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Trial Marriage Couple

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: violet
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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Qin Xiuran is a charismatic and perfect man, living a life of ease and success. He enjoys wealth and is unbeatable in every aspect of his life. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he returns to China at the age of thirty to inherit his family's fortune. He had envisioned a life filled with power struggles and success in the business world. Little did he know that fate had something else in store for him. On the day of his return, Qin Xiuran has a chance encounter with Gu Lan, a woman who will change his life forever. To impress her, he braves the rush hour traffic, rides a tricycle, and even gets sprayed in the face with a high-pressure water gun. As he emerges from the police station, disheveled and defeated, he unexpectedly runs into his own mother. With concern etched on her face, she suggests, "Xiuran, why don't you find a partner? Maybe it will help you recover." This conversation ignites a determination within him to make Gu Lan pay for the troubles she has caused. However, their paths cross again, this time at a blind date. Through a series of misunderstandings and coincidences, they set aside their initial animosity and decide to enter into a trial marriage. On the first night of their trial marriage, as Qin Xiuran lies in bed listening to Gu Lan's loud snoring, he vows, "I will never marry this woman." But as the trial marriage progresses, and Gu Lan knocks out his opponent's henchman with a single punch, Qin Xiuran finds himself standing behind her, thinking, "We can only be friends for life." After half a year of trial marriage, Gu Lan suggests using her opponent's app to publish negative information and then report it, in order to win the business battle. Qin Xiuran looks at her intelligent and confident eyes and can't help but smile indulgently. "Wife, you're so clever. I'll go post some ads right away." And so, the story of Qin Xiuran and Gu Lan begins. This couple, who initially despised each other, embarks on an unprecedented journey of trial marriage. They will face competition and conspiracies in the business world, family conflicts and secrets, as well as the emotional entanglements within themselves. Together, they face challenges, transition from trial marriage to true love, and overcome misunderstandings to support each other. They will write a legendary story in the business world while finding their true happiness amidst the thorns of love. This is a story of love, growth, and struggle. It challenges traditional notions and showcases the journey of two people who seem incompatible but gradually blend, understand, and accept each other. It is a story filled with surprises, emotions, and sparks, leaving us eagerly anticipating what excitement the future holds for them.

Chapter 1

"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane has landed at Nancheng Airport, the temperature outside is 32 degrees Celsius, the plane is taxiing, for your safety and the safety of others, please do not stand up or open the luggage racks ......."

  The gentle tone resounded in the cabin, the plane speed gradually slowed down, one after another, the passengers took out their cell phones, the sound of messages one after another, accompanied by the sound of "I'm here" calls, the thin and broken into Gu Lan's ears.

  She was no exception.

  When she lazily opened her phone, she saw Ms. Yang Rong's almost bombardment of messages.

  Empress Dowager: "Are you back yet?"

  Empress Dowager: "Go to what Tibet properly, annual leave is not used for blind dates to take to travel, how much time have you wasted?"

  Empress Dowager: "You're already thirty, how much effort have I made for you over the years, and how many blind dates have I arranged for you, not a thousand but five hundred? What about you? Have you ever put your marriage on your mind?!"

  Empress Dowager: "I've arranged another blind date for you at night, it's the son of your uncle Wang's family, he also hit you that one when he was a child, do you have any impression?"

  Empress Dowager: "You don't be too picky, although he looks a little fatter, but at least there is 1.8, you are 178 in height, looks unmanly, not much room for selection."


  Looking at this series of bombardment messages, Gu Lan was so scared that she almost threw her cell phone out.

  Her mind, which had originally gone to Tibet to be baptized, almost stopped beating at this moment.

  She subconsciously tried to snap the phone back up, but the screen was suddenly occupied by the word "Boss", Gu Lan looked at the screen in horror, suddenly regretting why she bought this cell phone thing.

  But thinking of the bill for this trip to Tibet, she gulped and still straightened up, respectfully sticking the headphones to her ears as if the boss man was in front of her, with three parts fawning and seven parts respectful in her voice: "Mr. Jane."

  "Back from Tibet?"

  The female voice with a three-point sneer came from the cell phone, Gu Lan immediately nodded: "Yes, yes, yes, I have my heart set on the company, this annual leave is not yet time, I can't restrain myself from the urge to go to work, and I came back early."

  "It was called back by your mom for a blind date, right?"

