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The Viking Mafia(... And Mary the Mother of God)

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“Kill your father, or be killed” he bawled and smiled. “Do it, son. Do it!” Mr wick growled with a shattered heart. No other option but to watch himself die at the hands of son. “Do it!” He screamed again and Calogero pulled the trigger in terror. The bullet blasted the left side of his chest, surely blew his heart. Wick died instantly with eyes flaring open and blood pouring out from the sides of his mouth. He died without knowing the reason.

Chapter 1

Authors Pov

“Carlo! Calogero! Mary! Where are you all at!?” John Wicks’ voice echoed in the Wicks mansion.

There was a hide and seek game between one of the richest man in Naples, Italy. He rolled from one point to the other with a white fabric covering his sight. His hands were swinging around like a floss dancer.

The kids were chortling and rushing from behind one couch to the other. It was a great sight to behold. You’d agree with me that finding rich families having such family time is rare or better still impossible to see which causes a deficiency in the mental growth of kids.

“You can’t see us dad!” Carlo, the youngest twin, whiffed while standing beside the white settee, very close to the packed brown Curtain. Calogero was on the other end with his mom holding his hand with Mary’s too.

“I got you!!” Mister Wick snickered and grabbed Carlo from behind. Carlo struggled in his grasped while he tickled him.

They were still enjoying the splendid moment when all of a sudden there was a loud pound on the door. They all became startled and their laughter hurriedly dried off. Mister Wick turned his attention towards the clock hanging at the top right side of the room. It was already fifteen minutes past nine. He scowled his brows.

“I think it is one of the guards” Veronica Wick, Mister John Wicks wife says while she still had Calogero by her right side and then Mary in the other.

“It’s past talking time. What do they want!?”John Wick whined as he headed towards the door with curved brows. “Just simple instructions. I can’t even spend some quality time with my family” He pushed forward with his grumbling while dressed in his black pajamas.

He encircled the door knob and opened the door.

His jaw dropped.

His heart stopped whipping for a second.

It’d be right to say that he lost all connection with the world as he saw five men all standing at the door with highly sophisticated guns. Even the air in the room froze.

“Who are you?” His tone was very precarious. He stared right into their faces.

“It is I,” a husky baritone voice yelped from behind. The men who were in front paved the way and someone dressed in a black sleek suit pushed his way to the front. He had a menacing countenance and weathered appearance. His dark orbs peering up Wick.

“You!?” Mr wick widened his eyes and flung his hand with his index finger pointing at the black-suited man.

“Run!” Mr Wick shrieked as he turned to his family abruptly. Before they could move an inch, the men encircled them. The kids clung tightly to their mother. They had red flushed complexion and their body slumped and curled up like a ball.

Mr Wick was mauled by one of the men and he was on one of the couches with a gun placed by the side of his head. Sweat trickled from his forehead and daubed all edges of his face. His eyes portrayed his fear.

“What do you want!? Why are you at my house, you b*st*rd!? What do you want Mario!?“ Mr wick flares in irk.

Mario chuckles and shrugs. With slow steps, he advanced towards Wick. He stroked his extremely dark beards. He pulled his pistol and brushed the edges on his nose as though sniffing cocaine.

“F*ck!!“ Mr Wick screeched as Mario shot his right hand, close to his shoulder. Blood smudged his white shirt and the couch. He struggled but the hold of the two men beside him was too firm.

His kids and wife were intensely crying as they were frightened to the core.

“Porca puttana! You dare not call me a b*st*rd!” he bawls. Mr Wick was still in severe pain.

Mario drew closer to the former and swatted his bullet wound with the tip of his pistol. The more Wick screamed, the more he pressed. The blood that gushed out from the wound fed his ego and made him smile from ear to ear. Mrs Wick tried covering the eyes of the children but she couldn’t completely .

“Let the children watch! Let them see the pathetic fool they call a father! The weakling!” Mario roared and whiffed a stern gaze at his soldiers who were holding her.

