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The Road To Hollywood Queen

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: rock li
  • Chapters: 13
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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In that man's eyes, Eva was once a gambler and liar who used her dreams of being a director as a pretext for her beauty and worthlessness.   He never believed that she could really be a good director.   Right after he abandoned her, this straw beauty who always decorated herself with dreams of directing seemed to have changed overnight.   Unbelievably, on the road to her dream of becoming a director, which is full of questions, disdain and thorns, this Irish country girl with a bad reputation tenaciously rises to the challenge, and then, she turns into a miracle and soars to the sky!

Chapter 1

She died, on her 39th birthday.

  No funeral, no family or friends, died alone.

  Bleak, pathetic.

  Until the time of her death, she came to her senses.

  This is all her own sins can not live.

  This life, she lived what a failure and downfall.

  And the reason for all this was - she had relied on men all her life.

  She never thought of relying on herself.

  Once upon a time, she had also been in the limelight, pursued by ten thousand people, courted by all the stars, living a life of a human being, with countless people looking forward and backing up their horses to do her bidding.

  But in the end, it was all a sham.

  She was very beautiful and had countless men surrounding her since she could remember.

  She had no skills and knew nothing, yet she had been able to marry three times, and each time to a husband who was richer than the one before.

  Simply because, beautiful appearance, is a woman's weapon.

  And she had always believed that.

  It never occurred to her that she had to try to do something about it, because she knew that she was beautiful and that she could rely on her beauty to get men.

  And then relying on men, she could get all she wanted.

  Vanity, luxury, envy, a high-class life, inexhaustible wealth.

  But at that time, she did not think to understand, rely on men, after all, can not be relied on.

  The love built on appearance will not last long.

  At the age of 29, a sudden car accident, so that her facial skin burned most of the lower limbs are paralyzed, many cells throughout the body necrosis, the doctor said that her life expectancy is still ten years.

  She became ugly as hell, and her entire body could only be paralyzed in bed.

  This kind of cruel result was not something an ordinary person could bear.

  She hoped that at this time, her husband could be by her side, even if it meant walking the last journey of her life.

  But this was not the case, and her husband brought her to her complete senses at a time when she was suffering the most.

  He gave her a sum of money to divorce her and started a new relationship with no intention of caring for her.

  He resented her for what she was now, for not having her beauty anymore, for being sick and dying.

  She despaired that this was the husband who had taken care of her so well, who she had thought really loved her.

  But now he is this face.

  She completely woke up and realized that only wanting to rely on men was the source of her failure in this life.

  Although she was vain and greedy, she still had the last bit of pride left.

  She agreed to a divorce and took the money with her to a sanatorium, where she planned to spend the last days of her life.

  In her last moments, she was unusually lonely, but also enlightened.

  All her life she had thought about how to get more and better by her beauty, but had neglected to contact her friends and relatives.

  She sometimes even looked down on those poor relatives and worthless friends.

  This made the last ten years of her life, she had to endure the torture of illness and long loneliness.

  No friends, no relatives.

  The men who had served her so well disappeared, as did her three ex-husbands.

  None of her three ex-husbands ever came to visit her, treating her as if she didn't exist.

  It was as if all that warmth was feigned.

  She regretted that she hadn't done one thing right in her life.

  Trusting men and relying on them was her biggest mistake.

  That caused her to be the person she is today.

  It was ridiculous.

  She who once thought that she could get everything by relying on men, at the last moment of her life, she actually woke up to the fact that the most unreliable thing in the world was men.

  But it was too late.

  For this reason, she even got misogyny.

  Unable to accept the slightest physical contact with any man, once contacted, she will be physically disgusted, want to get rid of, even nausea, as well as emotional outbursts.

  For this reason the nursing home had to replace all her doctors and nurses with women.

  In the last ten years of her life, she began to watch movies, as she found that they were the only thing that could meditate her.

  She could sometimes even be infected by the warmth of those movies and felt that she might still be able to leave something behind in her life.

  After a while, she began to learn how to make movies.

  Because she felt that she had already failed so much in her life, but she had to leave something behind to prove that she had at least existed.

  She spent some money to hire a famous director to be her teacher.

  It's funny that in the last few years of a person's life who has failed miserably and is about to die, she wants to learn something new.

  But surprisingly, she and that teacher discovered something at the same time.

  That is, she actually possessed a great talent for directing.

  After that, she seriously studied and delved into movies for a whole decade, but reached heights that others might have taken twenty or thirty years to reach.

  Her teacher's most frequent remark was: It's a shame to be so talented ...... ......

