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Under the enemy's sheet.

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Maxine Prior always knew what she wanted for her life, she would go to university, get a job and probably marry her lifelong boyfriend, Nick Scott, however, all her plans will change when by fate, she is forced to live in the same apartment with her boyfriend's brother, Trevor Scott, a troubled, womanizing guy who is only interested in having fun. The problem is that Trevor has his eye on Maxine, and she doesn't know if she'll be able to resist his charms. Trevor's fun will turn into something more when he realizes that Maxine is not just any girl.



I feel a weight sinking into the mattress beside me, however, I am so asleep that I don't pay much attention, the day is cold and I went to bed late last night watching my favorite series on Netflix.

"Maxine" I hear someone whispering my name, but I'm still half asleep, and I pretend to be asleep until at least noon "Maxine" the voice says again.

I feel something caressing my skin, the touch is delicate and it's caressing me under the sheets, I think it's not a dream because it feels very real, so much so that I feel tickled all over my body, I let out a murmur that I can't even understand myself and then I start to slowly open my eyes.

Through the window of my room, light enters, but it's very opaque, which indicates that it will rain, like the last two days, which is strange considering that I live in the state of Arizona, a rather dry place most of the year.

"Maxine" they whisper again, and this time whoever is messing up my life lets out a silly laugh.

I cover myself with the blanket, perceiving a smell, it's masculine, like tobacco and perfume, I hate the smell of tobacco, which forces me to cover my nose with my sheets that smell like flowers because I have just washed them. Although I cover myself from head to toe, I can't get comfortable in bed, so I turn over, trying to find a comfortable position again.

And then I see it. My eyes, which are drowsy, open in surprise as I realize the person who is with me in bed.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I shout with a pasty voice as he laughs "What are you doing in my room, Trevor?" I ask angry.

"Good morning, Maxine" he says in response, being as bold as always.

I look at him with anger from head to toe and realize that he's dressed in workout clothes, his hair is damp and his face is shiny and he still looks good, Trevor is one of the sexiest men I've met in my life, he could easily be the protagonist of one of those silly teenage romantic movies, he has jet black hair, dark as night, it's medium length and messy, his eyes are also extremely dark, and his complexion is rather tanned, Trevor has always been the kind of guy who has all the women crazy behind him, but with me it's different, and as handsome as he is, I refuse to have him in my bed bothering my life.

"What are you doing here?" I shout at him again.

"Watching you sleep" he says as if it's nothing, as if that's the most normal thing in the world. "You should be happy to know you don't snore, Maxine, if you want I can sign a paper that proves it, for the person you marry."

"The person I marry won't care if I snore or not" I say defensively.

"That may be true during the first years, but then he will get tired of hearing you snore and then he will kill you just to not hear you" I roll my eyes and look at him with disdain.

"And how do you know?"

"I've heard things" he shrugs with indifference "there are many stories, Maxine, although I wouldn't mind putting up with the snores of someone like you" he says.

I take a deep breath because I know he's trying to provoke me.

"Do you realize how inappropriate this whole situation is?" I ask him, although I know Trevor Scott doesn't know the word "Inappropriate" for him there are no rules and I have that pretty clear, after all, I've known him all my life "your brother is my boyfriend and I'm sure he wouldn't like knowing that you're stalking me in my own room."

"Is that what you think I'm doing?" he asks, with a half-smile that annoys me.

"Yes, that's exactly what it is" I say with anger "entering a girl's room while she sleeps and getting into bed like nothing is a clear sign of harassment."

"Don't forget about the rose" he laughs.

I look at his hand and realize that he's holding a small red rose, then I remember the tickling while I was sleeping and realize it wasn't a dream, he was caressing me with that rose.

"I don't know why I'm arguing with you!" I grumble sitting up in bed. "Get out of my room!" I shout standing up, but he stays lying down, as if the bed is his "D*mn it Trevor, get out of here!" I keep shouting, but the guy doesn't pay attention.

Frustrated and with a headache, I walk around the bed and get to where he is, I try to move him and pull on the white shirt he's wearing, but Trevor is like a strong rock and I'm like a helpless rabbit, I can't move him and he's making fun of me.

"It's funny to see you try" he hisses, while I let out a groan.

"Trevor, go to hell!" I swear and I'm surprised that mom hasn't come to see what's happening, I'm shouting so loud that it's time for at least someone to have asked what's happening "Trevor, I'm serious" I pout.

