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Venus Goddess of Love

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Achieving dreams and goals is part of all of us, and I never thought I would come close to achieving any of mine. I always saw myself in Paris, modeling and enjoying the success that my beauty would bring me. But things are never easy or comfortable. I grew up in a world where you have to adapt. When an agent finally approached me with a job offer, I thought it was my salvation. Illusion. That was my moment. It was now or never. And with so many debts piling up in my account, I have no other choice but to enter this world of glamour, runway, and s*x. I will tell you my story, in advance, Welcome to VENUS.



This time, there's no way to adjust and tighten my expenses even more. I see how hard my mother tries to help me, raising me completely on her own after my father left us for a younger girl. We've been through a lot. My mother had the brilliant idea of baking cakes for others, and it's been successful. Sometimes I get called for small modeling jobs, but nothing as grand as my dream. My college is generating more expenses, and I have to fit into the world of high fashion. My agent, who happens to be my cousin, told me he would arrange something great to launch my career. I hope it works out. After all, I don't have much to choose from. I just need to pay off my debts and graduate.

I snap out of my thoughts as soon as I hear my phone ringing. I answer immediately when I see it's my cousin.

“Tell me… you have good news, Ben,” I say, crossing my fingers for luck.

He chuckles on the other end. “Let's just say yes, my favorite model.”

I let out squeals of joy and quickly realize I didn't let him finish speaking. “Sorry, tell me already.”

“I need you to look impeccable today because we're going to sign your contract. This will skyrocket your career without a doubt. But I hope you agree to the terms, and don't tell Auntie anything,” he says, and I raise an eyebrow at his words.

“What do you mean I can't tell her about the terms? Benjamin, be careful with what you're getting me into,” I take a deep breath.

“Relax, I don't think you have much choice at this point,” he says, and I roll my eyes, disappointed.

“Alright, I'll meet you in a little while to go and sign this contract. I hope I won't regret it,” I hang up, get up, tie my hair into a high bun, leaving a few strands loose in the front. I only apply some mascara and lip tint. I don't need much to look natural and beautiful. People often tell me I have envy-inducing beauty that drives others crazy. But I have my doubts. I only appreciate my eyes, the only good thing I remember about my father.

My dream has always been to become a model, and I have all the qualities to be one: blond, tall, blue eyes, and a well-proportioned body with gentle curves. But my self-esteem is completely low due to the numerous attempts and so far, nothing noteworthy in terms of casting calls. My cousin started with me, using his knowledge and connections in high society, and he managed to get good gigs, but not the kind I truly aspire to.

If he says he got me a great contract, it means my portfolio was convincing enough to catch their attention. And even if it wasn't, I'll go anyway. After all, I need money to pay off my debts as soon as possible. I don't want to hinder my mother's success in selling and fulfilling cake orders. It's time to reward her for all her efforts.

I finish getting ready, deciding to wear jeans, a checkered shirt, and ankle boots. I grab my bag, leave a note for my mother, and head out to meet Ben.

I meet him at the café where I used to work until recently. It's a few minutes from my house. Good times, but I had to start looking for internships and ended up leaving. The money I earned wasn't enough to cover my debts. I take a deep breath and see Ben sitting at a table, having coffee.

“Hey, handsome cousin and agent,” I give him a peck on the cheek and sit down


“My super top model, took you long enough,” I see his wide smile. Benjamin has always been a close and beloved cousin. We grew up together, supporting each other in our respective journeys, whatever they may be.

“Tell me where my new casting will be? I'm excited since you said it would be great for the beginning of my career,” I order a hazelnut cappuccino.

He smiles smugly and takes his time to respond. “Well... I hope you understand that this is your only way to be noticed at the moment because I've tried various ways to fit you into high society. But my contacts always end up finding someone more experienced.”

I raise an eyebrow. “How about you stop beating around the bush and tell me already?”

“So, the agency that showed interest in your portfolio was... " He hesitates for a moment but finally finishes. “Venus!”

I freeze upon hearing the agency's name. It's none other than the biggest fashion agency in New York, but they only work with the elite business class of the entire country, if not the world. There are many rumors that besides working with models who become renowned, they offer accompanying contracts, meaning you'll be chosen to accompany high society men, whether they are young or old. Just the thought makes my body shudder. But it's either take it or leave it, and if I choose to leave it, I'm even more lost in debt.

“Say something, you look as pale as a sheet, girl,” he starts fanning me.

I grab my cappuccino and drink almost all of it without realizing how hot it is. I take a deep breath and look around, trying to calm down.

“You're telling me you presented my portfolio to Venus Agency. You know their reputation very well, Benjamin!”

He shrugs, which only irritates me further. “Now is not the time to choose. Do you want your mother to know about all your debts, including the overdue installment for your college loan?”

I crumple up a paper and throw it at him. “I hope I won't regret this. Let's go!” I get up and walk towards his car, parked right in front of the café. I get in as soon as he unlocks it, buckle up, and we drive to the agency without exchanging a single word.

Arriving at the location, I'm amazed by its facade. The name shines brightly, with mirrored glass spanning the entire length of the four-story building. If it exudes wealth from the outside, I can only imagine what it's like inside. I take a deep breath and step out of the car. Benjamin hands me a black folder. I open it and see the contract inside.

Confidentiality Agreement


At first, I don't give it much importance, as he had warned me that we would go through all the clauses of the contract, along with the manager, so that if I don't agree with something, I should promptly inform them for them to decide whether to proceed with my hiring or not.

As we entered, I was even more impressed with the beauty of the place, modern with reddish tones in LED lights, and oak tones. The receptionist was already waiting for us and escorted us to the manager's office. I get closer to Ben and hold onto his arm.

"Here is so gorgeous; I'm not sure if I'm up to all of this," I say, smiling nervously.

"Relax, if you were called, it means you're up to it," he whispers in my ear.

I take a deep breath; as the receptionist points us to the waiting area, I look around. There are rooms with glass walls; I can see some rehearsals and casting choices. I get so


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