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The Odd Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Babidi
  • Chapters: 80
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.3K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 16


Since Traizle was still young, they, along with her two younger brothers, had already experienced the violent hands of their mother. All her mother wants is to buy what can make her more beautiful and elegant, but she cannot sustain the love and care that her children need. One day, their parents separated. Their father left to live a new life with his new family. After a few months, when they wake up, there are also no traces of their mother. Traizle took on the heavy responsibility of looking after her siblings in order for them to live and survive. A well-known multi-billionaire met a well-known person in need of money. What will happen to both of them?


After getting off on the motorcycle, Traizle immediately got her phone from her mini bag. Dialing the person who ordered from their snack bar, but it seems like the line isn't available.

Traizle tried to text the person, but no reply at all. "Don't tell me that this is a freaking prank." she said, trying to shake off the thought that it was a prank.

Looking at the food she brought. Full pack on the container with two large plastic bags on her motorcycle's handlebars. Thinking of the money she might waste if it was a prank, she tried to dial the number again, but it was still not available.

"Delivery for Mr. Zarsuelo!" She shouted. Thinking that the person is near her and waiting for the delivery as well, yet still, to no avail.

Ten minutes have passed, the food is already cold. No Mr. Zarsuelo around, no one is answering the calls nor her texts. The line was always busy, and it seems like it will stay busy as it is.

Traizle sighed with disappointment. The money she will get turns into a bubble. Her only hope that the person would approach her and get the food, since it was too obvious based on her appearance, is now gone.

"I was tricked," she said that made her laugh a little. "What do they think? That we have a lot of money, that is why it is okay to do something like this?" She asked herself. She put on her helmet, sadly riding the motorcycle. "D*mn that Zarsuelo!" She shouted angrily that made the passersby look at her.

Some of the people were confused as to why she is mad and some of them think that she's not on her right mind.

Now that everybody is looking at her, they are now murmuring that she got tricked. To avoid the people's sympathy, she started her motorcycle's engine and drove away.

"Oh?" Her co-worker said while looking at the orders she is holding. "What happened?" He asked.

"Got tricked," Traizle answered. "When I got to our meeting place, he was not answering my calls and texts. The line said that it was not available, so I waited for half an hour and here I come." she added in annoyance.

"You got tricked?" The owner of the snack bar asked when she saw Traizle with the food. She nodded her head. The owner approached her and got the bags full of food with her. "I will reheat the food," the owner said. "I will help you sell this, you, go and do your deliveries." the owner added, determined to help her sell the food.

Traizle's other co-workers pat her shoulder saying it is alright. They definitely can relate with the feeling of being tricked. As a delivery man or a courier, there is a day that you might get trick by the tricksters. Seeing how Traizle's face expression turned to sad, meaning she lost a big cash.

Traizle is known by her co-workers for being a money saver. Losing money even though it is only a peso will make her sad already, thinking that she is wasting money.

She is not able to lose even cents since she has three mouths to feed, she and her two younger brothers. Her dad and mom separated years ago. Her dad got a new family, and he never gave any financial support to them. They thought that their mom would still do her responsibilities, because she is their mother, but months after, her mom is out for her own good. Drinking with her amigas, buying things only for her and gambling heavily.

One day, when they woke up. There is no mother around, yelling or whatsoever. She even brought her things with her without saying anything to them. Resulting to Traizle, as a breadwinner of her family, work her *ss off to support her two younger brothers.

Hours have passed, she is now on her way to go home with her motorcycle that may die anytime because it is too old already. She got it from her former neighbor that moved to another city. Giving it to her since it is old.

"Why are you late?" Lyndon asked her eldest younger brother, when she came into their house.

"I tried to ask our neighbors if they wanted to buy the food in snack bar," Traizle shared as she sits while removing her shoes. "I was pranked by someone, ordering food for almost a hundred-person food. When I got there, no one named Zarsuelo showed up." she added and threw her shoes on the shoe rack.

