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The Sweet Revenge

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It is a story of vengeance that turns into romance. Ariella Santos, a woman who encountered different struggles in her life; wishing to get her revenge to the family who ruined her life. Jonathan Lima, a man who grew up in a family who work in a family of evils. Once incident will happen that will lead to the meeting of these two. Ariella will make moves to be in the University that one of the son of the family that she wants to revenge is studying. She will definitely do her best to succeed her plan to ruin the life of the Buenevistas.

Chapter 1

In the province of San Berde, there is a community of farmers who live a simple life. People live in a house that is as small as a modernized nipa hut, yet equally beautiful. People are working together, treating each other like family. In that province, there is a family that owns hectares of land. The family is known as the Santos family. Mr. Ariel Santos is the head of the family. He owns land that is cultivated with various crops, including sugar cane, mangoes, pineapple, and coconut. On the other hand, Mrs. Leila Santos is his wife, and she is the one who manages their jam business. And their two kids, Ariella Santos and Kim Santos. Ariella is a second-year college student studying Business Administration. Kim is a graduating student who is studying Marketing Management. These two individuals want to be involved in their jam business because they aspire to expand their business both locally and internationally. For the past few months, their business has been in high demand in San Bernardino, particularly among coffee shops, stores, and bakeries that are seeking highly recommended jams. Also, their jam is known throughout San Berde and the neighboring provinces. But one time, there were people who came and wanted to talk with Mr. Ariel.

Mr. Ariel asked, "What are you doing here?" "What do you want from me?"

The person wearing a suit and hat asked, "Are you Mr. Ariel, the owner of this land?"

"Yes, I am Ariel Santos," Mr. Ariel replied, "and what do you need from me?"

Mr. Dante says, "I am Mr. Dante from Joos Corporation." I want this land to be a new location for our company.

Mr. Ariel speaks loudly, "No, I will not sell this land because there are people who need it, and this land is my life, so I will not give or sell it to anyone."

Mr. Dante replies, "I will buy it for a high price. And if you refuse again, you will never know what my company is capable of."

Mr. Ariel Santos is left surprised by the outcome of the conversation. He is very nervous about what Mr. Dante told him. Even his wife and son are worried about what will happen. They talk about what they will do. The warnings of Mr. Dante scare them even when they sleep. The next morning, a group of people caused a scene in the area. They ruin the planted crops; everything on the farm is devastated. The Santos family is so shocked by what happened. Mrs. Leila cries about what she sees on the farm. Mr. Ariel is full of anger and worry about the state of his farm. The people in San Berde also worry because they might lose their jobs due to what happens on the farm. The next day, the people who caused the scene come again to San Berde together with Mr. Dante. They come to Mr. Ariel's house. Mr. Dante's men cause a fight between the farmers. Mr. Ariel saw the fight, so he immediately went to where the fight was happening. He rescues his people from danger. Then Mr. Dante met Mr. Ariel. Mr. Dante asks Mr. Ariel if he will change his decision about the land. But Mr. Ariel replied that his decision would remain the same. At this point, Mr. Dante begins to get angry. He punches Mr. Ariel's face until he lies down on the ground. Mr. Dante's men trampled Mr. Ariel until he lost consciousness. Ariella and Kim see what happened to their father. Kim immediately ran to help his dad, but it was too late. They bring Mr. Ariel to the hospital, but the doctor declares that he is dead on arrival. Mrs. Leila cries loudly and suddenly loses consciousness. Ariella and Kim also cry and think about what they will do now that their father is gone. After a week of a funeral wake, they buried Mr. Logan's remains. Months have passed and the Santos family is not over. Kim feels anger towards the people who killed his father. He finished his studies so that he could apply for a job. Ariella continues her studies, and she also helps her mother make jam manually. Their business jam collapsed as they paid for the damage to the crops and also paid the salaries of their employees for the past few months. On the other hand, Kim tells his mother that he wants to get a job in San Nicolas. He also wants to get justice for the death of his father. In the first place, Mrs. Leila doesn't like the idea of Kim going to San Nicolas and also taking revenge for his late husband. But Kim persuaded his mother, and suddenly Ariella heard what his brother was discussing with his mother. Ariella immediately goes to them, telling them that she also wants to get revenge for her father's death. Both of them are hesitant to agree with Ariella's decision. She does the same with her brother; she persuades them that she is capable of it. She said that no one from the family of Buenevistas will live happily.

