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I craft worlds with words, painting vivid scenes and evoking emotions, weaving stories that captivate, resonate with readers and put them at the edge.


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  • Author: V-writer
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  • Age Rating: 18+
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Meet Selene Nightshade, the pack's beloved Luna-in-waiting, a skilled healer and member of the Nightshade werewolf pack, finds herself unjustly accused of betraying her own people. Banished by the ruthless, vile, power-hungry beast Alpha Victor Blackwood who sees her as a threat. Selene embarks on a dangerous quest to clear her name and reclaim her rightful place, accompanied by her childhood friend Ethan Silvermoon whose loyalty will be tested by startling revelations As Selene's journey leads her into an uncovered supernatural hidden world filled with unlikely allies and conspiring enemies, a chilling truth begins to unravel. From rogue werewolf groups conducting insidious experiments to zealous human hunters determined to Eliminate her people, the threats mount relentlessly. Even those closest to Selene may be concealing secrets that could shatter her last defenses. Hunted by friends and foes alike, Selene must confront not just the rising forces of darkness, but also the doubts that lurk within her very soul. Can she master the ancient celestial powers foretold in the sacred werewolf prophecies? Or will her mission for redemption bring about the downfall of the Nightshade pack and the destruction of the werewolf world itself? Find out in this high-stakes supernatural and suspenseful story that will keep you gasping like a silver bullet to the heart, one woman's journey towards truth, justice and self-discovery could be the last hope for saving both humanity and the shadowy creatures that walk amongst them.


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