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Unexpected Harmony

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Lisa, a driven doctor new to the bustling city of Pietermaritzburg, finds herself in the backseat of a taxi going nowhere near her destination. Enter Dali, a charming taxi driver and self-proclaimed hustler, who takes it upon himself to get her there. Worlds collide as their paths cross, sparking an undeniable connection despite their vastly different backgrounds. Together, they navigate the vibrant chaos of Pietermaritzburg, their lives intertwined by fate and a love that defies expectations.

Chapter 1

Sisi, you are the only one in this cab and I've been driving for a while now, are you sure you know where you're going?"

My heart thumps loud enough to jump out of my chest as the cab driver finally asks the big question. Am I sure? I don't know. This is my first time here and I know he's going the extra mile for me and telling him that I have no idea of the place won't make anything easier. It's getting dark and with each beating, it’s hard to breathe.

"I... I'm new here but, my aunt told me to get off at a garage, she'll be waiting for me there and I was told the route that the taxi takes, I'll see the garage..."

I fix my mask and look out the window feeling nervous as the cab goes. He looks at me briefly through the mirror and sets his eyes on the road again.

"I can see you are new here is wam and if I was another driver, I'd have long left you on the side of the street... What's your name?"

I look down and play with my fingers. He's slowed down the cab speed and is lighting his cigarette.

"Monalisa," I answer and look at him through the same mirror.

"Lisa... You don't mind me smoking?"

I shake my head no and he nods. The smell of the cheap cigarette takes over the Quantum invading my nose and moving me from a non-smoker to a passive smoker.

"Can you call your Aunt... Lisa," he puffs out the smoke as I shakely dial the number again. Truth is, there's no aunt only an owner but you never say such to strangers, especially Men in a new city.

The phone rings and an excited worried voice comes to the speaker.

"Sisi, you should've been here by now and I'm starting to worry it's getting late, how far are you?"

My cell phone sound is too loud. The driver lets a chuckle before he asks for me to hand over the phone to him.

I'll give the driver the phone ma, he'll tell how far I am," "Alright Sisi," I hand the driver the phone and I look outside at the city lights I am filled with wonder and tired from driving at night and day. They converse in IsiXhosa and I have little understanding of the accent. I do understand enough to express the basics without sounding too coconut, but growing up in Washington with white parents I had no other choice but to hold competence in English. 

My parents are white and no, they're not my real parents, mine were killed in a car accident and I was only 3 months then. Susan the nurse and her husband were always trying to get a child and wanted one badly, so when I was stranded with only my name written on the clothing label, they officially adopted me. Me... a Black Child with thick curly hair and zero white genes in me… At least with what I know.

They chose to keep my name Monalisa but I grew up being called "Joy" which is my second name and one that I don't want to use now that I'm in the new city.

You know, you are quite slow for a doctor... Lisa," I'm brought back from reality by the cab driver giving me my cell phone back.

"Pardon?" I take the phone looking at him confused.

"They said you must take a taxi that'll drive you to Algoa Park and drop you off by spar but because this isn't a taxi to Algoa, you're at Njoli Sisi Monalisa," I don't even know how far I am from the place I was meant to go but I feel too stupid to even call myself a doctor. Years in medical school yet I can't even know when I'm taking the wrong car... So much for wanting to adapt to the culture of my people. "Oh! good wonderful... How do I get there? Where can I get cabs that go in the area? Please excuse my dumbass..." 

I breathe and bite off the sides of my fingers. 

"Don't worry about it, I know where your aunt is and I'll drop you off at the gate..." 

I feel a sense of relief fills me and I sit back and relax. 

"Thanks, and how much will it all cost? And please don't tell me that it's nothing..." 

"Haa don't worry about it, Lisa... Just paying it forward. I was also helped by a cab driver when I first came here knowing no one."

Well, bless your heart… And this may be going off but I didn't get your name..."

My jitters seem to calm a bit. I thought I'd have to ask the driver to take me to the nearest B&B and the extra costs would've emptied my pocket before I even started working. 

He exhales and becomes quiet for a good minute. 

"You, you call me Dali..." 

I take it in and digest it. He turns over his shoulder and gives me a short smile of comfort more so for him than me. 

I finally get a clear line of his face. Full of scars by the neck... the days of struggle drawn on the map of scars filling his dark skin, he also needs a good bath. I'm not judging or anything because he's a hard worker but I must add that his hygiene is iffy... Has he even eaten anything good the past hours he's been on the road? Oh god, why am I even worried about someone who makes three times my monthly pay in a matter of days? Taxi drivers are the real rich people if you ask me.

"Susan was right. You are really beautiful Joy," 

"Thank you very much, Ma."

The owner smiles as she welcomes me inside the house, I look around at what's to be my new home and smile briefly at her. Dali pushes the luggage in and they chat about something in IsiXhosa that I can't understand.

They laugh in between as I'm still looking around the cozy home. The kitchen is small and opens to the eating and TV area. Two bedrooms and a small hallway that goes to the bathroom and the backdoor. The walls are bright white with a touch of beach blue and silver tools. It fits a young single doctor like myself.

Chapter 2

"You like it Sisi?" 

I'm brought back by the owner; I turn and look at her with a smile. Dali is standing by the door looking around. 

"It's clean and it screams me, I love it so much, thank you,"

"Of course, you are welcome to change and move things around to make yourself more comfortable. Get a pet too," 

She's more excited about me staying here than I seem to be. Susan once remarked that Brenda is a people's person.

"Thank you, Ma, though I'll probably spend half of my time at work,"

"Ahh, you're a doctor, you hear that Dali?" 

He nods and gives us a wide smile. 

"I did get some food, the keys are on the tabletop. If you need anything, I'm a phone call away." 

I nod and smile, she takes her bag and gives me a short hug. 

"Dali, take me home. My husband is probably worried," Oh, so they do know each other. That


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