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The Mafioso's Wrath

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Thyro Tobias Holgado, a mafioso from Italy, flew to the Philippines on a quest to retrieve their family's stolen mafia crest. In order to complete the mission, he must reunite with the stealer; Irrah Potacah Zircon—his spy ex-girlfriend who completely deceived and destroyed him years ago—and kill her. As he met her again, Thyro vowed that in addition to bringing back the crest, he would also see to it that Irrah would suffer his wrath. But the tables had turned in an unexpected way as he found out something behind his target's persona. She's not the enemy he's looking for . . .

Chapter 1

They claimed that our reality was far different from others. What is forbidden to some is permitted to us. What is wrong for them is simply ordinary for us. That's the life we lead as a mafia.

We kill without mercy.

Conscience has been just a word.

If you want to remain on top. You have to be ruthless and unbothered about other things; especially with your own feelings. One wrong move, and you'll definitely die along with your clan.

Trust no one; that's the most crucial rule to survive.

"Sir, we're here."

My eyelids opened slowly when my driver interrupted my thoughts. I could see how fear consumed him when our eyes met in the rearview mirror, and hastily bowed his head to hide from my sight.

"What's your name?" I asked coldly.

His throat moved as his hands started to tremble on the steering wheel. "Claudio, Sir."

I moistened my lower lip and shifted my posture away from the seat. Gradually, I straightened my coat and took a gun from its concealed pocket. Panic immediately flickered across his face, eliciting a smirk from me in response.

"Remember this, Claudio. Don't talk to me if I am not asking you to," I said firmly, with an evident warning in my tone.

He promptly nodded in acknowledgment. I motioned toward the door with a neutral expression, prompting him to quickly exit the car and open it for me. The chilly breeze seeped through my clothing instantly. A smirk formed on my lips as I stepped out of the car.

I slowly tucked the revolver away under my coat before turning to face the massive fortress in front of me. I came here to attend an annual masquerade ball because my reaper told me that my mission was going to be here—the mafia crest of our family that I needed to retrieve. This event was for mafia members like me; it's not your ordinary social gathering for the rich.

My jaw clenched when I thought about my target. It's been three years since I was betrayed by her. I promised myself that whenever I saw that woman again, I'd kill her.


I adjusted the black mask covering half my face before proceeding towards the interior of the castle. Upon entering, a myriad of scenes greeted me: some guests swayed to the melodies of classical music, others indulged in drinks, while conversations filled the air.

"You're here," Israel, one of my co-mafia, simply greeted.

Or should I say, friend?

Without humor, he tilted his champagne in front of me and tagged along with my walk. I didn't bother to answer. Well, he doesn't even need my response anyway.

We sat on our thrones that were reserved for us. We were both silent and emotionless, looking around. A few seconds later, I spotted Glasglow, Thomas, Alexio, Bekham, and Akihiro. Although the seven of us had masks, I could easily recognize them despite the people in the area. Maybe because of the frequent transactions, we have somehow become closer to each other. Besides that, only the seven of us have a throne here in the castle. It was located above seven large pillars.

After all, we built this place for us.

My jaw clenched when a certain girl came into my mind again. I couldn't believe that she chose this ball to auction my family's mafia crest. Definitely still in my territory. I don't know if she's mocking me or what. Regardless of her plan, I'll make sure she pays dearly for the betrayal she committed.

"You just came, but you seem bored already," Thomas interrupted my thoughts in my earpiece.

Since we are far away from each other, we have to wear something like this every time we meet here at the castle.

I just shook my head and took champagne from the center table in front of me. I gently twirl it before putting the tip of the glass on my lips. I took a sip. Right on cue, the show has finally begun. The speaker started talking on a small, constructed stage below us.

We are mafias. This event was far different from a charity ball. On this night, not only expensive jewelry is sold. Rare diamonds, relics, high-caliber guns, men, and women were also scheduled to feature tonight. I even heard that my family's mafia crest will be sold here.

The auction started. My attention went back and forth to the stage and the people around me. I am trying to search for her appearance. If the crest is here, it is not impossible that she is here too.

Where are you, Irrah?

I gritted my teeth. Many jewelry and artifacts were released. Sales continued to caliber guns. I waited for someone to bring out a crest, but the sale of the goods was over, and I couldn't even see it.

Did my reaper get the wrong information?

I massaged my temples and glanced at the stage. They are now starting another set of auctions for women. I noticed Glasglow fixed his gaze somewhere as the bidding went by. I ignored that. I am not a nosy person. I have no interest in women; that's why I didn't say a word when I left my post.

I was planning to smoke outside. I was walking towards it and was about to take the phone from inside my coat to call my staff when I was suddenly bumped into by a woman. She tumbled to the ground because I didn't care to stop her from falling.

Dumb woman.

"Ouch!" she groaned lowly with a sweet voice.

I ignored her. I just let her be in her state and walked past her. Before I strayed too far, I sensed a person trying to grab my arm. I quickly distanced myself before that could touch me as I pulled out my gun. I pointed it directly at the target.

It was the girl who bumped me. Her widening eyes indicated shock and fear. The paleness of her face did not escape my sight either.

"I-I just want your apology..." she whispered, almost in tears. Her hands were slightly raised in the air.

My mind went blank for a second.

Irrah. . .

Even though she was wearing a mask, I knew she was the girl I was looking for. I knew every corner of her face. We've been together for five months. So I can't be wrong.

"L-Look, if y-you don't want to apologize, i-it's okay. I'll just leave," she stammered and slowly walked away in front of me.

I blinked twice as I watched her presence disappear. Confusion is written all over my face right now. I slowly put down the gun I was holding and unconsciously followed the path she took.

Didn't she recognize me?

Slowly, anger rose in my chest. I am sure she just acted like she didn't know me. I tried to chase her, but she's already gone. She escaped. Figlio di Puttana!

(A/N: Please bear with my grammar. English is not my first language. Thank you!)

Chapter 2

The dim surroundings caught my attention as soon as I walked into the hotel. I instantly used my swipe card to access the power supply—which lit up the area—and went to the sofa. I sunk into the seat, sat back, and closed my eyes.

I'm dead tired. I don't know if it was because I attended the after party of my mafia members or because I kept thinking about that girl. I balled my fist out of anger.

Fvck! I got fooled again.

I don't know why I reacted like that earlier. I already anticipated her presence at the ball. When I first recognized her, I should have shot her right away, but what the heck?

I shook my head before deciding to stand up and leave the suite. To help me fall asleep and to calm my anger, I intended to have more shots. I rode an elevator and went to the bar area.

As opposed to other loud bars, this one welcomed me with soft music as soon as I entered. The local lighting is also just right—dim and uncolored. I made my way ov


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