  Although she was very immobile, sitting in a wheelchair, with only her hands able to be used, her vision blurred, and her speech slurred, she was really serious about learning to make movies.

  Because, on her deathbed, she had wasted her whole life and finally found something she loved.

  After making some experimental short films, she finally, before her death, made her first debut movie.

  Because of her health condition, it took her many years to complete this movie, which is about how a woman who was abandoned by the upper class transformed her mind and regained herself.

  The movie was picked up by a number of movie makers because everyone was surprised to find out that the movie was so well made.

  When the movie was released, it caused an immediate uproar.

  It was a movie of what an excellent temperament, depressed, blue, realistic and detached.

  Those noble women who are empty and vain inside, they are actually the ones with serious diseases in their hearts, in front of their so-called LOSER.

  It wasn't until they lost everything that they figured this out.

  A movie full of irony.

  The director who can make a movie like this is a genius!

  Once people learned that the director was a dying person, people began to ask questions.

  How did she make her first movie only now that she is dying, and what was she doing all those years before that?

  It's a shame that such a talented director is dying!

  Yes, she also wanted to know what she had been doing all those years before.

  More and more, she felt how ironic her life was.

  A lifetime of trying to rely on men, only to end up like this.

  A lifetime of not wanting to rely on her own efforts, only to realize she had an amazing talent after being pronounced dead.

  If this life could be redone, and instead of relying on men from the beginning, she had created career success on her own, wouldn't her life have been very different?

  But it was too late to say anything now.

  Not long after the movie was released, she died.

  If there was a next life, she would definitely rely on herself, she would never rely on her appearance to gain capital, never rely on a man again.

  Never again.

  She closed her eyes, thinking she was dead.

  Then she snapped her eyes open again.

  When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was in an unfamiliar room, not filled with the smell of disinfectant or splintered white hospital beds.

  It was an exquisite and immaculate female bedroom.

  In front of her was a mirror, and in the mirror was herself - not herself anymore, but a young girl.

  A very pretty foreign girl.

  She was strangely just about to get up when she realized a sharp pain in her brain.

  Then countless memories came tumbling up at once, and these unfamiliar memories instantly took over her brain.

  And then, she accepted all the memories from this body, the one that belonged to the original owner of this body.

  What was this?

  She couldn't help but look at herself in the mirror, trembling.

  Not in fear, but in excitement.

  God felt too sorry for her death in her last life, so he gave her a chance to start over?

  Made her travel from China in 2017 to Ireland in 2008?

  She began to sit silently on the edge of her bed, organizing the girl's memories.

  The girl's name was Eva Cody, and she was born in a small country town in Ireland, which was the capital city of Ireland, Dublin.

  This was a vain, greedy, gambling, lying 18-year-old girl.

  This is a hypocritical girl who uses her dream of directing as a gimmick to decorate her image of greatness.

  This is a greedy girl who has maintained a lover's relationship with a gold master for half a year.

  The original owner managed to get into the directing department of the Irish Capital Film School from the countryside and came to the metropolis but instead of planning her life properly, she relied on her beautiful appearance to maneuver between some rich men.

  Eventually, she was spotted by the current gold master and became his lover.

  The original owner has no intention whatsoever of working hard to become a director, but instead tries to get money from the gold master by using all sorts of tricks and then throws it away on the gambling table in large sums.

  She also deluded herself into thinking that the golden master would marry her so that she could be clothed and fed for the rest of her life.

  This memory that belonged to the original master was so familiar to her.

  It was exactly the same as the person she used to be in her previous life.

  Only that the original owner might not have understood one thing, and that was a lesson that she had traded a lifetime of miserable experiences for in her previous life-

  Whether it was relying on appearance to gain benefits or relying on men to gain status, all of this, was a mirage.

  It is the flower in the mirror, the moon in the water.

  How long can it be good to serve others with color?

  If you want to be successful and live a human life, you can't rely on anyone but yourself.

Chapter 2

Eva was new to the country and all she could think of was to break off this money and sex deal with her golden master as soon as possible.

  That's right, the so-called lover's relationship was not that both parties had a marriage contract in place, but because they thought that the other party was not qualified enough to become their nominal partner, and the two parties were merely in a money-and-sex-trading relationship.

  However, although Eva had accepted the original owner's memories, she realized that the original owner didn't know this golden owner at all.

  She felt that she couldn't rashly make a request like dissolving the relationship, which might anger the other party and might even have some consequences.

  She planned to observe the situation first, and then find a time to take another look.

  As for this golden master, it seemed that he didn't seem to like the original master that much, he just thought she wa


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