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Together and Forever

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Calista
  • Chapters: 116
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 621
  • 7.5
  • 💬 4


In this story, Simoune Fierro used to be incredibly nice and obedient, but after her parents divorced when she was in Senior high school, everything changed, and she started drinking and acting foolishly at school. She enjoys having s*x with many men since, in addition to having no financial worries and no one in her immediate vicinity; all she wants to do is have s*x. Even her father can't stop her until she meets this guy at the bar because a one-night stand changed Simoune's life. Simoune, life will be ruined because of one guy and everything will change after all.

Chapter 1: “Tranferee”


Do you still think that having a big family is enjoyable? Well, yes, it's happy when your family is sincere in their happiness and doesn't sugarcoat it. My life was once great until Mommy strayed and left me with Daddy. Since I don't want my Daddy, this has caused a mess in my life.

I didn't realize how I would feel at the time since I was naive. I didn't know how I could live with Daddy because He's not the one I grew up with. After I graduated from senior high school, Daddy discovered that Mommy was cheating on us. I don't really know how I feel about what my mother did, but I was really disappointed in her. I still think I'm smart, but with everything that happened my 1st year and 2nd year college was a mess, all I want is alcohol, s*x, and money.

Hi my name is Simoune Fierro currently a third-year college student studying Bachelor in Information Technology, and I fear that I'm going to fail. My parents only have me as a child. I only have two friends, Lucy and Bruce, and I always turn to them for advice on any issues I may be having. I support them, whether it's awful or depressing.

Schocckkks! My two friends aren't here yet, and it's already three o'clock! We're just going to wander about BGC Manila today in hunt of a large party, but we have to be beautiful tonight if we want to have more alcohol and guys!

Lucy is now hereeeee!

"Hey, there's a big party going on right now at the Z Roof Deck in BGC, are you ready? Do you have any clothes?” Lucy said

"Oh, of course, there is, I'm readyyy!!!. I will wear my red dress tonight, where is Bruce?" I said.

"Let's get ready, he said, and he'll just pick us up in front of the village," Lucy.

"All righttt!!!!, let's go now!!!!"

I've returned home with Lucy. After washing, I'm doing makeup. Tonight, I want to go above and beyond; I want to brag now to justify the cost because, well, it's my night!

Since Lucy and I were both wearing excellent makeup, we were only waiting for Bruce so we could leave. Because Bruce was the only guy in our circle, we obviously took his car.


And yep, after several hours of waiting, we are already here. We first wandered by ourselves and sampled various alcohols because we each have our own lives. After drinking so much that I'm not sure which of the alcohol I drank was the best, I danced wildly in the dance club with a different guy, and after the wild dancing and alcohol, I started to feel dizzy, so someone pulled me……

“Heyyyy! who are youuuu!?? I yelled

But because I'm feeling dizzy I can't see his face, maybe it's time. I give him a passionate kiss, but then I stop. Did I surprise him, because he was shaking and shocked? I attempt to see his face clearly as I stare at him, but I can't, so he grips my waist and begins kissing me instead. I smirk and assume he enjoys it too since I can feel his hand moving over my body, and that was so f*ckingggg goodddd!!!! I asked him in his ear after we kissed, "Do you like more?," while moaning, but he didn't respond. Instead, he carried me to the bed and began undressing me while we continuing to kiss. Guess whattttt!!? His pet's size absolutely astounded meee!!! but yeaHhhh! I love largeeee! He began licking my neck, so I climbed onto his lap and began grinding furiously. He entered it carefully while focusing his pet on my baby mallow, then f*ckkkkk! I began moaning as loud as I can and grind like crazy, I began to faster and deeper until I noticed he was clinging onto the blanket and closing his eyes. So, when it was his turn after mine, we switched places, and he was on top. I sneer as I shove him inside of me, grasp his head, and mumble "I WAAANT HAAARD FUUUUCKKK." he move even faster as I begin grinding and groaning hysterically until we hit the climax, at which point we are both intoxicated, exhausted, and after that I passed off.


Last night, Simoune abruptly left the Bar; in fact, it was the first time since if she has a guy, she always said goodbye in some way, but not last night.

“It's already 10 a.m. and she isn't in school, do you believe she will still arrive?” I said

"I think noooo, I believe she was with someone last night; she simply forgot to say goodbye." Bruce responded

“Whenever I call her, her phone doesn't ring.”

Shoccck! Mam is hereee! Wait…. what!? There’s a transferee???

“Good morning everyone, this is your new classmate. I request that everyone treat him nicely and that everyone assist in introducing him to your professors. Tell me about yourself iho”

“Ohhhh!, hellooo! Vince Ramos is my name. I'm a 23-year-old native of Manila. Since I want everyone to get along, I sincerely hope that happens.” Vince

“OMGGGGG he’s so handsomeeeeee!!!” my classmate

Simoune's absence is regretful because she missed the new transferee. Where is that girllll!!!?

“Are you still in touch with Simoune, Bruce? I said.

“She just texted now to say that she arrived home. Simoune is extremely drunk and it is already midday.”


I woke up with a headache, and there was food and a letter by my side that wrote, "Good morning wild girl." ShuUUUCckSSSs! what time is it—ten? I can't go to school any longer. My Dad will be angry when I get home. I got ready and go home; fortunately, I didn't see my father so I can relax. Additionally, I texted Bruce to let them know not to worry about me. Lucy mentioned a transferee at the school; I'll see that tomorrow as well, so I'll first rest up.


I got up for school at 9 a.m. since Lucy and Bruce said they were already there, so I knew I was going to be late. I hurried down the corridor and realized I was indeed going to be late. I sat down and whispered to Lucy because Ma'am was already talking up front, and I had nothing new to say.

"Lucy, where is the transferee?" I said.

“There at the back” Lucy answered. *pouting to the back*

Wait, he seems to be familiar. Has he been around before? I guess I merely seemed surprised when he abruptly turned to face me and asked,

"Ohhhh, you study hereee?"

He recognizes me? but how!!!???

Chapter 2: “Wait, what!?”


Why doesn't she recall me? Maybe as a result of last night's drunkenness? Or she's used to that because she seems to be used to acting in the way that happened. She doesn't seem really interested, so perhaps I shouldn't tell her what happened. After class, I just relaxed at home before leaving to go to the bar, and guess who was here? Simone and her pals.

I was just drinking by the side when she noticed me and asked,

"Have we met?" she ask while staring at me

I've been unable to speak when she pulls me to the dance floor and started dancing, and I just stared at her. After dancing, she asked me to kiss her, and she grabbed me firmly to her breast. Because we were both inebriated, I let her pull me into the room and she began kissing me. It was my first experience with this kind of stuff, so I'm not sure what to do, to be honest! She was my first, as was the last time, although I may have been inebriated at th


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