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Too Late To Confess

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Just an ordinary story about a boy who secretly loves a girl who is too hard to reach, too vague to reach, and too difficult to embrace. He was too persistent to give up on getting her heart. But is he still that way when his only hope fades away? Love can come from anytime, anywhere, and without us expecting it. Love makes life more turbulent, but sometimes, love can also make you feel as if you are sinking at the bottom of the sea, and there is no one who can pull you up to the surface. So, be careful with love.

Chapter 1 : Upset And Angry

The sound of a horn from outside her house made Weeby, who was putting on her shoes, immediately rush to speed up her movements. Without looking out, it seemed like Weeby knew who was coming. It was definitely Marcell, her boyfriend. Last night, the two of them were on the phone until midnight, discussing everything and laughing at silly things, until finally Marcell asked if Weeby was willing to go together tomorrow morning or not.

And of course Weeby wanted to, she didn't refuse it. Weeby immediately agreed without thinking, and this was the end, Weeby then stood up from her seat. With a wide smile, Weeby first met her father, who was on the back porch.

As Andika was reading the newspaper while enjoying coffee and eating fried bananas, Weeby smiled slightly before she interrupted her father.


Weeby's voice made Andika, who was focused on reading, suddenly raise his head. The man looked at Weeby, his gaze fixed on the face of his daughter, whom he loved very much.

Andika's smile brightened, "Weeby? Why?"

"I want to say goodbye to go to school first," Weeby said while getting closer to her father.

"Oh yeah, be careful on the road, okay?" Andika gave his daughter his hand to kiss.

"Weeby is leaving now, yeah? I'm waiting for a friend up front," said the girl with flowing hair, pointing ahead.

Andika's face turned confused, and with a furrowed brow, the middle-aged man looked at Weeby before finally asking, "You're not bringing your own motorcycle?"

"Not today, no problem, right?"

"Yeah, no problem, it's up to you. The important thing is to remember dad's advice, stay careful on the road and don't speed, okay?"

Weeby's smile was beautifully painted on her face. "Ready!" Weeby excitedly gave her thumbs up, then she laughed softly, until finally Weeby waved and left her father's presence.

Weeby went straight out of the house after grabbing her helmet, and as she expected, it was Marcell who was outside. Weeby smiled when her gaze met the boy's eyes. Marcell waved at her, while Weeby quickly brought himself closer.

Why did Weeby only realize now that Marcell's face was so handsome? She swore, and she honestly wasn't lying. No wonder so many people at school admired and liked that boy. Marcell was really loved by many girls.

Weeby didn't know whether she should be happy about it or not. Weeby knew that Marcell was popular because of his face. In fact, Weeby never thought that she would date that boy.

Now that Weeby thought about it, this was very strange. She remembered that she and Marcell often fought and fussed over things in class. But now, they were falling in love and dating. D*mn, this was so unexpected.

"You feel like my personal driver, Cell," Weeby said with a chuckle when she was near the boy. Weeby then put on her helmet.

"Especially for you, I'm willing to do it, it's free anyway, you don't have to pay anything. What's not good enough for me?" Marcell raised his eyebrows, while Weeby shrugged his shoulders.

Marcell patted the empty back seat of his motorcycle and said, "Sit here quickly, it's getting a bit late. If you don't want to be late, you have to hurry."

"Yes-yeah, I'll ride it now, but you don't have to speed on the bike, okay? I don't want to fall and kiss the asphalt on my face."

"Do you doubt me? I'm an expert on motorcycles, I'm the king of the streets," Marcell said as he patted his left breast. Weeby pouted for a moment, before finally climbing onto Marcell's motorcycle.

After sitting comfortably, Weeby immediately said while touching Marcell's shoulder. "I'm ready, let's go now."

"Okay, will you hold on to me? You can also hug me if you want."


"Don't forget, you're already my boyfriend, so there's no need to be shy. If you want to hug me as much as you want, it's okay, I'll let you!" said Marcell.

Weeby rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, I also didn't forget that we're already dating, but being told to hug you? Sorry, not yet. I'm sorry."

Marcell's sardonic smile formed, "Pretend you don't want to anymore, just say you're proud. Yesterday you were happy when we kissed."

A tinge of red quickly crept up on Weeby's pair of cheeks. "Ha! How can I be proud of you?"

Then, without a signal, Marcell immediately started his motorcycle, Weeby was shocked and reflexively hugged Marcell's waist. Marcell's smile just appeared, and while Weeby bulged her eyes, the girl was shocked by Marcell's behavior.

