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The Villain's Captive

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What happens when you have to live with your mafioso ex-lover because your husband used you as collateral to pay his debts? The past that she's been trying to erase is coming back suddenly. Ayuma was in a dilemma; she missed her former lover Rollan, but she also couldn't betray her husband Bastian because faithfulness in marriage was everything to her. "I've already let you go, Ayu. But this time, I'll never let you go again." I tried to close my eyes and block out the image of his nudity in my mind. I tried to block out everything about him from inside me, but our togetherness rekindled the sparks of longing. He was the villain in our story, and it was insane that I was willing to kneel in his presence. Rollan had always known how to control me. Being with him for the first time, I was willing to break all of the rules, even though bad things might happen to me soon. It's time for the story to change. This time, the villain would win the story, and the hero would die without being able to fight back at all. It's about time this story became more interesting, isn't it?

1. Debt collateral

Ayuma Pov'sPrambanan, Ramayana Ballet, Anoman ObongI danced with goosebumps on my body. No, it's not because of the night breeze in the courtyard of Prambanan temple, where I'm dancing right now, but because of the intense and cold gaze of the Shah family's son, Rollan Keenan Shah. The heirs to tens of hectares of palm oil plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan and the owners of coal mines reportedly spread across the country had to pay off corrupt politicians in this country to make their wealth. The Shah family has been a protected mafia family since the country's independence. There are many sins that they have committed over generations, and that has kept the family untouchable.The man sat at the front; he didn't seem to be enjoying the show, and his gaze only focused on one point: me. Ayuma Ralline Wijaya: I'm the one who just had an unfortunate accident because my husband, who had just married me two weeks ago, made me collateral for his company's debts.Should I kill myself like Pitaloka in pursuit of my dignity and honor? Or do I have to be patient and wait, like Dewi Sinta, whom I am currently starring as until my husband is willing to save me from a man like Rollan's clutches?I don't know; I don't have a choice, and I dare not choose because they are all equally bad for me.

After I finished the performance, I immediately hid in my makeup room and had plans to escape from this place, but when I just took off some accessories attached to my head, someone came in without permission."You! What are you doing here?" I shouted. Luckily, I was still wearing clothes; I couldn't imagine that he would see me naked.The man smirked sarcastically. "I think you've forgotten your current status, Ayu. You must come with me until your dear husband can pay all his debts to me."I gave him a stern glare. "You know what? Your business with Bastian has nothing to do with me at all. The agreement between the two of you is invalid under the law! Besides, I've already filed for divorce from Bastian," I said with a victorious smile."Oh yeah?" he said with a raised eyebrow. "The agreement is valid, sweetheart. Because I've anticipated everything, you won't be able to report me to the police, run away from me, or do anything stupid," he said.Then he walked towards me until the distance between us was only a few centimeters, and I could smell the masculine scent oozing from his body. I swallow my saliva harshly. I could see his face very clearly. Rollan was much taller than me; hence, he had to look down when he saw me, and I must admit, he was very handsome if only his face did not have two scars on his left eye, making his sharp eyes look even more terrifying.

"What do you want?" I asked in a trembling voice."What would I do?""Yes, if you dare to touch me, I'll scream for people to beat you like a f*ck*ng thief!"He just grinned and breathed in the scent of my body. "The scent of dancers, the scent of jasmine, huh? I like it; it's so f*ck*ng s*xy.""Don't annoy me, Rollan. I warned you!""Do it. Scream as loud as you can, baby. No one will be able to help you except me."I let out a rough sigh. "You know, you're a f*ck*ng idiot, Rollan.""Why?" he asked with a whisper near my ear."You used me as collateral for Bastian's debts; he'll never pay what he owes you," I said, trying to be as casual and calm as possible. I'm trying to influence him to let me go and kill the cowardly man who used me as collateral.Rollan stopped sniffing my body; he looked at me sharply. It seemed like he was swayed."If he can use his new wife as collateral for his debt, then he can easily flee the country to avoid paying his debt to you," I said, looking him in the eye.I don't care, Ayu," he said, hissing at me."You're going to lose millions of dollars, Rollan. Wake up!" I snapped."I am well aware, Ayuma; hence, I am asking you directly to him; you will be my woman, mine.I immediately pushed her body away from me, but she quickly caught my wrist."Don't be rude, Ayuma, darling. The more rude you are, the more I like it. Now get ready; my people are already waiting for us."I breathed a sigh of relief once she stepped out. But before I could feel the relief, Rollan turned around."Ayu.""What's up again, huh? Still not satisfied talking nonsense in front of me?" I snapped irritably."I'm very much in favor of your divorce from your husband, because after that you won't just be owned by me as collateral for debt repayment, but I'll own you completely."What a jerk!I almost cursed; this guy was nuts."You are crazy! Get out! Get out of here, Rollan."Ha... ha... ha...Rollan's laughter echoed. As soon as he completely disappeared, I immediately grabbed my phone and dialed Bastian's number.Drrttt... Drttt..."Ayuma, baby, what's wrong?""You are a filthy b*st*rd, Bastian!" I shouted as soon as I heard his voice. "How dare you use me as collateral to pay your f*ck*ng debts!""I'm sorry, baby, I..."I, I, what?" I interrupted him by screaming. "You know, he came to get me, Bastian...."My tears began to fall. I hated my fragility. But what can I do right now? My head is stuck; I have no ideas at all."Please listen to my explanation, baby. Don't cry, please." Bastian's voice sounded panicked.

"You're completely cruel, Bastian. You're my husband! My f*ck*ng husband! You should be responsible for my life and death, not treating me like this!""I didn't mean to, Ayu. But....""But, what? I'm not an item you can give to anyone you like, Bastian!" I yelled out angrily."He forced me to put you up as collateral, Ayu!""Hi... him?" I asked with my voice shaking in shock. What the hell is this, Lord?"I would've given it all to him, but he wouldn't. He wants you, Ayu."Someone came back in, and again, Rollan I immediately looked at him with a look that wanted to kill."What do you mean he only wants me?" I asked as I pressed the loading speaker button on my phone."Rollan Keenan Shah will only accept my payment if I give him you as collateral; he doesn't need buildings, shares, and stuff; he just wants you.""That's why you gave me up to him?" I asked while looking at Rollan, who was silently listening to our conversation on the phone."Yes, but that won't last long, dear. I will soon release you from the clutches of your ex-lover."I was at a loss for words; how could all this madness happen to me?

2. A secret order

Rollan Pov'sThat asshole is so fucking annoying. He should be beaten up for lying so much. And Ayuma, just like three years ago, was easily fooled by the words of that jerk who always wears the mask of a holy man."Ayu, I think we need to end this drama quickly. We should get going," I said, trying not to pay attention to the nonsense of the failed man who claimed to be my girl's husband. I was about to take off her husband's mask.She snorted and then turned off the phone. "Get out; I'll change my clothes quickly; after that, I'll follow you wherever you want!"Wow. What has that bastard talked her through that Ayuma, who was always ready to kill me, seems to have relented? But fine, I'll follow her plan.Ayuma came out of her room. Damn, she's fucking gorgeous! Her hair was black and flowing, and her skin seemed to glow under the moonlight shining on Prambanan temple. I was mesmerized and infatuated with h


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