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Vicious Attraction

Vicious Attraction

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“It's time baby, come home now. You have wandered for too long. “He spoke in a calm tone as if he was coaxing a small kid to give up on her bad habit. My fingers tightly gripped each side of my dress and tears welled up in my eyes. I whipped my head at Adan for protection but my heart stuttered when I witness the look of betrayal on his face. “Please let me explain. “I pleaded in my mind. But he wasn’t looking at me. “What if I don’t let you take her then?” This time Adan spoke and a ray of hope sparkled in my heart. He snickered. “I can see my wife has thoroughly pleased you. Trust me, I don’t want any bloodshed. Give my wife back and I will leave without wagging war.”

Chapter 1

Micaela p.o.v

Enough is enough!!! I screamed mentally and wiped my tears with my shaky hands.

I cannot live my life with this demon and let my soul; my self-respect get crushed each time under his shoes.

One thing I realized that the more I will endure, the more his atrocities will increase each passing day. He was a heartless monster. I had endured enough in this six month of marriage. I cannot bear his torture anymore. I will escape from this hellhole. I'm not a toy with just human structure and no life. And definitely not a showpiece whom he can flaunt in parties and social gathering.

For God's sake, I'm a human being with blood and flesh. I do feel pain, agony and my heart do bleeds whenever he disrespects me.

Tonight, I will execute the plan I had been weaving for five damn months. I opened the locker of my wardrobe and collected the few cash in a bag I had been saving months hiding from Albert hawk like eyes.

This money solely belongs to me and I got it from selling a pair of gold earring which belongs to my mom. I shouldn't but I had no other choice other than selling her last antic piece. My personal maid Luna, helped me in this matter. When she went for my shopping, she managed the transaction and brought back the cash. Although it's not enough but enough to run from this animal. Of course, few bucks were also spent on her to keep her mouth sealed.

The clock stuck twelve and hastily I glanced at the clock. It was the only time for the shuffling of the guards. I placed the wedding ring on the corner table and put on my sneakers and approached the attached bathroom taking the rope of bedsheets which I tied with each other to climb down. With the help of it, I landed my feet on the ground of the backyard.

"Where are you going?" I heard the voice of someone and snapped at his direction. One of the guards saw me and he was running in my direction. I didn't waste time and dashed from that place towards the jungle.

"Stop." Their voices were coming from behind and I increased the speed of my legs. Nothing matters now except my escaping.

Run, run, run. Don't stop.

My escape plan wasn't easy but I will run for my life. I hide behind a tree and covered my mouth with both my palms preventing my throat from making any slight noise. The huge trunk of the tree hides my figure from their eyes and they jogged passing by. Once they were far gone, I looked either side and took the opposite direction.

I was almost out of the property and my legs were burning but I didn't halt and continued when I reach the main road which connect the national highway. It was early dawn while my tired legs were giving up after covering such a long distance. I looked back and there was no sign of any guard tailing behind my back.

When my legs were about to give up, I heard the smooth engine sound of a tourist bus. I swiveled and a ray of hope filled my heart as I panting heavily waved my hand in the air, up and down almost hopping. The bus stopped and the electronic door opened. With a sigh of relief, I climbed inside and thanks to almighty, there's an empty seat in the second row beside an elderly lady who was sleeping with her mouth open. Plopping beside her on the empty seat I leaned back resting against the head of the seat and closed my eyes intaking long breaths. After some time I felt a tap on my right shoulder.

"Madrid." I said to the ticket collector.

"100 Euros." The old man said with a bright smile and I paid him the fair with a soft smile hiding my tension. He left and again I sagged my shoulder relaxing back.

My father lives in Bilbao with my step mother and their two children, but it's useless to go to him because he treated me like a commodity and after my much-raised disagreement yet he married me off to his friend's son to clear his debt. As if my wish, my choice never mattered to him. Actually, after my mom's death suffering from leukoma I never mattered to him.

My step mother never liked my presence in that house and she had a great influence in creating a rift in my relationship with my father. And if I go back to Bilbao, he will only inform my husband which I cannot let happen. Even if I tell him what I had endured yet he will turn deaf and wouldn't consider my protest and send me back. I didn't escape to get back to him. I will prefer to die starving in the road like some insects but won't go back to him.

Apart from my father, I don't have any such close friend whom I can seek help. One that I had back in Bilbao, her name was Maria. But now I have no idea where she lives because after our high school she got married and I didn't have her new number. After my own marriage I was provided a new sim and a new cell phone. He took away my previous cell phone. Minimizing my contact with the rest of the world so that no one knows his secret.

God! I left the cell phone back in the mansion. I exhaled thinking do I have anyone to call for help or for rescue. No. I'm all alone in this world to fight my battle.

I looked back to my ring finger and felt relief not able to see the shackle binding my finger. I had removed it from my finger before executing my plan. For some reason I felt a kind of freedom as I traced the finger line with the pad of my other thumb.

Freedom. The freedom I craved for five months.

But finally, I made it.

Gradually my eyes dropped and sleep overtook my body with that thought. Tomorrow, with the first ray of sunrise, a new life will begin.

If only my nightmare doesn't hunt me down.


Chapter 2


"Daughter," the constant shake on her shoulder broke her sleep. With a protest Micaela peeled her lashes blinking rapidly and straighten herself. Ouch!!! Her back hurt terribly for sleeping in an awkward position for so long. She arched her chest up and with her hand stroke her back trying to ease the stiffness and turned to face the person who tapping her shoulder constantly.

"Daughter, can you please excuse me." The old lady, probably in her early 50s asked her with a polite smile. "I need to use the washroom so badly." She added bluntly.

Micaela darted her eyes and realizing that she was blocking her way to get out, she shifted her legs twisting her waist and spoke, "oh, sure please."

"Old age and diabetic leaves you with no other choice." Saying she slides out through the narrow space and Micaela nodded again in understanding. One by one all the passengers were also getting down from the bu


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