"You want me to kill? That's right, I almost fell!" Weeby immediately filed a protest, which Marcell only considered a breeze. Marcell let out a long chuckle.

"I told you that you have to hug me, so if you want to fall, go ahead, I'm going fast."

Weeby rounded her eyes wide. "Marcell, you're not kidding! I don't like it, if you're really speeding, get ready. You'll be—"

Before Weeby could finish her sentence, Marcell had already accelerated his motorcycle, Weeby squealed in shock, especially when Marcell wasn't kidding. That boy was really speeding!

Weeby immediately shouted loudly. Remind Weeby to kick Marcell's crotch when he gets to school later. That boy was halal to be executed. During the trip, Weeby's heart almost dropped to her stomach. Marcell didn't give Weeby any mercy, that boy had guts as big as his own sin.

Even though Weeby had screamed and cursed at that boy, it still didn't work and ended up in vain, Marcell was speeding up, overtaking other vehicles. At this point, Weeby had given up, for fear of falling, she was forced to hug Marcell from behind. Marcell, along the way, was just grinning incomprehensibly.

And in the end, in a short time, they had arrived at the school, Weeby fainted, and the girl got off Marcell's motorcycle staggeringly. Her guts, which had been on the verge of rupture, were now safe, and Weeby tried to calm down for a moment and control herself. The girl took a deep breath before finally removing her helmet.

Marcell himself had been laughing all along, enjoying himself. Marcell got off his motorcycle after removing his helmet. He stood facing Weeby.

"Are you really looking to die?!" Weeby's anger gushed out, her head felt hot this time. She stared at Marcell's face with her eagle-eyed gaze.

Instead of being scared by Weeby's expression, Marcell smiled. "But we survived, right?"

"You're so brainless, what happened earlier? I swear, I want to smash your head into the wall right now, you b*st*rd!"

Marcell received a deadly blow from Weeby, with Weeby brutally doing so repeatedly. Marcell tried to dodge, even though he failed as well.

Weeby closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath. She knew that now she had to calm down.

"If you go home like this again, don't expect you to talk to me again!" Weeby glared while pointing at Marcell's face.

Marcell smiled and nodded indifferently.

Weeby was annoyed because Marcell didn't seem to take her words seriously. Marcell thought she was messing around or something! How annoying.

"I'm serious, why are you smiling like that?!" scolded Weeby while glaring.

Marcell nodded steadily after that, realizing that Weeby's anger had really exploded this morning.

"Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, yes, I did, and I apologize."

"Good. Just watch out if you repeat it again. This time I apologize to you, if something like this happens again, get ready to get you beaten!" threatened Weeby, before she finally stepped away from Marcell, leaving him in the parking lot.

"Weeby, wait for me!" Marcell called out, but his girlfriend kept walking, not even looking back at him.

"Weeby!" Marcell called out his girlfriend's name again, but Weeby still didn't care about him.

"Sh*t!" The boy swore softly, before finally running over and keeping pace with Weeby.

After he took his position next to the girl, Weeby still seemed to be annoyed with him, and the girl refused to move aside, her flat gaze staring straight ahead.

Marcell knew that he was wrong here. "By, don't be angry, I won't do this again, seriously! I'm not lying to you. It was just a joke."

"Your joke cost me my life, so don't find it funny, okay?" Weeby glanced at Marcell lazily.

"But I'm not completely at fault, if I slow down on the bike, we'll be late."

After Marcell's words were finished, the bell signaling the start of the lesson rang. Marcell smiled slightly at that. "Well, right? We'll get punished if we're late."

"Why did you apologize earlier and promise not to repeat what you did if you're not sorry at all?"

"That's not what I meant."

Weeby rolled her eyes, she ignored Marcell's words again. When she arrived at the classroom, Weeby immediately sat next to Uti, making both Uti and Marcell confused.

"I want to sit with Uti today," Weeby said while looking at Marcell, her gaze flat. Marcell was surprised by Weeby's words, as well as Uti herself.

"It's okay, right Ti?" asked Weeby, looking at Uti, who was sitting next to her.

Uti herself did not answer immediately, the girl looked at Marcell and Weeby in turn. She was confused for a moment, but finally nodded. Uti felt that there was something between Weeby and Marcell.

"Yeah, whatever you want."

"Thanks, Ti," Weeby replied with a smile.

