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The Mafia's Chosen Bride

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Callister Spencer a 23-year-old Businesswoman was forced to wed Anderson McGregor in an arranged union. She always dreamed of a love marriage and detested the thought of an arranged union, but she didn't have the best experience in relationships. She gave dating a shot, but it wasn't for her. Eventually, she gave up and agreed to her parents' wish for an arranged union. Little did she know that she will be known as the Mafia Bride. Mafia boss and businessman Lorenzo Amaro, 26, was compelled to sign a contract that he had previously believed he could have avoided. Lorenzo had a reputation for exuding dread, intimidation, and coldness. He made sure she understood that it was only a contract, clearly furious and angry. Things can get worse due to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Follow their journey to see how they coped when they each found out that they were both stuck in this together.

Chapter 1

Callista's POV

Leo took hold of my hand and encircled it around his arm before grinning comfortingly at me. As we entered the marriage office, I raised the front of my dress slightly with my other hand.

My older brother Leo was sending me off with a stranger that our parents had picked out for me when he walked me to the marriage office today. Our mother even chose my clothing. The marriages of our parents, their parents, and their parents' parents were arranged.

In our family, it was practically a custom.

My brother Leo was the only one who was able to break free from this foolish custom and truly loved marriage. In addition to having a stunning wife, he is the father of a charming 5-month-old daughter.

I was mistaken to be so sure that I would abandon this foolish custom, as Leo did. I was heartbroken with both of my previous boyfriends.

Not as fortunate as Leo was.

The pressure from my parents to attend this wedding is what made me give in. My parents would have a fantastic opportunity to expand their own business if we were to marry my soon-to-be husband, who hails from a wealthy business family. Leo got into a heated argument with them as he tried to defend me.

I will treat this wedding like a deal, as it was one. Two years have passed since I gave up doing what I loved to focus entirely on my work. One of my everyday responsibilities was to make bargains and honor them, and this arranged marriage was no different.

I can do this, even though my parents cohabitated for 25 years without showing love.

As soon as we entered the office, my eyes met Anderson McGregor, the man I will marry. He had the hairdo of a man in the military and was dressed in a grey suit, red tie, and white shirt. Without even trying to hide it, his gaze wandered over my body and his lips turned into a sneer.

With broad smiles on his cheeks, my parents were standing on the side. Leo led us to the chairs, and I chose to ignore them. I didn't even wait for Anderson or the man behind the desk to speak before I sat down.

"She's just so eager." Behind me, I heard my mother explain. I looked at the man in front of me, maintaining a neutral expression.

After clearing his throat and adjusting his tie, he motioned for Anderson to take a seat. He took out a black file and began to discuss marriage. I lost myself in the handcrafted images behind him.

Drawing and painting were two of my favorite pastimes. There used to be a ton of canvases in my room, each one symbolizing a different emotion that I experienced while painting. There were ones that were depressing, difficult, joyful, and incomplete. All I had left in my room was a mirror and white walls.

I turned to face Anderson when I felt a hand touch me. He winked at me slyly before turning to face the man, who was still speaking. I quickly withdrew my hand in the hopes that he would realize that I needed time to myself.

"Now I'll need the witnesses to sign before the couple does." The man said something. I don't recall his saying his name, but he did. Our parents entered the room and signed the document, along with the parents of Anderson.

"You'll be mine to cherish very soon," Anderson leaned in to hug me. Our parents were preoccupied, so they failed to notice anything, but Leo did. He gives him a sneer to let him know how much he detests him.

After the man pushed the file in front of us, Anderson enthusiastically signed it with a pen. When our parents saw what he was doing, they laughed.

No, I wasn't.

"Once you sign the papers, you'll exchange rings." The man went on.

Anderson slid the pen in front of me after dropping it on the page. I took the pen and let out a defeated sigh. And that was all.

Before the door crashed open and caught our attention, I only scrawled a 'C'. I let go of the pen and turned to see who had arrived. Since our parents wanted the wedding to go as quickly as possible, none of us sent out invitations.

My dad said, "Oh sh*t," and I heard it.

Three well-dressed men entered with assurance. One stood in the center, while two stood like bodyguards behind him. In particular, the middleman appeared menacing and unsettling. Without a doubt, he was in charge.

Who did they represent?

Anderson and I both got to our feet.

"Yes, how can we help you?" Anderson inquired formally.

Dad said, "Mr. Amaro, why are you here?" as he approached.

Amaro? This name sounds familiar to me.

"Because of the contract we both signed." Angry with his father, Mr. Amaro answered.

"What contract?" Anderson asked a wary question.

"The contract where he mentions his daughter and my wedding." My eyes widened at Mr. Amaro's words.


How in the hell?

I turned to face Leo when I felt a hand touch my arm.

Leo muttered, "Just say yes," which confused me. Was he aware of that?

"No, she's marrying me!" Anderson said with assurance.

"No, you're not," Dad shook his head to respond.

Anderson was enraged. "What are you talking about!?"

"He's right, I signed a contract where he would help me with work and get Callista as his wife," said my dad.

I could feel every ounce of energy leaving my body. How come he would do that?

"He's not, he'll have to fight me to take my place." Anderson scowled at the man in the middle.

"That's Lorenzo Amaro, Anderson. He can replace you without having to battle you." The middle guy looked at me when Leo talked next to me. I shuddered as his penetrating grayish eyes peered into my soul.

Lorenzo Amaro

Chapter 2

Callista's POV:

Lorenzo Amaro

Wait a minute, I know this name.

Oh my god!

He's the mafia leader of the town, the most dangerous and fearful one. Many rumors were going around in town about him. One of them was the ruthless way he could kill without thinking twice. Even the police try to stay away from his mafia stuff.

I also heard that he has a legal business, where he works like normal people.

Why would Dad sign a contract with him?

Lorenzo walked forward, making Anderson move to the side as he went to the desk. He grabbed the paper on the file and ripped it in half, making the ladies gasp. The man behind the desk gulped looking at Lorenzo.

"Take out a new one and be quick," Lorenzo told him and he nodded wordlessly. He quickly opened the drawers by the side and took out another set of papers. He put them on the table in front of us.

"Wait, let's ask her what she wants," Anderson stated, l


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