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This thing called love

This thing called love

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Adrian, the heir to the Elson groups of company looses his girlfriend, Lissa, to a horrible car crash which leaves him devasted, depressed and in grief. Still mourning and recovering from the death of his girlfriend Lissa, his father suddenly comes up with an arranged marriage with his business partners daughter,Edna, without Adrian's consent. Not happy about the turn of events, Adrian still chose to marry her just to make their families happy, even though he knows he is not yet ready for a new relationship due to the effects which the death of Lissa had on him. Adrian went ahead with the wedding which was successful but he couldn't stop having nightmares of Lissa and the car crash. As the novel progresses, weeks after marrying Edna, the nightmares started fading away and he began healing from the death of Lissa. As the novel moved further, his father also stepped down and he became the new CEO of his father's company and also with the birth of a new born baby Jason, everything was going smoothly in his life when suddenly all the nightmares of his dead girlfriend started rushing back. Tension heightens when Edna, his wife goes to visit her family and Lissa makes a shocking reappearance in his life. While sitting and explaining how she escaped the crash and being unconscious for over 6 months on life surport system, Lissa tells Adrian everything that happened to her and how she eventually woke up but lost her memory which took her some months to recover from it. While talking, things got cozy and they both engaged in a romantic senerio,but unfortunately Edna came back to pickup something she forgot and saw Adrian and Lissa naked on the couch and she passed out immediately. Overcome by grief, Adrian begged his wife and explained how he got carried away with the return of his ex. Still heartbroken, Edna eventually forgives Adrian after some weeks and they tried patching back their strained love but Lissa won't stop calling and looking for Adrian as she still claimed Adrian belonged to her and no one else, even after realizing he already had a wife and a child . After some months of Lissa's return , Adrian's family doctor called him and broke a shocking news to him about Jason not being his son. He brought out the DNA test and revealed it to Adrian. Adrian left the doctors office heartbroken and went home in rage. On arrival, he confronted Edna and he asked if he is the father of Jason. Immediately Edna became shocked and he handed over the DNA test result to her, telling her to explain what's in the result. Confused and bewildered, Edna tries to explain her innocense but Adrian doesn't give her a listening ear and he throws her and Jason out of his life. Adrian goes back to Lissa in tears and gets back into a relationship with her. At the climax of the novel, it is finally revealed that Lissa paid the doctor to forge a fake dna result. Adrian gets to find the truth about what really happened to Lissa when ,Davis, the man she eloped with locates her back and carries along with him, the baby Lissa had for him. He spills the truth on how Lissa left Adrian to marry him in the guise of being among the car accident victims and how she abandoned him and their child when his business crashed. Shocked and heartbroken, Adrian furiously gets Lissa and Davies sent out of his house and he succumbs to grief after realising what he did to Edna. He goes back to Edna after so much support from his parents and begs her to come back to him. Edna turns him down after so many attempts but later gives in. The novel closes with Adrian promising to be a better husband for Edna and loving her whole souled.

Chapter 1


"Babe, please be fast or you would miss your bus"I said while calling out to Lissa my girlfriend. She was supposed to board the next available bus to Port harcourt for a business contract meeting.

"I'm coming, I just need to get all the files needed for the meeting. I do not want to forget anything" she answered from the bedroom. After 2minutes, she came out looking so beautiful and stunning.

Her heels made clicking sounds as it came in contact with the tiled floors of the house.I stared mesmerized at her profile.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting my love. I'm just making sure I don't forget anything important for the meeting" she said sweetly whilst fluttering her lashes at me.

"It's alright love. I just don't want you to miss your flight". I replied, taking strides towards her and grasping hold of her hand. We sauntered towards my car with our hands interlocked.Gearing up the engine, the car ignited and we at once hit the road. I drove her straight to the bus park.The park was busy and boisterous as usual as people moved about in a tide. I sat down with her as we waited for her designated bus to be announced.

Lissa gazed at me, "Baby are you sure I'll be able to get the contract?"

I gave a warm smile and pulled her into my embrace. "Ofcouse love. You are smart, beautiful and you are very competent. I trust you to get the job" I pecked her forehead as she stayed in my arms.

"Thanks baby. I love you" Lissa whispered."I love you too sweetheart" I replied.

Moments later, Lissa's bus was announced and I watched her board into it.

Waving a goodbye at her , Lissa blew me a kiss before ambling into the twelve seater coach bus.Satusfied with the turn of events, I droveh ome, my face beaming with smiles

Hours after breakfast, I flopped onto the broad velvet coloured sofa in my living room and switched on the television, tuning into the news channel.

One can never be ignorant about his or her environment. asif on cue, the newscaster made a shocking announcement.

"Unfortunately an accident was recorded in the early hours of a day as a transport bus driving from Lagos to Port harcourt crashed with a trailer, killing all the passagers on board"

My heart ceased to function and my breathing clogged in my throat on hearing the news.

Tiny bullet sweat beads began taking abode in my forehead.

"It could be any other bus. It can't be the one Lissa boarded" I repeated to myself.

"We've got word that it was a SLT transport bus which crashed" the newcaster added.

My world came crumbling down and my heart repeatedly slammed against my rib cages, threatening to be ripped out of my chest.

My head spinned and tears clouded my eyes.That exactly was the same bus my girlfriend boarded to Port harcourt.The television remote dropped to the floor after I heard the sad and unfortunate news.I couldn't believe it. It can't possibly be true. My hands trembled as I picked up my phone in a bid to dial my girlfriend's number.

The only thing I could hear right now was the loud thumping of my palpitating heart in my ears .I immediately dailed her number but it wasn't reachable.

I kept on trying until I couldn't breathe normally again. I had already started gasping for air and I crumbled into tears, my knees buckling to the ground.

