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The Mermaid Princess's Soulmate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: pari
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 30
  • 7.5
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In the deepest part of Han river, lives a kingdom. Kingdom Quenshi, a kingdom of mermaids and mermen. Ruled by the powerful King Watergirine. King Watergire has a wife, Queen Aqua. She bore him three princesses, the charming beauties. Princess Cleo, the first Princess Princess Lotus, the second Princess Princess Mul, the third and youngest princess The three princesses are the most beautiful girls in the kingdom. Despite the fact that they're all beautiful, Princess Lotus was considered the most beautiful. Her beauty is almost blinding and she's endowed with a gorgeous irresistible b0dy that'll make any lose concentration at her sight. Another thing that added to her beauty is her tiny melodious voice, she's got a beautiful voice that's capable of healing. She also possesses magical powers. Lotus was banished from the Quenshi kingdom in the most disgraceful way ever. She left River Han and joined the world of humans. Fate led her to Melody's musical high where her story continues. She met friends and foes, different calibers of people. And a soulmate. How's this gonna go? Who's the soulmate? Will her life at the Quenshi kingdom end? How will she survive amid humans? Will she later be found out as a mermaid?

Chapter 1- Princess Lotus



"All hail his majesty!" The palace guards said in unison and everyone bowed as king Watergire swam majestically into the palace in his usual stern appearance.

The water calmed and the wind stopped, the fishes stopped moving around and the seashells halted their movements. Immediately he swam in, bright shiny red lights came on and the palace became even more beautiful.

He's holding his golden amulet and his golden crown is sitting regally in his head. Everyone remained bowing till he took his seat beside his queen, Aqua.

The king's officials are all present and the sons of the great people of the kingdom; one of them includes

Sage, son of the closest man to the king.

The princesses entered and all the males present turned their attention to them, it's a hard task to not look at them anytime they're sighted, they're enchanting.

Sage was disappointed when he didn't see princess Lotus, only Cleo and Mul came.

"Where's Lotus?" Queen Aqua asked when the two settled beside her.

"She's not in the palace presently," Mul replied.

"How could she not be in the palace when the king specially called everyone" Otis said

Otis is Sage's father.

"Probably out in the city, doing her worthless magic again" Cleo said hatefully.

"Stop hating her for nothing Cleo" Mul defended. "I'm just speaking my mind!" Cleo snapped.

"Enough!" Watergire cautioned and they both bowed as a short turbulence happened in the water, the young fishes ran into hiding.

"We can still go on without her, tell me the news about the preparations" he continued.

Otis stood.

"It's all set like you ordered your majesty, the festival is ready to kick off" he said.


"Tomorrow" Otis replied

-I can't wait!

- Gosh tomorrow should come fast!

- Who is singing!

- I guess princess Mul

- No she sang last year already

- It should be princess Cleo this year.

- I want it to be princess Lotus.

Cleo held her breath and Sage smiled, knowing the chosen one already.

"It's up to you to choose the princess that'll sing so I'll finalize the preparations your majesty" Otis bowed.

"Lotus is singing" Watergire said and Cleo sprained up, her tail shaking in anger.

"Lotus sang for the last three years, she sang two years ago too! Mul sang last year, I want to sing this year too! Aren't I a princess too? Stop treating me like an outcast!" She cried out and Watergire folded his fist angrily.

Cleo's voice immediately seized and when she spoke, she couldn't.

"Cleo!" Queen Aqua rushed to get her.

"Her voice won't be back till two hours; no one defies me even as my princess! I'm still Watergire! The king of QUENSHI! My words are final! Lotus is singing!" He said and a great turbulence happened as he swam out of the palace angrily.

Everyone had to hide behind the waves and it took close to five minutes before the water calmed.

"You shouldn't have shouted at his majesty that way, now your voice is gone" queen Aqua rebuked.

Cleo left the palace angrily too without showing any sign of soberness.

"She'll always remain the same," Mul said.

Sage left the palace too and sneaked to the princess’s chamber and he peeked at Cleo's room through the window and saw her busy breaking the treasures in her room in anger.

"Pathetic" he said and she stopped, looking back at him. She started walking meanly to him.

"It's great to see the great Cleo break her room treasures cos of jealousy" he mocked and immediately she got to him, she held his face and tried kissing him but he pushed her away.

"I can never be for you Cleo, try loving Lotus like a sister, then we'll be friends" he said and swam away.

Cleo returned to breaking the treasures.

In another part of the river, mermaids and mermen gathered around, forming a circle.

A soothing tune is playing and the water waves are carrying it everywhere as it plays.

A tiny voice is singing loudly.

The backside of a girl came to view and her long hair reached her waist as she sat, she's the one playing the violin, singing along

- Take me take me to the land of ecstasy...

- Take me! Take me! Take me!!!!!!.....

- Ecstasy ecstasy ecstasy!

- Take my hands!!!!

- My hands... take my hands…

- My heart and soul...

- My soul my soul my heart!

- My heart and soul, will follow you!!!! .....

Her face finally came to view when she stopped singing.

- Princess Lotus marry me!

- She's too beautiful!

- The voice!

- I wish I can just be for her

- I wish I have that kind of voice

- I want the hair.

- I Was feeling sick before but now I'm fine, her voice really heals.

She smiled, hearing sweet comments from people as she stood.

Her long hair flew with the waves, making her look more beautiful.

"Three guidelines to living?" She spoke.

"Honesty, loyalty, love" the people chorused and she smiled again.

"Your highness!" A woman swam into the circle with her baby in her arms.

"What's wrong?" Lotus asked quickly.

"He got scratched mistakenly by an ancient shell, I think he's gonna perish because he has been bleeding, please save my son!" She said quickly.

Lotus swam to her and touched the baby's forehead with her pointer finger.

She removed it after two minutes then she opened her mouth, different colors of flames came out and hit the baby's face.

"AriiAriiMannassarri" she said the magic words and the bleeding stopped immediately; the baby opened his eyes.

"It's fine now," Lotus said.

"Thanks, your highness, your kindness will always earn you goodness" the woman said and Lotus smiled.

"Take care of him please"

"Of course, your highness" she replied and Lotus started leaving.

Everyone bowed respectfully as she left the circle. She was about to vanish when Sage appeared.

"What again?" She asked, not looking at him.

"You're always so mean to me, you'll soon become my betrothed" he said.

"Keep dreaming Sage" she replied and swam far away from him.


Chapter 2 – Dreams

She vanished eventually and appeared at the palace.

The guards bowed as she swam past them, Mul appeared.

"Eonni, why weren't you at the meeting?" She asked, swimming beside her.

"Went for healing, was his majesty angry?" Lotus asked. "Not really, but guess what? You're singing at the festival and the festival is tomorrow!' Mul chirped loudly.

"Tomorrow? It's sudden, and Cleo should sing, not me" Lotus replied.

"It was sudden because Otis took long with the

preparations, and another rumor I'm hearing is that... you're gonna be getting betrothed to Sage tomorrow" Mul said and Lotus quickly faced her.

"Betrothed? Without my consent?"

"You know how his majesty can be, he even seized Cleo's voice cos she got angry and shouted at him when you got chosen, he seized it for two hours, guess it should be back by now" Mul replied.

"Of course, it's back!" Cleo's voice interrupted, swimming past their middle at the speed of light.



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