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The Mafia Escort

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Har Pen
  • Chapters: 21
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 107
  • 7.5
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“Kneel!” He commanded towering over her petite frame like a predator out for his prey. She immediately complied staring up into his eyes. “That’s like a good girl!” he complimented leaning down to trace her lips with his hand. “or should I say good cop?” he asked smile morphing into a sly one. Her eyes widened as she gasped in shock. Mabel Page, an FBI agent who had slowly worked her way to the top of her unit was suddenly given an undercover mission to infiltrate a Mafia lord’s harem and reveal his crimes. She immediately decided to refuse the offer as she never took on anything sexually compromising. Well, that changed when she saw the name at the top of the file. Grey Creed. He was her bane in the past. The cause of her waking nightmares. The man she swore revenge on. Now given the opportunity to make him pay, she accepts it and becomes his escort. The problem now is that he is slowly becoming her drug. The cause of her erotic dreams. The man she is addicted to. Will she submit to him and forgo both her mission as well as her thirst for revenge? Or would she see to it that he pays for his crimes. Follow Mira as she sets on the path for revenge. And well, a little bit of pleasure.

The Auction

The hallway was pitch dark. It stank of liquor, mingled with a faint smell of cigarette. The sturdy hand that was guiding me to a place I was yet to know tugged at the chains binding my hands aggressively, causing me to fall on my knees.

" Get up b*tch!" His rusty voice cursed, spanking my butt with ferocity. He then pulled me harshly by my hair to my feet. 

"Get your sh*t together!" He growled. " You will be sold tonight." 

And just like that, his arm went back to grip around my arm, pulling me so roughly that my joint twitched. He guided me down another corridor of darkness, into a room that had no windows, but with a dim lighting. This room only held one thing, a bunch of malnourished girls in skimpy wears.

The girls flinched when they saw him, he seemed to enjoy scaring them. He pushed me roughly past their chained bodies and shoved me down on the floor next to the ones who were to tired to stand, grunting with exertion from the long walk we just took. 

My heart pounded erratically as I sat there, staring uncomfortably into the pit of eyes that stared back at me." You're gonna have fun tonight" his rough voice echoed in the small space. With one final grunt, he turned and walked out, closing the door with his foot. my heart raced even faster.

The door facing the one we came through flung open, and a skinny man appeared. His big eyes flickered in their sockets as he scanned us. An evil grin became evident on his face when his eyes fell on me.

" You!" He said in an accented voice, "You are going to sell for ten times what the others have sold."

My heart dropped to my stomach, and my palms began sweating. I felt tears beginning to build in my eyes, I swallowed hard as his eyes moved back and forth between each of the other girls in the room.

In a flash he covered the distance between and wrapped his thin fingers around my wrist. He yanked harshly at my arm and pulled me off the ground, forcing me to stand before him. 

" Behave yourself and live" His icy voice warned before pushing the door open.

A strong unpleasant stench hit my nostrils when I stepped into the room filled with both young and old thirsty looking men. Their eyes were fixed on my form, the ones who were sniffing from the hard substance layed out neatly on their tables looked up and swam their eyes up and down lazily.

His fingers dug into my skin painfully, leaving deep indents in it as he dragged me to stand in front of the crowd. My legs started wobbling beneath me as I shuddered, their hungry stares was becoming too intense to bare.

" Finally, a premium item!" one of them commented in a thick accent. A few more muttered comments followed his comment. 

" I want her !" One of the men belowed.

" We've been looking forward to this, turn around." A short fat man ordered excitedly as the rest laughed, applauding to show approval.

" Didn't you hear him?" Skinny man asked angrily. 

My breath caught in my throat, trying to keep my trembling legs still as I spun in the small two piece that barely covered my chest area and lower part.

" One thousand grands" Another old man offered, "I'll take her for one thousand."

Skinny raised an eyebrow at the old man's offer, "I thought you were looking forward to this?"

The others laughed at Skinny's remark, and I could see a glint of anger in the man's eyes.