With a loud scream and an electric jolt, I woke up in a flash, panting so fast while also pespirating profusely.

Fuck it was a Nightmare! My chest heaved heavily as I tried to calm the wreckage my nerves had evolved into.

I just had another dream of my late girlfriend and fiancèe, Lissa.

I loved that woman so much and I still love her. She was everything I needed in a woman. I wanted her but death had to snatch her from my hands.

Even though it had been months since she died, I just couldn't get her off my mind.

Like a distraction, my phone rang , cutting into my thoughts. It was my

friend Josh. I picked up the call.

"Beautiful morning to the almost newest

wedded groom in town. I hope you are

up and you have taken your bath , I will

be with you shortly. Get ready bro and congratualtions!" He heartily said to me before hunging up without giving me a chance to speak.

I groaned out loud. I was supposed to be happy but why did I feel suffocated?

Today was my wedding day,the day I am to finally tie the knot and become a family man. I was getting married to Edna, a woman whom my family arranged for me to marry following the depression I drove into as a result of Lissa's death.

Edna was a nice girl but my heart was still tied to Lissa.I at once bolted up and dashed to the shower.In about 15 minutes, I shuffled my feets out of the bathroom and quickly slipped on my outfit.I was putting on my cufflinks when Josh walked into my room, looking dressed up in a black tuxedo and sunshades.

"Hey man. Wow you look amazing today Adrian" Josh complimented me.

"Thanks" I replied with a faint and cold smile. He noticed my cold mood.

"Hey bro, What's the problem? You look so cold man. Today is your wedding day.And literally the best and most happiest day of your life, you should be happy" He advised.

"I am happy Josh" I sighed, forcing a smile on my face.

"Well you don't look happy to me. Or wait, are you getting cold feet?" He asked giving me puckered brows.

"Well I don't know. All I know is I'm not just feeling myself at the moment" Ireplied with utmost sincerity.

"Hey I get you. I understand what's going through your mind. Getting married means no bachelor's lifestyle, no more clubbing, and becoming a family man is one hell of a task and burden. But you are going to be fine. Trust me everything will be ok soon. You will enjoy your marriage. So please cheer up" He said with a comfort and morale boosting tone.

We both chuckled together, ambling out of my room and into our waiting car.


I was at the altar looking a little bit unsettled as I massaged my forehead. Checking my wristwatch, I wondered why Edna was taking a too long to arrive.Josh noticed my uneasiness walked up to me.

"Hey Adrian. What’s going on? You are notl ooking happy my man" Josh said in aconcerned tone.

"She is not here yet. What is going on?Has she meet with an accident? Or has she been kidnapped?" I replied in a confused and destressed manner.Lissa's accident had really scarred me.Fear gripped on to my features and my heart beat was erratic.

"Hey, please just calm down. It’s possible she is stuck in traffic or something. She will be here soon, just put your mind at rest" Josh reassured me.The moment he finished speaking, the door opened, welcoming in Edna who was clothed in a white mermaid fitted style wedding gown.Edna was looking so beautiful and stunning. A smile carved on both our faces as our gazes locked with each others.

"Your woman is here buddy, go get the girl bro" Josh winked at me. I immediately went on to the altar, whilst Edna elegantly sauntered in hand in hand with her father, who walked her down the aisle.

The priest started talking and giving his sermons.Edna took her vows first."I, Edna, take you, Adrian to be my husband in sickness and in health, In wealth and penury till death do us part. When you need a friend, I will be your best friend. When you need help, I will be there for you.When you needc are, I will support you. When you want to try something new, I will encourage you. And when you do the same for me, I will appreciate you. But if you don't… I will forgive you. Every day. For the rest of my life."

Everyone clapped their hands after she took her vow. It was my turn but immediately, my hands started shaking and my palms were sweaty. Everyone stared at me, expecting me to take my vows. The hall was as silent as a grave yard that even the drop of a pin could be heard.

I stood there mute, as the memory of my dead girlfriend started rushing back to me. it's barely a years ince I lost her, and it's been so hard for me to move on just like that without her.But my parents insisted I get married immediately. They didn't want me mourning her for too long.The pressure was too much and I had to bow and succumb to their wishes. That was the main reason I was here today getting married.

My parents had terrified looks on their faces, afraid that I was going to abandon my vows. I tried fighting the memories of my dead girlfriend, a part of me felt like I was betraying Lissa. Our love was just too strong.After struggling within myself, I eventually snapped out of it and took my vows too.

I saw the happiness in Edna's eye which gave me a bit of relief.We exchanged rings, and the priest announced."I now pronounce you both husband and wife. You may kiss your bride" I inched closer to her and we shared a deep and passionate kiss.Immediately the congregation went wild.The resonating sounds of claps filled the air following our kiss.Even though what I felt for Lissa was stronger, I had to atleast try and make sure my marriage worked out with Edna.

Chapter 2


After the church wedding, we immediately moved to the reception.

It was an evening of merriment and gift for us the newly wedded couples.

The Dim Burundi lit hall was lavishly furnished and decorated to match the affluent taste of people in it.

Red roses formed patterns on the wall and the air had an aroma of various delicacies in the air.

The reception finished at exactly 7pm in the evening.

As one of the gifts, my parents booked us a penthouse in a five star hotel at the eko Atlantic city. I and Edna were driven to the hotel by a designated driver hired by my dad.

In about thirty mimutes, we arrived at the grand and imperial hotel.

I stepped out with Edna as she stared dewy eyed at the magnificent area.It was a glass designed hotel. Various water fountains oozing clear crystal water were situated all round the hotel's vicinity. We ambled towards the spinning glass doors of the hotel and walked in.

The sweet scen


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