  Jane Yan poked through Gu Lan's lie without mercy, Gu Lan's face was bitter, and she answered with a dry smile, "Where can I be, Mr. Jane, my whole heart and soul is for the company, you know that."

  "Not for the company, you can't go anywhere else, do you have a harbor of love?"

  Gu Lan: "......"

  Those words hurt.

  "Lan Lan." Jian Yan opened her mouth, and Gu Lan immediately felt bad.

  They have known each other for almost ten years, from the women's clothing brand all the way to partnership to video blogger incubation company, although repeatedly defeated, but the good thing is that Jane Yan's family has money, she is not willing to be a rich second generation who inherits the family business, and she is determined to make some achievements, so she has never given up on her, and she has been supported to start her own business.

  Just her job has been changing, from the beginning of the CEO, into the designer, into the chief planner, until today, into a completely rely on the face to eat the net red blogger.

  Every time Jian Yan called her "Lan Lan", it meant something big and unsettling had happened, and Gu Lan's entire body tensed up.

  "Mr. Jian, I'm here, let's talk."

  The cabin door opened, Gu Lan stood up after the crowd, single-handedly took down her travel bag with a large straw hat hanging from the luggage rack, buckled the straw hat onto her head, and stood in the crowd after her.

  "You know, I've been good to you all these years," Jane Yan began to reminisce about the past, "Although you've been failing, I haven't given up on tapping into your potential, but through nearly a decade of contact, I've learned that your greatest strength is your face."

  "Handsome," said a soft female voice from the side, Gu Lan turned around and saw a girl who was only up to her chest and had a double ponytail looking at her for help, "Can you help me with my pink suitcase?"

  Gu Lan twisted her head and saw the huge suitcase, she immediately refused, "No way."

  Saying that, right in the middle of the astonished gazes from the surrounding, she carried her travel bag and followed the crowd out, persuading Jian Yan, "Mr. Jian, actually I still have a lot of good qualities, such as being kind and helping the weak."

  "I know." Jane Yan said carelessly, "So even though you are in the bottom half of sales every month, I didn't fire you. But you have to know that the company doesn't keep idle eaters, you always have to do something."

  These words came out and Gu Lan knew what Jian Yan meant.

  She straightened up and said, "Mr. Jane, if there's something you want to order."

  "My cousin was cheated on."

Peak to peak, Gu Lan's heart sank, knowing that Jane Yan said half a day, the main topic came.

  "Now that her boyfriend is getting married, you hurry over and brace yourself."

  The complex amount of information made Gu Lan choke, but she sort of understood Jane Yan's intentions.

  After talking for half a day, she wanted her to pretend to be someone else's boyfriend to teach the scum a lesson.

  Pretending to be someone else's boyfriend/object of affection or something like that wasn't the first time she'd done it, for the simple reason that she was handsome.

  Her height of 1.78 is her calamity, her handsome appearance is her disaster, for which she is a peach blossom, no matter how many blind dates Ms. Yang Rong arranges, it will not help, but it is a great joy for her friends.

  Every time her friends needed a man, she had to step up to the plate.

  But after being chased down the street by her friend's boyfriend the last time she pretended to be her friend's new love interest, she had decided never to do it again.

  So she vetoed it firmly: "Boss, forget it, I almost got beaten into the hospital last time, why don't you find a real man?"

  "Why would I look for you if I could find one more handsome than you?"

  "But I still have things to do," Gu Lan continued to push back, "My mom arranged a blind date tonight, I have to ......"

  "Ten thousand dollars appearance fee."

  Without waiting for Gu Lan to finish, Jian Yan said the payment.

  "Medical expenses are reimbursed, we brought bodyguards."

  Everything was ready for the east wind.

  Thinking of the mortgage, Gu Lan suddenly felt that it was everyone's responsibility to punish the scum, and she should be this east wind.

So her tone instantly became professional, seriously said: "Demand send me."

  Jian Yan has long been expected, gently "heh" sound: "WeChat to see."

  With that, she hung up the phone.

  Not long after, the message was sent over like a rainbow.

  Jane said, "This is the person you're serving this time."

  The picture appeared of a bikini beauty with a hot body standing on the beach with sunglasses.

  Jane Yan: "Her name is Zhong Xiaoyao, she's my cousin, she usually stays in S. She had a boyfriend before, he's from Nancheng, called Wang Hanan, and his family owns a hot pot restaurant."

  Saying this, the screen appeared a fat man with a hot pot and a big smile on his face.