"Two thousand!" A hairy man in his late 30's belowed from the far end, " Cash!" He added proudly, unzipping a black bag that was at the verge of ripping due to being overly filled money.

Skinny man nodded slowly, clearly pleased.

" Two thousand" Skinny said finally, " We are progressing"

" Progressing?" The man questioned in disbelief, " For a wh*r*?" He snorted dismissively.

" Two thousand! Anyone else?" Skinny questioned in his cold, dead tone "Anyone else interested?" 

His icy gaze landed on me, making me feel like his eyes burned holes into my flesh.

" Do something! Turn, flirt, stick your d*mn tongue out. Don't just stand there" He muttered at me provocatively.

" Three thousand grands" An elderly man offered. " I would love to taste her. "

My entire body cringed at the mention of that, and I prayed deep down not to get sold to him.

" Four Thousand!" The hairy man from earlier offered again.

" Just a wh*r* ehh?" Skinny teased and the others laughed.

It was obvious that this man wanted to own me, be alone with me, to touch me and watch me squirm while he abused me.

"Five thousand!" The hairy man said, standing from where he sat.

The men laughed uproariously at the suggestion, obviously mocking him. " You think five thousand will buy her?" They asked in amusement.

The hairy man ignored them. " She is worth five hundred grand"

" Ten thousand!" A female shouted.

I looked around the room and spotted a woman standing at the corner near the wall. Her brownish blonde hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail.The men around were already discussing the matter among themselves, no doubt deciding which one would win me over, and also showing their disgust towards the woman.But I wasn't paying any attention to them anymore, the thought of a woman being my new master freaked me. Men might be nasty and all, but women are much more perverted and vile creatures.

I was terrified of getting touched by someone like her, knowing that she would do nothing but abuse and degrade me for hours. It was getting more sickening every passing minute of this ordeal. And it only got worse when Skinny continued his demands after his last statement. I couldn't help but to shake, but I tried my best to remain calm so as not to become weaker than I am.

" Fifteen Thousand!" Skinny stated smugly, looking at the woman.

" I'd take her for that" A grumpy looking man chuckled proudly, eyeing me with a look of pure lust and I felt like dying, but then my ears picked up another voice. And it wasn't just any any voice. It sounded familiar to me, I spun to where it came from and there he was. Grey Creed, that b*st*rd! We finally met again. An evil smirk spread on my lips as I stole a glance at his face. It wasn't surprising that he was still devastatingly handsome, with sharp angles and perfect facial features. He had a dark tan and piercing green eyes. They fell on me and I had to fight the insane urge to jump on top of him and rip his clothes off. My thoughts wandered and I couldn't help but imagine what being dominated by him will feel like. I shook my head violently to get rid of the ridiculous thought. What the f*ck was wrong with me?! This was an assignment, not some avenue to screw a devil I detested with all I had.

Fifty thousand grands" His cold voice thundered and everyone backed off, mumbling their disapproval and pain.

He spun to glare at them and they all went mute.

" Sold for fifty thousand grands" Skinny smiled awkwardly at the crowd of angry men.

" The slave is now yours, Lord Creed" Skinny genuflected.

I Own You

His eyes wouldn't leave my body as I stood there waiting for him to decide what he was going to do with me. He wasn't any different from the others, his eyes screamed of lust, but with an edge of dominance. He looked like he wanted to devour me at the spot.

" Take her to the van" He ordered and walked out.

A tall muscular man stepped forward, he took hold of me by both arms and dragged me towards the door. The minute we were outside the door, a blindfold was wrapped around me and I was pushed through the hallway to where the van was waiting. The man was silent the entire time as he shoved me in, I crashed into something hard and the door shut. It was only when Grey Creed's musky scent filled the air that it dawned on me that I was resting on him, he said something I didn't perceive to the driver, as I was too mesmerized by his scent and minty breath to think right.

" They haven't gotten back to us yet" The driver spoke.


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