"Don't you think it was a prank already? For almost a hundred people, order is not common, isn't it?" Her brother asked.

She turned to her brother. "We talked formally, he does not sound like it was a prank." Traizle answered and opened her bag to get the food inside.

Even though the owner of the snack bar helped her to sell the other foods, since it is midnight already, there are only few customers passing by her snack bar. She sighed. "Did you guys eat already?" she asked while handing him a footlong.

Lyndon nodded. "Yes, we did. Layzen tried to wait for you, but he fell asleep right after." he answered and started to eat the footlong.

"And you?" Traizle asked again. "And me, what?" Lyndon answered, confused to her sister's question. "Why are you still awake?" She replied. "You still have classes tomorrow morning, and here you are munching at my food." she added. Trying not to sound like she was scolding him, but it already looked like one.

"Isn't it too obvious?" Lyndon answered after swallowing the food. "You are too late, I am worried that something bad happened to you while on your way," he added apathetically. "And you handed this food to me, what am I going to do with this? Should I just stare at it?"

"Thanks for your apathetic concern," she replied. "And yeah, you can just

stare at it." she added. "Anyway." Lyndon said.

"Your anyway makes me nervous." Traizle answered.

"Based on your story a while ago, I don't want to burden you more, but I really need to buy books this week," Lyndon shared. "I was told by my adviser to buy books, since I am the mighty one in our class who still does not have. Yeah, I do not want to burden you, but I needed to force you." he added laughing after drinking some water.

Traizle pulled her bag and got her wallet. "You have eight subjects, right?" she asked, making Lyndon nod his head. "Tomorrow buy four books first, buy the subjects that you will take tomorrow morning. I will text you when it is your break time, to give you more money for the other four books." She explained and handed him a sum of money.

"How about our daily expenses? Budget? Everything?" Lyndon asked continuously. "You don't have to worry about that, I will handle everything. Just study hard and get high grades, your payment for my super hard work." Traizle said.

Lyndon snorted. "Is taking care of Layzen is not enough already?" he asked jokingly. Since he takes care of Layzen while Traizle is in her work.

She shook her head. "It is your responsibility as his older brother." She answered. "Well, I am kinda responsible for him." Lyndon replied.

"What's with your kinda?" Traizle respond. "I was not able to play at the computer shop with Layzen. My team lost because of me, Layzen was busy clicking thinking he was playing." He shared that made them both laugh at their younger brother.

"You should give your phone to Layzen, if you are going to play at the computer shop. Download some games for kids, so that he won't bug your game." Traizle said, giving him some advice.

He nodded. "I will do that tomorrow," he answered. "About my school expenses, don't worry, Sis. I applied for a scholarship last week, we must wait for the confirmation before passing the other requirements," Lyndon shared after drinking water. "Let us just hope that I might be one of the pre-qualified, so that you can stop working with your other sidelines." he added.

"You must keep your grades, Lyndon. That will be a big help to us. I won't quit my sidelines as long as we are not okay," Traizle explained. "Clean

those crumbs first before going to sleep." she reminded Lyndon. She is thankful enough to have an understanding brothers.


Tomorrow morning, Traizle took Layzen and Lyndon to their school. Lyndon's school is a few minutes' walk to Layzen's kindergarten school.

"We are here." Traizle said when they got to Layzen's school. "Who will fetch me later after school?" Layzen asked.

Traizle matched her brother's height and fixed Layzen's hair. "Your brother will fetch you later after school." Traizle answered.

His younger brother pouted. "He is fetching me too late, I always told him to fetch me as early as possible." Layzen said throwing a tantrum.

"You must understand him. Your class ended a little earlier than his. He has to run to go here," she explained. "But don't worry, I will try to tell

him to run faster. Is it okay?" She asked.

"Alright." Layzen answered.

"Study hard. See you later." Traizle said then kissed Layzen's forehead.

He waved his hands. "Take care on your work. I will be a good boy, so don't worry about me." Layzen said before entering h


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