  Jane said, "Before he chased my cousin for three years, my cousin saw that he was honest, so she agreed to him, and now they are starting to talk about marriage, but as a result, today she came to Nancheng to look for me, and just happened to bump into her boyfriend getting married to another woman. That woman is richer than Xiao Yao's family, it's rumored that her family sells milk and has a large farm in New Zealand."

  Seeing this, Gu Lan subconsciously replied, "Milk and hot pot don't go well together, right?"

  Jian Yan: "Are you looking for death?"

  Gu Lan: "Mr. Jian, you continue."

  Jane Yan: "Honestly speaking, this woman is better looking than Xiao Yao. Xiao Yao's character is introverted and hasn't been pursued by a few men, Wang Hannan probably also saw this, and is still circling Xiao Yao on WeChat, trying to get her to be a little outside, saying something like she can't find a better man if she leaves him. When you come over later, you must compare him, got it?"

  This request she understands, "Roger, is there material support?"

  Jane Yan: "There is, I flew back from S city two hours earlier than you, got off the plane and bought equipment for you at the airport, things are in the suitcase, the suitcase is at the airport, the door of gate 6, you bring it over yourself."

  Said, WeChat sent a picture, the picture is a frosted surface black luggage.

  Jian Yan: "Just this suitcase."

  Gu Lan: "Roger that!"

  Jane Yan: "You must pack up and be at the Jiuzhou Grand Hotel by six o'clock, and if you can't come at six o'clock, you don't want to get a penny."

  Seeing this terrible curse, Gu Lan s*ck*d in a breath of cool air.

  She hurriedly replied, "Don't worry, I'll definitely make it."

  After sending the message, the ferry became slower, and Gu Lan suddenly realized a problem: "Mr. Jian, why is your suitcase at the airport entrance?"

  Jian Yan: "Do you know how long it takes to get from the airport to the Jiuzhou Grand Hotel?"

  Gu Lan: "?"

  Jian Yan: "I was in such a hurry to get on the bus that I forgot."

  Seeing this, Gu Lan intuited that something wasn't right, and immediately pulled out her cell phone and typed in the address of the Nine Continents Grand Hotel.

  The map quickly plotted out several routes, and Gu Lan's heart beat faster as she looked at the shortest estimated time of "2 hours and 30 minutes".

  Jian Yan: "It's now 4:15pm, I'll be waiting for you by 6pm."

  How is this going to make it in time!

  Gu Lan collapsed, but she knew Jian Yan's temper.

  She didn't even remind to retort, she only tied her straw hat tightly at the first instant the ferry stopped and opened the door, and instantly rushed out like an arrow out of a string!

  If she wanted to stay 10 minutes to change her clothes and fix her hair, she would have to arrive at the Kyushu Hotel before 6:50, it was now 4:15 and the driving time was at least 2 hours and 30 minutes, which meant that if she were to take a taxi, the earliest she could arrive would be at 6:45.

  So taking a taxi is not an option, then the fastest option, is to circumvent the traffic jam section.

  First take a taxi to subway line 9, transfer twice, and then take a shortcut ......

  She took her cell phone and ran while planning her route, while her head was full of keywords.

  Gate 6, Jiuzhou Hotel, Line 9 ......

  Gate 6, Line 9, Jiuzhou Grand Hotel ......

  Gate 6 ......6 Gate ......9!

  Ghostly, the numbers in her head confused, she followed the signs for Gate 9 frantically, and as she looked to reach the door, she saw a man in the distance.

  More than 30 degrees of hot weather, but he is still wearing a white shirt, suit pants, suit jacket was ironed across his left arm, just based on the back, you can see a kind of elegant and proper.

  He was holding a cell phone in his left hand and a cup of coffee in his right hand, with a bluetooth headset on his ear, and was looking in the other direction, as if he was talking to someone.

There was a black suitcase not far from the man's side.

  She instantly recognized that this was the suitcase that Jian Yan had sent her.

  That's right, this is it!

  By pulling on the suitcase and jumping into the cab next to her, she would be able to get out of here as fast as she could.

  She didn't have much time and had to race against the clock.

  As long as every part of the process stuck without any problems, she would be able to reach the Nine Continents Hotel before five fifty!

  Then, she would be able to make ten thousand dollars!

  At that moment, with the balance flashing in her mind, she tilted her head up, looked at the word "9" on the door in front of her, and gave it all she had, accelerating out!

  She could!

  As Gu Lan rushed frantically towards the airport exit, Qin Xiuran had just pulled over to the side of the road.