"Tick tock, tick tock," the alarm rings. Mrs. Leila shouts, "Ariella, it's your first day in school; don't be late." But Ariella doesn't hear it, so her mother goes upstairs to wake her up. Mrs. Leila said while poking her, "Ariella, Ariella, Ariella." Then she patted her butt while saying, Ariella, you'll be late if you don't wake up now; don't make your first day hard. And then, after a few minutes, she woke up. She immediately looks at her phone to see what time it is, and she sees that it's already 7 oclock, so she makes her move faster. She takes a bath, wears her clothes, and goes down to have a quick breakfast. Her mother cooked her bacon, eggs, and ham and prepared the bread and milk. Ariella doesn't drink coffee because she always gets nervous and palpitates every time she drinks it. Because the time is ticking, she doesn't have time to eat, so she grabs bread and puts it with bacon, eggs, some ketchup, and lettuce. She tells her mom that she needs to go and that she will eat her sandwich on the bus. On the bus, she is so excited to meet her new classmates and see her new school. Ariella moves schools because she wants to go to this prestigious school to start her revenge. She knows that the son of Mr. Dante is studying here. She knows that she will find evidence with the help of his son.


Ariella asked, "Mom, what will we do now?" "Dad is gone, and we don't have enough evidence to prove that Mr. Dante is responsible for his disappearance."

"I know it's difficult for both of you, but we will not allow that despicable man, Mr. Dante, to roam freely." "But for now, we should grieve and plan on how we can seek justice for your father."

Ariella said, "Yeah, Mom, we will not sit here and watch them be happy; I will make them suffer like I do."

Kim said, "Yes, we will do whatever it takes to survive and make them fall."

After a week, when Mr. Ariel died, his family always went to his grave. They always spent their weekends together, just as they used to. Months passed, and they decided to move from San Berde to San Lorenzo. San Lorenzo is a city that is more modernized and developed than San Berde. This is also where opportunities are open. Buildings are taller, coffee shops are ubiquitous, and at night, you can witness the vibrant illumination of the area. Ariella decided to continue her studies in San Lorenzo. She chose Laurenz University because it is the most promising college in this city. This is also where Mr. Dante's son studies.

Present Time

Ariella is happily eating her sandwich on the bus. She gazes out the window to admire the beauty of the city. She sees buildings, trees, and even flowers. She closes her eyes to feel the cool and warm air. Not until the bus stops does she arrive at Laurenz University. So, she immediately opened her eyes and put her bag on her back. She stands up and gets off the bus. She is amazed at the beauty of the University's entrance. You could see how excited she is about studying. While entering the university, she notices students riding bicycles, some walking with earphones in their ears, and others wearing luxury items. In her mind, she thinks, "Oh!" Can I survive in this school? Huhuhuhu, look, they are all wealthy and ambitious. But, of course, I can do this! Fighting Ariella! You can do this.

While walking towards the university, her alarm rings, so she immediately stops it, causing her to walk faster than she runs. While running, she gets bumped into by an unfamiliar guy.

Chapter 2

Ariella runs when she realizes that it's already 8 o'clock in the morning. Her class will start at 8:00 a.m., and she doesn't want to be late on her first day. While running towards her room, she accidentally collides with a stranger. The man is tall and wearing glasses. She can't see his face. Ariella is running late, so she doesn't mind what happens. She runs straight away from that moment. When she arrived at her room, she went to the front because she has always liked sitting in the front. In order to focus on her studies and actively listen to her instructors' discussions. Ariella is intelligent and loves studying. She never tired of reading, even when she didn't understand her lessons. She is determined and knows what her goals are. When Ariella is seated, she notices a familiar guy sitting next to her. She knows that he is the guy she bumped into earlier. She notices that this guy is quiet while he writes in his notebook. After a few minutes


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