walked out escorted by two hefty bodyguards.

Adam lazily strool towards where the tiny human was laying, she seems so fragile his Pair icy blue eyes travel around the girls body, he saw the sharp cut on her forehead slowly arousing the anger in him for some strange reason he felt really hurt but quickly discarded it she and her family deserves it...

Chapter 2

"Speak"Adam commanded lazily on his rocking chair trying to relax his brain from the online meeting he just finished.

"Sir Mr Alan is meeting up with the lee's manager at the continental hotel"ray informed as fast as he could, cause he knows the man doesn't like to be kept on probation or take his time reporting to him.

"Track them, keep your eyes on them and make sure you listen to their conversation"he ordered lazily.

"Yes sir"the man replied at the end of the line before he could hang up.

Adam stare lazily at nothing and almost immediately he heard the girl scuffed Jacking him back to reality, he watched her rubbed her eye balls carefully followed by a gasp, she tried to stand up.

"Sit down"he ordered causing the girl to Jack back in fear but quickly subdued it with anger, even though her head keep aching anytime she tried to make a move.

"Who the hell are you? And what the heck d


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