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The Rejected Luna's Fate

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"YOUR USELESS!" He shouts. "3 years! And you can't even… ahh forget it… just leave." He says. "No! I won't! You are my mate!" I say, stamping my feet. "I can't have an incompetent Luna anymore, I have an heir on the way. NOW LEAVE," He growls. Cora had always dreamed of finding her fated mate, and when she finally met Drake, she thought she had it all. But after three years of trying to conceive and failing, Drake lost his patience and deemed Cora an incompetent Luna. His betrayal cut deep, especially when Cora caught him sleeping with her closest friend. Heartbroken and rejected, Cora is forced to leave the pack behind, unsure of where to turn next. But fate has given her another chance, and as she begins to rebuild her life, she meets someone who ignites a new kind of passion within her. With the turmoils that still keep coming at her, will Cora be able to make the right choices to get her happy ending? Or will she be shattered into a thousand pieces once again?

CHAPTER 1 Incompetent Luna

Cora's POV

Walking into home after another crap appointment with the doctor I head upstairs to get changed.

Just as I reach the top of the stairs I hear a groan. Stopping I listen carefully to my surroundings.

"Layla… faster..." that sounds like Drake.

I gasp and walk towards our bedroom, the door is slightly ajar. Peaking through the gap the scene in front of me sends a shock through my body.

My closest friend is sitting on top of Drake riding him into his ecstasy. I whimper quietly.

"What are you doing!" Barging into the room I shout with tears streaming down my face.

Layla jumps off of Drake and wraps a sheet round herself, Drake gets up and gives me the dirtiest look I've ever seen, he grabs his clothes and pulls them on.

"It's not what it looks like Cora," Layla says.

"Yes, it is Layla. She might as well know," Drake says.

"Know? know what?" I ask.

"Layla and I have been getting together for quite some time, she's giving me what I need, so I no longer need you," he states.

"I'm sorry Cora… I… it just happened a while back," Layla whispers.

I shake my head not believing that my life is in shreds. I turn to Drake.

"I thought you loved me! We were trying for pups. You… you can't do this!" I wail, grabbing his hands. He pulls his hands away harshly.

"YOUR USELESS!" He shouts.

"3 years! And you can't even… ahh forget it… just leave." He says.

"No! I won't! You are my mate!" Raising my voice I show him how determined I am at staying.

"You will or I will throw you out!" He hisses.

I look between the both of them, shaking my head.

"NO! I will not," I say, stamping my feet.

Then Drake grabs me.

"Drake, please don't do this!" I scream.

"I can't have an incompetent Luna anymore!" He growls.

Carrying me over his shoulder he walks to the front door of our house. He dumps me on the floor and turns his back to me.

"I Alpha Drake hemming of the Stone Moon Pack reject you, Luna Cora Lykaios of the White Moon Kingdom, and hereby banish you from my lands."

"Drake! Why! We could keep trying, please I'll do anything," I say while crying.

"You are no longer of need to me, I have an heir on the way. NOW LEAVE," he roars.

He walks back into the pack house and doesn't turn back.

What am I supposed to do now?

I stand up and dust off my black jeans and green jumper, knowing I must leave. Looking out beyond the drive, the dirt road is the only way to get out of the pack.

I look to my right and see that Drake had been planning this for a while since my stuff lay in boxes just next to the building, how did I not notice them on my way in? Walking over I search through the boxes, Grabbing a backpack I shove a few pieces of clothing in it, and I leave everything else in the boxes.

I turn away from the pack house and walk to the end of the drive, then I stop. I look back to my old bedroom window. Seeing Drake back in there cuddling Layla.

Tears form in my eyes, I look away from the window and run down the dirt road. Not being able to control my crying I stumbled a few times. After 2 miles of running, I slow myself to a walk.

How could he do this to me?

We were so happy for 5 long years! I knew an heir was important to him, but didn't realize it was an ultimatum. I never even had a pregnancy. Not one! I know 3 years isn't much and people out there try for a lifetime and don't succeed but I never thought Drake could do this to me.

Huffing, I think the only place I can go is back to my father. I will have to tell him the truth. If I am unable to bear children then the Kingdom will have no heir after me and it will be passed to the strongest Alpha after my death.

The thought of not being able to have a child makes my heart hurt. Being an only child with one parent was hard. I'd love to have a couple of children who have both parents, I always thought it would be Drake standing by my side with me.

Now that dream is gone. I guess he will be happy with Layla and their pup. She didn't look or smell any different. With being Luna I should have smelled something different.

Forgetting my turmoils, I concentrate on finding somewhere to sleep for the night. With the sun going down, the rogues will come out.

I find a large tree trunk hanging over a crater, in the crater is a small waterfall with what looks to be a small cave at the back of it. I climb down the tree, seeing no other way into the crater. I walk from the tree over to the small cave.

Going to the very back of the small cave I place my backpack on the ground. I don't think anyone will be able to find me down here so I'll get some rest. I try to get comfy on the hard rock floor and use my backpack as a pillow.

Thinking back to this morning when Drake threw me out I feel the tears trying to leak out. I don't understand how he can reject me so heartlessly. He didn't even give me chance to accept or reject it which means I am still bound to him.

I didn't think Layla would do this to me. She became a good friend to me after I met her in the Kingdom, but I guess she must have had a change of heart.

I take some deep breaths and try to calm myself down. I wipe at the tears that have escaped, not wanting to have any emotions toward the man I love right now. I close my eyes tightly and slowly drift off to sleep.

Not knowing where my life will take me now, after such an unexpected rejection. Will I be able to carry on with this pitiful life?

CHAPTER 2 First Meeting

Cora's POV


I'm standing on the balcony of my bedroom looking out across our gardens. Transfixed by the sunset just above the vast forests of our lands. The orange, yellows, and pinks and blending together with the bright blue sky above, birds flying past whistling their love songs.

I look to our lake just below my balcony and see my father - King Conri - talking to the new Alpha of the Stone Moon Pack. - What kind of pack name is that anyway? - His father just passed away suddenly and now he has taken over the pack.

Turning around I look through the doors and into my bedroom. The color white has always given me a feeling of clarity so I redecorated my room a year ago. Now I have a plush white carpet, and white walls with pale silver swirls along them.

I laugh to myself, my father finds it funny how his daughter who has jet black hair loves white, he even groans when he comes in here saying 'it's blinding his eyes' then he goes 'I'm melti


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