"What?" Marcell pointed at himself. His eyes blinked fully.

Weeby, who was already seated, looked up at Marcell's face. "You're asking me? It's not obvious, is it?"

"I'm sitting alone?"

Weeby shrugged her shoulders unconcernedly. While Marcell immediately sighed softly, his lips pursed forward. There was nothing he could do at the moment, Weeby had already made her choice.

Before going to his seat, Marcell said something like, "Let's talk about this issue during launch, okay?"

Weeby didn't give any response, but Marcell concluded for himself that Weeby heard his words and the girl agreed. With unsteady steps, Marcell also stepped towards his seat and sat down languidly.

His gaze was directed at Weeby's back, the girl seemed to be talking about something with Uti, and Marcell believed that the topic they were raising was about Marcell's speeding incident on the road earlier.

Marcell's eyes did not leave Weeby, until he finally saw Uti looking at him. Uti was surprised and quickly looked away again.

Marcell smiled wryly, he was more convinced by his own guess. They must be talking about him.

"Why you?!" Novan suddenly sat next to Marcell, he slightly nudged his friend's arm.

Before answering, Marcell glanced at Novan for a moment. "What's wrong?"

"You've got a very wrinkled face this morning, is there a problem?" asked Novan.

"Something like that."

Novan followed Marcell's gaze as he continued to stare at Weeby. And now that he knew that his friend had a problem with Weeby, it seemed that way. Given that Weeby was currently sitting with Uti.

"Why is Weebly not sitting here?" asked Novan.

"Sort of," Marcell replied shortly.

"Looks like you have a problem with that girl of yours, right? What's going on? Why are you together?"

Marcell glared at Novan, who sighed softly before saying something. "Do you want to know my problem?"

"If you want to tell me something, I'll listen, maybe I can give advice. I'm a good listener if you want to know." Novan grinned, "But if you don't want to tell me, it's not a big deal, I can't force you, right? It's up to you."

Marcell exhaled tiredly. "Well, your guess is right, I have a problem with Weeby."

"You two had a fight?"

"Sort of, but nothing too serious."

"You and Weeby have been fighting like this for a long time, sometimes it's just a trivial matter that you two have been fighting, so I think you two will get better quickly."

Novan's words are not wrong either, and according to Marcell, this problem is also not a serious or too big problem. Marcell just had to apologize again, melt the girl's heart, and then that was it, the problem was solved. Marcell believed that, Weeby couldn't possibly be angry about this. Yes, Marcell was sure of that.

"I left with Weeby earlier," Marcell said. Novan listened happily. "Then I was speeding on the bike, and she got angry with me about it."

"Just as I thought, it wasn't that big of a deal."

"You're right, Van."

"I'm sure Weeby won't be angry with you all the time either, maybe right now her heart is still not at ease. Just wait until the break. Then solve the problem."

Marcell nodded slowly. Novan smiled as he put his arm around his friend. "Do you want me to accompany you to sit here? Instead of you being alone. I'll meet you."

"Where's Erza? Didn't he go?"

"I don't know, I think he didn't go; otherwise, he would have been late and in line with the other kids who were late too. So what do we do? Should I sit here with you?"

"I don't know if your boyfriend will get angry if you sit with me."

Marcell's words made Novan immediately grab the boy's head. "Your mouth! I still like girls, but I'm disgusted if I'm dating Erza. One more time you say that, I'll make sure you die tomorrow."

Marcell just laughed softly in response to Novan's words. "Okay, you can sit with me, I'm boring too, I have no one to talk to if I sit alone."

"Okay!" broke up Novan finally, immediately picking up his bag and immediately moving to sit next to Marcell.

Chapter 2 : Making Amends

After the break bell was heard in the hallway, the lesson was stopped, and the students were heard cheering excitedly and happily. Finally, the torment of boredom was gone.

"The assignment was collected last Friday, just put it on my desk for those who want to collect it, everyone understands?" The teacher in front of the class explained while looking at the students in front of her.

"Yes, ma'am!" answered all the students in unison.

"Alright, now you can take a break, today's lesson is enough until here."

After that, the teacher left the classroom, followed by the students, who immediately lifted their buttocks from their seats, including Weeby herself. She had to leave the classroom immediately.

"Weeby, where are you going?" Uti asked while holding Weeby's hand, and she looked up.

Weeby smiled for a moment before responding to Uti's question. "I'm going to the restroom, do you


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