“Let go of me!“ she shuddered amidst the counter attacks by her and kids who were crying their eyes out. Just a few minutes back they were filled with laughter but then…

“Why are you doing this!?” Mr Wick whimpered in pain with his head flagging from side to side as he had no strength to keep a stoic posture.

“Shut your f*ck*ng mouth you b*st*rd or I’ll pull out your tongue!”He growled and fired at his right leg now.

“Holy f*ck!”Mr wick wailed and wagged his head in anguish. A full-grown man in tears mixed with blood. Mario further bashed the side of his face, just a little above his right eyes with the butt of the gun. It effect splits Wicks skin and gives way for new ocean of blood to flow out and leak his face like sweat.

“Get the kids!”Mario instructed.

Mrs Wick held them back but Mario’s men jerked them away from her clutches. “No!“ she screamed and one of the men gave her a resounding and electrifying slap that could break a rock even.

“Bring them to me!”he growled with his gun still pointed at Mr wick who was trying his best to stand up for his kids but couldn’t. Mario pointed the gun on his right leg and pressed the tip of it on the already shot spot. He spun it while still pressed on him.

“Stay put, scemo!“He growled afterwards. Wick was soaked in his own blood.

Mario grabbed one of the twin boys and placed him in front. Calogero was terrified as he stared into Mario’s scary scarred face. Tears and fear surged his face and his whole body was quivering with fear. You are never so alive as when you are on the verge of death.

“Take!” Mario offered the gun to the young lad who was five years. Calogero collected the gun with little reluctance.

“Shoot”he instructed and places his hand on Calogeros shoulder. Calogero is pointing the gun at his dad. He is frightened, scared and terrified. How did things change from being a family “hide and seek” game to such a fiasco?

Mrs Wick screamed and tried running to her son but one of the soldiers punched her and she passed out. Calogero’s hand is fluttering and rivulets of tears flooding on his face.

Mario pulls out a knife from his holster on his right side and laid on Calogeros neck. “Kill your father, or be killed” he bawled and smiled.

“Do it, son. Do it!” Mr wick growled with a shattered heart. No other option but to watch himself die at the hands of son.

“Do it!” He screamed again and Calogero pulled the trigger in terror. The bullet blasted the left side of his chest, surely blew his heart. Wick died instantly with eyes flaring open and blood pouring out from the sides of his mouth. He died without knowing the reason.

Calogero broke down but was yanked up forcefully. Even though he didn’t enjoy it, he had to kill each and everyone in his family with the same gun. He started with His dad, to his mom, to his little sister and lastly his twin brother.

Mario collected the gun and pointed it at Calogero.

“Please..” Calogero whimpered inaudibly, almost exhausting the whole tears in his juvenile body system. He stood like a drenched and starved chicken. Blood smeared everywhere.

“Do not worry, I’m going to let you live” Mario said. “You did as I instructed, so you live” He spat and ran his fingers in his hair and turned without further conversation.

He signaled his soldiers and they led the way out leaving Calogero with no one. Mario halted abruptly and looked at Calogero.

“Born in blood. Sworn in blood. You enter alive, you leave dead!” He spat and shot Calogero. He walked out of the room with his soldiers without looking back after wiping out a whole family of five.

There is a cough in the serene room of the dead…

Chapter 2


“Hi, please I need your help” a stranger's voice spat from behind me. I creeped my hand away from the tin of milk I was about to pick from the ledge in the grocery stall.

I met a handsome and stunning man. He had brown curly hair with deep chestnut brown eyes. “Hi” I reciprocated with a smile. His body fitted perfectly in the thick blue shirt and gray pants he wore.

“Please I need your help, I don’t know if you can help out” he echoed in his husky baritone voice.


“Okay, so the thing is, I have been trying to make Ribollita, but then I just can’t seem to get anything together.” His right hand held his phone as he glided through the screen with his eyes gawking at it. His left hand hung behind his neck, scratching his hair in confusion. “Cooking is just so hard,” he added.

I couldn’t hold back my chuckle. His expression was goldenly hysterical.

“Okay, I think I can help out wit


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