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The Temptation of Adultery

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: VTH
  • Chapters: 66
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 8.2
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Based on what are only men allowed to have affairs? Bella witnessed with her own eyes her husband, with whom she had been living for three years, having an affair with her best friend in their workplace. She questioned the value of love and loyalty that she had devoted to this marriage. In order to get revenge on the two betrayers, she slept with another man, experiencing a taste of sexual pleasure she had never tried before. However, what she did not expect was that the man she shared that passionate night with was her husband's friend. He became possessive and obsessed with her.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

"Darling, the 15th of next month marks our three-year wedding anniversary. What do you think about going on a trip?" Bella couldn't hide the happiness that was clearly displayed on her beautiful face. Three years ago, they had a grand and magnificent wedding, and ever since, Max had treated her like a princess.

Max smiled and kissed Bella's lips, but he shook his head. "I'm sorry, honey. I have an important business trip next month, so I won't be able to go on a trip with you. You're not mad at me, are you?"

Bella understood that Max's work and career were very important to him, so she didn't want to be a demanding and ignorant woman. They would be together for the rest of their lives, so if they couldn't go on a trip this year, they could go next year.

Max knew that Bella would understand, so he couldn't hold back his emotions and hugged her tightly. After a sweet farewell between the two spouses, Max had to go to the company.

Max and Bella met at a product launch party for her father's company. At that time, Bella was only a seventeen-year-old high school student, while Max was a young businessman starting to seek relationships. Their love story was like the sweetest and most romantic novel of all time, admired and envied by everyone who looked at them.

Except for one thing...

Since they got married three years ago, Max had never touched Bella. That was the reason why they didn't have any children yet. It would be quite funny if others knew that Bella was still a virgin after three years of marriage.

With this marriage life being so sweet and perfect, Bella didn't desire anything more. Sex wasn't important enough to be forced. Bella believed that Max would think the same way, and she didn't want to create any additional pressure on her husband.

But sweetness never lasts forever.

"Oh, Bella, Mr. Cooper is still in a meeting. I think he'll be finished soon, so please wait in the waiting room for a moment," the female employee brought the documents and greeted Bella.

Everyone in the company knew that Bella only came to the office with one purpose, to find Max. That was why the employee in front of her already knew without Bella saying anything.

"Thank you, don't mind me." Bella was no stranger to this place. She brewed her own tea and sat alone, enjoying it.

Her father, Mr. Owen William, was the head of the powerful William clan and also the CEO of NOV Company, specializing in real estate. The branch she was in was just a subsidiary of the parent company, managed by Max.

Over thirty minutes had passed, and Bella couldn't wait for Max to finish the meeting. She had originally wanted to have dinner with Max at a restaurant before he went on a business trip. But after waiting for so long without seeing him, Bella thought they could have dinner another time.

After leaving a message, Bella left the company. However, as the taxi had just driven a short distance, she suddenly realized something.

"Driver, please turn back to the company. I forgot my phone there." Bella hurriedly said as she rummaged through her bag to send a message to her best friend about going shopping together. But then she remembered that her phone was still in the waiting room at the company.

Bella retrieved her phone and was about to leave, but out of curiosity, she didn't know if the meeting had ended. So she went straight to the meeting room. Little did she know that as soon as she stepped into Max's office, she heard the moaning and heavy breathing of a woman.

Bella's whole body stiffened, she stopped near the door of Max's office and hypnotized herself, having heard wrongly, there was no way the woman's moans could be heard in Max's room again.

But she didn't mishear, the closer she got to the door, the more clearly she could hear the lustful cry inside, it seemed to be getting louder and louder and deliberately letting people outside hear.

Bella was alone in a wide corridor, with no one else left, her hands trembling, her heart throbbing with a strange feeling. She suppressed her fear and pushed the door lightly and peeked in.

Inside were two naked bodies glued to each other, surrounded by clothes they had thrown all over the place, one at a time.

Bella's eyes widened in horror until it was difficult to breathe, the other two were her husband - Max, and her best friend - Pearl. Her heart stopped beating for a moment when she saw what they were doing, clearly, everything was in front of Bella's eyes but she didn't have the courage to rush in to question this couple.

“Ah… hmmm… honey… be stronger… aaaa… hmmm… so deep… fuck me harder bro… I'm so good…” The woman's moan was like a stimulant to Max.

He crazily thrust into the woman's vagina, his mouth constantly spewing lewd and dirty words.

“So good, honey, your cunt is so tight… Ha… you still want to play with me so much… what a gluttonous cunt…”

The panting and frantic groans of this man and woman grew louder, the lewd sound every time the two bodies collided.

The scene before her eyes made Bella panic and her whole body stiffened, tears rolling down her face inexplicably. Bella took a step back, her limbs shaking and unable to stand steady until leaning against the wall she began to collapse.

From surprise, astonishment, and shock to despair, all negative emotions occurred simultaneously, leaving Bella devoid of all senses.

It was then that she realized that the two people she trusted and who had been by her side the longest had betrayed her together. She didn't know how long time had passed until she truly regained consciousness and walked back home.

Bella sat numbly on the sofa, looking at the photos hanging on the wall and the overall arrangement of the house, all in her favorite style. Max spoiled her a lot, catering to her hobby of collecting tea cups, and he even personally crafted an exquisite wooden tea cabinet.

Bella suddenly remembered the reason why Max didn't touch her or sleep with her. He had said it was because he was afraid she would get hurt and wanted her to have enough time to prepare for their first time together. But now, those words from Max were just a joke!

Max wasn't afraid she would be hurt or wanted her to have time to mentally prepare for it. It was because he didn't love her at all. All the reasons for not touching her were just excuses to avoid it.

She didn't know what to do next, the confusion and uncertainty weighed heavily on her mind, causing her to lose a part of herself.

Thinking about this, Bella laughed painfully and shook her head.

"Why not another woman, why not someone else, why my best friend, Max? Why?!"

"Pearl, you clearly knew that Max is my husband, why did you have an affair with him? You both were so cruel to me!"

Bella thought Pearl truly considered her as a best friend, always sharing joys and sorrows together, and she had always treated Pearl sincerely, sharing all the good things with her. Remembering the times when Pearl needed help, Bella didn't hesitate to come to her aid, and tears once again rolled down Bella's pale face.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

In the office, the lustful moans did not stop, the two were so intense that they didn't even notice that their crime was seen by Bella, the door was open without them knowing...

“Hmmm… so good… so deep, bae. Max… Max… I love you… ha… ummm…” Pearl let out sweet, seductive moans.

“I love you too, honey…” Max kissed her plump lips like a hungry animal.

Their 'war' is not over, as they continue their passionate affair in the private bathroom of their office like wild animals.

"Max, when will you finally divorce her? It's been three years, I don't want to continue like this anymore," Pearl sat discontentedly on Max's lap, showing her frustration and being coy with him.

Max couldn't resist her temptation, as he lovingly caressed Pearl's slender waist.

"I also want to di


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