He looks at me suspiciously and then he stands up, leaving me facing his chest, Trevor is a head taller than me.

"Now let me be so I can go back to sleep" I say.

"Beg me" he asks, smiling devilishly.


"Beg me."

"I'm not going to do that" I cross my arms over my chest, seeing how bold he is.

"Then you can wait, because I'm not leaving" he stands like a tree in my room and I feel like pulling my hair out from the anger I feel.

"Screw you, Trevor Scott, go to hell!" I shout.

"Only if you come with me, darling" he whispers with his rough and deep voice.

"Not in your dreams" I stand up to him, getting slightly closer to him.

Suddenly, Trevor looks down, more specifically to my chest and raises an eyebrow, I don't know what that gesture means, but I find out as soon as I look down, one of my breasts has escaped from the red silk blouse I'm wearing.

"D*mn!" I exclaim, covering myself.

"Not bad, Prior" he says, calling me by my last name, something he knows I hate.

I move away from him with embarrassment and look for a robe in my closet, while I do, I notice Trevor's muscular back that's wet, probably not with water, but with sweat, which makes me make a face of disgust.

"Tell me please that's not sweat" I point and he starts laughing again."I was working out, Maxine, what did you expect it to be?"

"Oh my God! You're the most unpleasant person in the world, get out of here so I can boil my sheets in disinfectant" I shout.

"Does my shirt bother you? It's fine" he says, and then starts to lift his shirt, revealing his tanned and muscular torso, I'm mesmerized for a second, looking at the chocolates on his abdomen and the erotic V on the lower part of his torso, until I remember that Trevor is my boyfriend's brother and shouldn't be in my room, much less without a shirt.

"Aren't you going to leave here?" I asked, swallowing saliva and regaining the breath that his body has taken away from me.


"Then I'll leave" I tie the pink robe around my waist and leave the room.

I walk to the stairs and start to go down them practically running, I know mom would disapprove, but I need to get away from Trevor Scott as much as possible.

"Wait for me, I'm going with you" he shouts, following me from behind.

"You're a bad seed! I thought you were never going to leave there."

"If you're not in your room I have nothing else to do there" he says as if it's nothing.

I let out a snort and do the most childish thing I can think of, I stretch out my arm and push him to the side, Trevor loses his balance for a second, but quickly recovers with the help of the stair railing.

"No, you didn't" he denies, and then I know I have to run "you asked for it, Prior" he whispers.

I run downstairs and he follows me, then I hide in the kitchen, but my breathing is agitated and it is easy to find me, I hear Trevor walking stealthily, but I am not able to snoop on what he is doing, until I hear the water tap open.

I peek out slightly and Trevor throws the water he collected in a glass on me, he wets my hair and face and the drops start to descend towards my body, I look at him with anger and I shake my head, immediately the pursuit continues, as if we were five years old. I also take a glass of water and chase Trevor, this time he is the one who runs away from me.

Both of us run until we reach the main living room, where my mother, my boyfriend, and Trevor's mother are, they are all sitting drinking coffee and it seems that they are talking, the three of us look at them with a frown.

"What is happening?" says my mother with a severe voice, while she scrutinizes me with her eyes, I am wet and Trevor is shirtless, the two of us exposed before our mothers and my boyfriend and Trevor's brother.

"Trevor was bothering me" I say, before he can speak.

Trevor rolls his eyes and doesn't say anything.

"Well, anyway, it's good that both of you are here" says Adriana, Trevor's and Nick's mother.

"Why?" asks Trevor indifferently.

"We have news to give you" both women look at each other with complicity "Trevor and you will live together" my mother suddenly says.

"What?" we both say in unison.

This cannot be true, it can't be real, I refuse to live with my boyfriend's brother, whom I hate.

Chapter 1.


"How did you hear about it?" says my mother with a ear-to-ear smile, as if this was really the best news she could give me right now.

"I don't understand," Trevor says with a frown and a look of disgust on his face.

"You're not so fun now that you woke me up, are you?" I whisper to Trevor, who looks at me as if he wants to kill me. It seems the idea doesn't please him very much either.

"I already have a roommate, we've made plans," Trevor says.

"Maxine," my mother sighs, and I know she's trying to calm me down. "It's your first year in college, I don't want you living with any hoodlum that could do who knows what to you," she says with a gesture.

"But he is a hoodlum!" I exclaim, pointing to Trevor, until I realize that his mother is also in front of me. "I'm sorry, Adriana," I say to his mother. "Bu


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