  He had just experienced a ten-hour commute, flying back across the ocean from the United States, and his entire headache was about to explode.

  In order to cheer up, he bought a cup of coffee, and at the moment, he was wearing a light gray suit, holding the coffee in one hand and rubbing his forehead with the other, listening to his best friend Shen Fei's excited voice in his headphones, waiting for the car that he had been saying was about to arrive since half an hour ago.

  "I originally thought you weren't interested in this matter of dividing the inheritance, but I didn't expect you to actually come back!"

  Shen Fei was emotionally agitated, completely unable to control himself, "It's been fifteen years since you left for the United States, I thought you would never come back!"

  "The time has not come." Qin Xiuran's tone was light.

  Shen Fei laughed: "What timing or not, it's Auntie who told you to come back, right?"

  Qin Xiuran was silent for a while, eventually digressing, seemingly answering, "She also wants me to come back."

  "In your family's situation, can she be good?" Shen Fei complained, "Since Jiang Ru that vixen entered the door, your mom's heart has never been comfortable. Divorce is cheaper for them, not divorced look bad, you are not around, this pile of things, not a happy thing."

  Shen Fei rambling, careless gossip: "But you come back on the good, she has been very happy, everywhere to ask people to help you introduce the object, my mom and my sister have prepared dozens of you, you will wait for the blind date."

  Hearing this, Qin Xiuran headache, before his mother urged the marriage is urged, but he is far away from home, when he is not happy to say a "busy" directly hang up the phone, his mother can not take him. Now that he is back, I am afraid that a blind date is indispensable.

  He was a bit helpless, "The purpose of my coming back is not a blind date."

  "I know," Shen Fei lengthened his tone, "You are back to take revenge and fight with that cheap brother of yours for the property. But then again, you're also over thirty, how come you don't even have a girlfriend? You don't like men, do you?"

  "Buy two more pounds of melon seeds, you can stand at the village entrance for longer."

  Qin Xiuran taunted, Shen Fei sensed that he was not happy, lightly coughed and changed the topic, "Your family's old man's failure of this operation is known to everyone, originally thought that it must be Qin Bowen who inherits the company, but did not think that when it came to the head, your father actually got you back to give you a chance ...... "

  "It's not him giving me a chance." Qin Xiuran interrupted him.

  Shen Fei was puzzled: "Ah?"

  "I got the cooperation agreement to engage in technology sharing with De."

  These words shocked Shen Fei.

  Qin Clan started out in the energy industry, and geothermal energy had always been the direction Qin Jianqing had been focusing on. However, the cost of geothermal mining was extremely high, and Qin Jianqing had always hoped to have cooperation with the world's top geothermal energy development company, De's, to reduce the cost of geothermal mining by learning advanced technology, thus promoting the entire industry chain. But the German has been on the core technology to keep secret, and Qin's own technology research and development and there has been no breakthrough progress, resulting in Qin's geothermal energy industry development has not been advanced, becoming the biggest regret in Qin Jianqing's heart.

  If Qin Xiuran can bring back the core technology of De's, then for Qin Jianqing, it is basically considered a major achievement that makes life "death without regret".

"So you were actually called back by your grandfather?!"

  Shen Fei responded, and Qin Xiuran answered, "Uh-huh."

  Shen Fei s*ck*d in a breath of cool air.

  Those who were familiar with the Qin family were well aware of their family's situation.

  Back then, Qin Jianghe, Qin Xiuran's father, had once fallen in love with Jiang Ru, a girl from an ordinary family, when he was young, and then this woman was dispatched by the Qin family with money and disappeared for a few years. In the middle of the Qin family in need of financing, Qin Jianghe and Xia family marriage, married Qin Xiuran's mother Xia Yi. Originally also peaceful and stable, did not expect Qin Xiuran ten years old, that Jiang Ru actually came back!

  The dry wood meets the fire, Qin Jianghe actually secretly placed Jiang Ru outside, gave birth to an illegitimate child, named Qin Bowen.

  Qin Bowen was hidden for five years.

  When Qin Xiuran was fifteen years old, his uncle had a car accident and his family was killed, which meant that Qin Jianqing was left with only one son, Qin Jianghe.

  Qin Jianghe hardened his heart and brought Jiang Ru and Qin Bowen home after his brother's funeral.

