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Unpredictable Betrayal : A Sweet of Revenge

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Aurorae
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.3K
  • 7.6
  • 💬 54


Aurora Harverwood thought her married life was already perfect. Especially with her husband, Alex Wildblood, known for being incredibly affectionate and attentive. However, everything turned out to be different from what Aurora had imagined. In a deliberate sign, she caught her husband in an intimate act with Amanda Nicole, who happened to be her cousin. Aurora was furious. She vowed to seek revenge that would not be forgotten.

Chapter 1

"Aurora, yesterday I saw your husband with another woman."

The woman named Aurora Harperwood immediately turned. She glanced while giving a thin smile to Velia, who seemed to deliberately walk towards her work desk.

"Maybe Alex has a meeting with a client or a colleague. Where did you meet him?" Aurora asked curiously.

As a man who held a leadership position in a retail company, he knew that his husband's job often involved interactions with the opposite gender. Aurora was also confident that Alex wouldn't do anything inappropriate. Logically, if Alex were being unfaithful, their relationship wouldn't have lasted for two years.

"I saw Alex at the Kempinski Hotel," replied Velia.

"You met Alex at the hotel?"

Aurora's forehead furrowed. She tried hard to think positively, believing that her husband didn't cross any boundaries. No, Aurora was sure that Alex was a good man.

"Yes, I saw him entering one of the elevators with a woman," Velia explained. From her gaze, Aurora was convinced that her friend wasn't lying about what she had just revealed.

"Ah, maybe they indeed had a business meeting."

"A business meeting? The problem is, I clearly saw Alex hugging that woman very intimately, Nicole. What kind of business associate hugs so intimately?"

Aurora's heart started to beat twice as fast. Discovering that her friend saw her husband being intimate with another woman disturbed her thoughts.

"I'm sure they are more than just colleagues," Velia continued. "Besides, what kind of business is conducted in a hotel and only involves two people? I'm sure that Alex—"

"Velia..." Aurora interrupted. "Enough, stop. There's no need to continue," she pleaded, shaking her head multiple times. She asked Velia to stop what was being accused and thanked her for the information.

After hearing this news, Aurora couldn't focus on her work at the hospital for the rest of the day. Despite being a pediatric specialist, she needed to stay focused to avoid mistakes in her medical procedures.

After struggling with her inner turmoil for a while, Aurora finally made up her mind. She decided not to dwell on the news Velia had shared for the sake of her peace of mind. She tried her best to believe that her husband didn't betray their marriage.

As soon as the workday ended, Aurora hurriedly drove home, hoping to arrive before her husband, who usually came home in the evening.

Upon reaching home, after putting away her doctor's coat and the usual work bag, Aurora went straight to the kitchen. As usual, she took the time to cook dinner first so that she could enjoy it with her husband.

For her, despite being busy every day with work and the numerous patients at the hospital, Aurora must not neglect her duties as a wife. She tried her best to do and prepare what her husband needed.

After cooking and setting the food on the table, Aurora quickly headed to the bedroom. She cleaned herself and got ready to welcome her husband.

At exactly seven in the evening, the person she had been waiting for finally arrived home. Entering the room, the handsome, tall man approached Aurora, who was sitting on the sofa reading a book.

Alex appeared to be carrying and then handed over a bucket of red roses and a box of red velvet cake, which had always been Aurora's favorite. He also gave a hug and a tender kiss as usual, something he did every time he left or returned from work.

"I missed you," Alex whispered while tightly hugging Aurora. Loosening the hug slightly, he kissed Aurora's forehead and lips alternately before finally releasing the embrace.

Aurora smiled. Seeing her husband's sweet gesture, how could she believe that Alex Wildblood would betray her? His attitude had always been warm and affectionate, even smart at pleasing her. It seemed there was no room for Alex to do anything foolish, let alone cheat.

"Aren't you tired of saying you miss me every day? Besides, we see each other every day, right?"

Alex smiled, pinching Aurora's nose affectionately. He addressed his wife's comment. He should be grateful to have such a beautiful, intelligent, and independent wife like Aurora.

"Well, how can I not? You're irresistibly charming, darling."


"Why flattery? I'm serious. You've always been irresistible. That's why even at the office, I never forget to call or send a message to you."

Alex wasn't exaggerating. No matter how busy he was at the office, he never forgot to contact her, either by giving updates or just sending Aurora a short message. It was clear that he loved and cherished his wife.

"Okay, I believe you. In that case, go and take a quick shower. After that, we'll have dinner together.

I've prepared the food you requested this morning."

Alex smiled and nodded in agreement. He then took off his jacket and white shirt, leaving them casually on the bed, and walked nonchalantly, shirtless, towards the bathroom.

Aurora was used to Alex's behavior. While shaking her head, she picked up the work clothes that Alex had placed on the bed. Carrying them, she moved them to the laundry basket.

However, before actually putting them in the basket, Aurora's focus was disrupted. Briefly, she caught a whiff of a foreign perfume scent clinging to the shirt Alex had worn earlier.

Aurora brought her refined nose closer to confirm that she wasn't mistaken. Then, she concluded that the sharp fragrance wasn't her husband's or hers.

At that moment, Velia's words echoed in Aurora's ears once again. The image that her husband was truly having an affair now danced in her mind.

Aurora closed her eyes. She took a deep breath while contemplating what action she should take. Should she clarify this directly with Alex? Or should she secretly investigate the man to gather all the evidence before making a final decision?


Two days passed. Although she continued to make an effort to be kind to Alex, her heart couldn't lie. There was a restless feeling, along with a big question mark about whether her husband was truly betraying their love.

Velia, noticing Aurora's strange behavior, took the initiative to invite her friend and colleague for lunch outside the hospital. Choosing a nearby mall, the two decided to eat at a Korean restaurant they often visited.

"Come on, Aurora. Why do you look so upset all the time? I've noticed your face has been really off since yesterday," Velia remarked when they were both seated and ready to order their food.

"I don't know. Maybe it's just PMS," Aurora replied, making an excuse. She was reluctant to share what she was feeling with Velia. Aurora was afraid that her friend might escalate the situation or provoke her, making her even more upset.

"Alright then. Get some ice cream. Maybe it'll improve your mood."

Velia might be right. Having some ice cream could help calm the boiling emotions in her heart. Perhaps her mood would truly improve after this.

However, before they could even order the ice cream, Aurora's eyes unintentionally caught sight of her husband passing by in front of the restaurant. Initially intending to call out to him, her lips suddenly felt dry and froze.

From her eyes, Aurora clearly saw Alex walking alone at first, then suddenly being approached by a woman. The two of them didn't hesitate to hold hands intimately. What was more painful, Aurora knew who the woman walking with her husband was. She was Alex's personal secretary and also Aurora's cousin.

Chapter 2

Aurora: Alex, where are you? Can we do a video call now? I miss you.

Alex: I'm in a meeting outside the office, darling. I'll call and video chat with you once it's done.

Aurora smiled wryly as she reread the short message she intentionally sent to Alex while enjoying lunch with Velia.

Despite Alex's claim of being in a meeting, Aurora had seen him clearly walking intimately hand in hand with Amanda Nicole, her cousin and Alex's personal secretary.

Alex was clearly lying. He wasn't out for a meeting; instead, he was enjoying his break by walking with another woman.

"No wonder Alex rarely invites you to have lunch together. Turns out, now he has a new partner to have lunch with. Or maybe... a partner who can accompany him in other things. Like, sleeping, for example."

In Aurora's office, when she was back at the hospital, Velia's voice was heard provoking.

Since the beginning of her relationship with Alex, Velia had never liked the brown-eyed


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