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Unexpected Triangle

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Selina Alistair, the first daughter of Mr Alistair Benjamin, a multimillionaire, who's from California, was sent out of her father's house, along with his siblings by her step father; Mr Donatus Molly. Things became so hard for Selina that there's no more money to take care of herself and siblings. They hardly get what to eat, and the house rent will be expiring soon. The worst part of it all, is that her father wasn't visiting them anymore, cause she's locked up in a dark room. What would she do to get herself out of this situation? Selina dropped out of school and got employed in a club house, in order to take care of her siblings. One day, she woke up and found herself in a well furnished room, but she didn't know how she got there. " How-how did I get here?" She stuttered in surprise, and glanced around the whole place in confusion.

Chapter 1

" Will you, Donatus, have this woman, Juliet, to be your lawful wedded wife, and will you pledge your faithfulness to her in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with her and to cherish her according to God's holy ordinance in the holy bond of marriage?" The priest asked." Yes I will!" Replied Donatus." Will you, Juliet, have this man, Donatus, to be your lawful wedded husband, and will you pledge your faithfulness to him in all love and honour, in all duty and service, in all faith and tenderness, to live with him and to cherish him according to God's holy ordinance in the holy bond of marriage?" The priest asked." Yes I will!" Juliet replied with a smile on her face." Can the parents of the bride and groom please come forward?" The priest asked and they stood up and went forward as was instructed." Do you freely give your children to each other for this marriage?" The priest asked the both parents." Yes we do!" They replied." Has all the customary requirements thus far been fulfilled!" Asked the priest." Yes they have been fulfilled." The parents replied." You are now free to take each other." The priest said to the couple.After the marriage vows, the priest blessed the rings and hand one of them to the groom." With this ring, I wed you; with my body I honour you, and all other blessings of life I share with you, in the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen." Donatus repeated each words after the priest and slide the ring into Juliet's finger.The same act was repeated, and Juliet slide the ring into Donatus finger.The priest joined their hands together and declared them husband and wife." You may now kiss your bride." He said and Donatus drew more closer to Juliet, and gave her slow motion kiss that left her wanting for more.They left the church afterwards and proceeded to the reception venue. At the reception, a cake was presented.They cut the cake, danced and jubilate. Everyone had a great time. But at a corner, something surprising happened.Juliet's first daughter Selina, could be seen with her friend melody having a little discussion about the event.Suddenly, she saw her step father with man who had a mask on his face.At first, the young lady was surprised, but she waved the thought aside and concentrated with her friend.Her attention was drawn there again when melody also brought up the topic." Who's that with your father, and why is he wearing a mask?" Melody asked and Selina glanced at them again, and turned her gaze to her friend." I don't know, but I guess he's his friend." Replied Selina." Then why is he covering a mask?" Melody asked." I don't know." Selina replied." I'll like to go and greet your father. I think this is the right time, I'll be going home shortly." Melody said and glanced at her wristwatch." Let's go then, we might take this opportunity and know the man." Selina said." Absolutely!" Melody said and they took a walk to where Mr Donatus was standing with the mask man.The man on seeing them coming to their direction, brought it upon Donatus notice and walked away as quickly as he could.Selina and her friend were surprised at the speed the man walked, but they shook off the thought when they realized that Donatus eyes were on them." Hi dad!" Selina said and stood beside him, with a smile on her face." Selina!" Donatus called." Dad this is my friend Melody. Melody meet my stepfather." Selina introduced sharply." Nice to meet you sir." Melody said smiling." Thank you so much for being in attendance. I really appreciate." Donatus said and the young girl nodded." I just came to greet you sir." Melody said." You've done so well. Thank you." Donatus said and turned to Selina. " Where's your Mom?" He asked." She's there!" Selina replied and pointed her hand at the direction, with a glass of wine in her hand." Okay! You and your friend should have a nice time huh!" He said and made to walk away." Ask him." Melody whispered to Selina quickly." What?" Selina asked." The mask man." Said Melody." Oh! Ummm........ dad!" Selina muffled and Donatus stopped abruptly and turned to her." I....." She drawled and glanced at Melody, who gave her a signal to go ahead. " I saw you with a man earlier and he's wearing a mask. So I'm curious to know who he is." Selina said with a thought of hoping that she didn't sound rude.Donatus grabbed her hands instantly and dragged her out of the place to the rest room.Melody followed immediately, but he stopped her. " I want to have a word with her alone!!" He said; but he sounded somehow, like an angry lion.Selina widen her eyes and shook her head negatively in fear, but Melody nodded and turned back.Mr Donatus pushed the door of the bathroom open immediately and pushed Selina inside.Grabbing her neck at the same time, he pushed her to the wall angrily." Dad!!" The young lady screamed and tried to free herself, but his grip on her was too strong that she wasn't able to." Let go!" She screamed again.

Chapter 2

Melody on hearing the scream, stopped on her track and returned to the rest room." Stay out of my business, or else I'll kill you!" Mr Donatus said and Melody gasped and covered her mouth." Please let me...... Let me go." Selina stuttered, struggling to free herself." I am a beast and I won't take it lightly if you keep poking your nose into my business." He said still strangling her." Let me..... Argh! So...m.... Somebo... Somebody help!" Selina stuttered and Melody left where she's standing, and hurried out.She bumped unto someone immediately and fell on the floor." Melody what's wrong? Why are you running? And where's your friend Selina?" Juliet asked and touched her slightly." There..... There...!" Said Melody panting heavily, while pointing her finger at the restroom direction." He.... He.... He want to ki


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