At that time, the Qin family made a big fuss, and finally, Jiang Ru and Qin Bowen entered the door, Qin Jianghe sent Qin Xiuran to the United States, and Xia Yi divorced, but as a quid pro quo, Xia Yi got the corresponding shares of the money that year's mother's family gave to the Qin family.

  Everyone can see that Qin Jianghe was in a hurry to send Qin Xiuran out, in order to pave the way for Qin Bowen, for fear that the old man's feelings for his eldest grandson are too deep, if he crosses over and gives the property directly to Qin Xiuran, then Qin Bowen will really not get anything.

  And Qin Xiuran is also very cooperate with Qin Jianghe, this fifteen years in the United States own territory, self-sustaining, development is very good.

  A while ago, Qin Jianqing brain cancer removal surgery failed, life expectancy of less than a year, Qin Jianghe have already begun to inherit the inheritance, at this time, Qin Jianqing personally called Qin Xiuran back, that basically is close to the "Qin's heir" a few words carved on the face of Qin Xiuran.

  For Qin Jianghe, this blow is even greater than the direct deprivation of his inheritance qualification.

  After all, after fifteen years of dreaming, for the Qin Clan to pay so many years, to the last critical moment to find that it is for others to do the trousseau, change who can not stand.

  "So, when you say 'timing', you're waiting for this?"

  Shen Fei reacted, he felt like he was grasping some heavenly secret: "It's not that you didn't come back for so many years in the United States without counting, it's that you wanted to come back at the last minute to give the fatal blow, so that your father and Qin Bowen would have a complete meltdown?!"

  "Or else?" Qin Xiuran gave a mocking smile, "You think I'm so kind that I'm going to give the family business away?"

  "Terrible," Shen Fei couldn't help but murmur as he realized the whole picture of the whole thing, "Too terrible. You're practically like the president my ex-girlfriend thought you were, playing your opponents off against each other."

  Hearing this, Qin Xiuran silently hooks the corner of his mouth, "I'll take that as a compliment."

  "But you should still be careful," Shen Fei stopped joking and got serious, "That brother of yours is not a good guy, I don't know what he will do. I'll be there soon, keep an eye on the contract, don't let anyone grab it."

  "What would he dare to do?" Qin Xiuran listens to Shen Fei's worry and laughs, "Rule of law society, broad daylight, he dares to rob me?"

  Saying this, Qin Xiuran took a sip of coffee, with a smile, leisurely turned back and lowered his eyes, looking towards the side where he put the suitcase.

  Once he turned back, he was stunned.

  Into the eye is the empty ground, the suitcase is nowhere to be seen.

  Qin Xiuran instinctively looked up and saw a "man" with a huge straw hat, dressed casually, dragging his suitcase toward the cab and running wildly!

  Holding his coffee, he looked at the scene in shock.

  The man was well-trained, as if he had rehearsed countless times, in a very short time, dragging his suitcase, pulling away from the cab in one fell swoop, lifting the suitcase and shoving it inside, and then shutting the door and leaving!

  The sound of turn signals came from the other end of the phone, Shen Fei inquired, "I finally blocked over this flyover, and I'm about to arrive at the entrance of the airport, you're at Gate 9, right?"

  Qin Xiuran couldn't speak as he stared blankly at what was happening.

  Shen Fei saw that he didn't say anything for a long time, "Hello? Xiu Ran? Why don't you say anything? What are you doing?"

  "I was robbed."

  Qin Xiuran suddenly spoke out, Shen Fei was bewildered, "What?"

  "I said," Qin Xiuran finally came back to his senses and realized what had happened.

  He looked at the direction the cab was heading away from, a few moments of coldness in his eyes, "I was at the entrance of the airport, by a man with a straw hat, robbed."

Chapter 2

"Robbed you of what?"

  Shen Fei was immediately alert, but Qin Xiuran was calm: "The suitcase with the contract."


  Shen Fei shouted angrily, "I'll be right there, wait for me!"

  Qin Xiuran didn't really care, answered, swept a glance at the license plate of the cab that was far away, quickly memorized the license plate and then turned back to walk to the trash can.

  Just as he lifted his hand and threw the coffee into the trash can not far away, a sharp emergency brake sounded behind him.

  "Xiu Ran!"

  A youth with a few dollish features poked his head out of the half-open glass and said urgently, "It must be that bastard Qin Bowen, call the police or chase?"

  Qin Xiuran didn't reply, as if nothing had happened, he elegantly walked to the white Bentley, pulled open the door, sat down and pulled on the seatbelt in a dry manner, took out his cell p


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