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The Last Kingdom: Between Love Or Crown

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ellakor
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 10
  • 5.0
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Like a couple destined by God to be together, Viona and Pierre promised to get married when they were children. Their relationship was good, and they were always together until they grew up. Viona loved and trusted Pierre so much that she would give up everything she had, including her chastity. But what would happen if the sweet love story turned into hostility if the struggle for the throne turned the two people who loved each other at first into hatred and competition? There is no more love between Viona and Pierre because all they have in their hearts is the desire to defend the throne. Is it true that love can turn to hate so quickly? Between love and the throne, who will come out on top?

Chapter 1 The Departure of the King

The rumble of a few people talking was the only sound in the room. It was a closed room, and several men were gathered sitting on the carpet. In front of them was a small table full of delicious and enticing food dishes.

However, the bustle immediately stopped when the closed door opened, and a person wearing a veil that covered his face appeared in the room. Suddenly, everyone stood up and bowed respectfully as if the figure was in a very high position. When the veiled person sat in the chair reserved for him, everyone immediately returned to their seats.

"I am glad that you are willing to gather here because you have accepted my invitation. I hope to hear some good news today about the progress of our plan," the veiled man said as he sipped the tea that was still wafting white smoke that had been specially prepared for him.

"Of course. I wanted to give you good news. Our plan is going well and we should see the results soon." One replied, looking confident as a triumphant smile played across his lips.

"I feel the same way. Everything is going according to plan," the other agreed.

The veiled man looked satisfied as his lips curled into a smile as he nodded. "Good. I'm glad to hear that. It means that our victory is in sight. Isn't that right?"

"That's right."

"Our plan will succeed."

The veiled man's smile widened, seemingly pleased to hear that his followers were enthusiastic about carrying out the plan they had been working on for months. "We've waited long enough, now it's time to get the result. We must win at all costs. Do you understand?"

Everyone in the room of six nodded in unison.

"It won't be long before the good news arrives. Congratulations, everything has gone according to your plan," said a middle-aged man who, judging by the luxurious clothes he was wearing, was no ordinary person. Moreover, if one looks closely at their appearance, all the people holding this closed meeting are indeed a group of people with important positions, and money and property are no problem for them.

"Good. Since you promise good news soon, I will hear it." The veiled person held up a wine glass. "Let's celebrate this victory."

Immediately, all six men in the room raised the wine glasses.

"Cheers to our success," said the veiled man.

"Cheers and congratulations on your victory!"

The veiled man grinned. He had been waiting for months, and it was about to be a successful end to his wait.


"Hey, be careful. You'll fall in the pool, Vio!"

The 9-year-old boy's cry was the only sound heard in the back garden of the palace, where there was a pavilion and a large pond. A fountain shaped like a winged child holding an urn was in the pond's center.

The little girl, named Viona, moved away from the pond as soon as she heard the boy, named Pierre, cry out.

"My doll has fallen. I want to pick it up."

"Don't. You'll fall and drown. Let me get it."

"Be careful, Pierre."

Viona looked worried as she saw Pierre crouching in front of the pond, his right hand outstretched as he tried to grab the teddy floating on the surface. The teddy floated almost to the center, making it difficult for the boy to catch it.

"Pierre, never mind. Please don't take it. Leave it alone." Viona was worried because she didn't want Pierre to fall into the pond just because he wanted to pick up the doll she had accidentally fallen while looking at the fish swimming in the pond water.

However, Pierre didn't want to give up as he still tried to catch the doll.

"Crown Prince, what are you doing?"

Pierre was surprised to hear a voice behind him. He jumped to his feet and quickly looked back. It was his grandmother, Queen Barbora, a 67-year-old woman dressed in luxurious royal attire.


While Viona immediately ran and threw herself into her grandmother's arms, Pierre did not. He made no move to approach his grandmother.

Queen Barbora crouched down, gently rubbed Viona's face, and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Pierre and I were watching the fish in the pond, but my doll fell into the pond, Grandma. Pierre is picking it up."

"Oh, just leave the doll alone. There's no need to pick it up."

"But it's the doll Grandma gave me for my seventh birthday."

Queen Barbora smiled and hugged Viona, whose eyes were filled with tears. "Oh, dear Viona. It's okay. I'll buy you a new doll later."

"Really, Grandmother?"

Queen Barbora nodded without hesitation. "Of course. Has Grandmother ever lied to you?"

Viona shook her head naively several times.

"Then ask the Crown Prince to stay away from the pond, he might fall in and drown."

Viona didn't argue. She ran over to Pierre, still standing in his place, to carry out her grandmother's orders.

"Pierre, Grandma said she would buy me a new doll. So there's no need to take this doll."

But Viona's eyes widened when she saw Pierre crouching again, trying to pick up the doll.

"Pierre, I told you not to take it. Just leave the doll alone. Grandma said she'd buy a new one."

Ignoring Viona's words, Pierre kept trying to pick up the doll until he finally managed to grab it. The teddy bear, wet on the back, was held out to Viona. "As long as I can get it, you don't have to ask the Queen Mother to buy you a new one."

"But I didn't ask for a new one. Grandmother herself ...."

"So what if Viona asked me, Crown Prince, to buy a new doll?"

Viona's words stopped as Queen Barbora's voice interrupted her, now standing beside her two grandchildren.

"I told you not to take it, why didn't you obey?"

"Because I can still get it, Your Majesty," Pierre said, glaring at the grandmother.

Queen Barbora clucked and snatched the doll out of Viona's hand. She threw it back into the middle of the pond, leaving Viona and Pierre stunned by their grandmother's actions.

"Pierre, you are the future king. You should learn to obey the orders of those older than you. What would the kingdom be like if it were ruled by a selfish and stubborn king like you? Besides, I am your grandmother, you should obey my orders!"

"What is it, Mother?"

Another voice came from behind, and the three turned to see King Ardion and Queen Kanaya walking toward them.

King Ardion was the ruler of the kingdom. The Howard Kingdom was an absolute monarchy where the supreme power was in the hands of the king. His word is an absolute command that cannot be challenged.

The Howard Kingdom was relatively modern and prosperous. King Ardion, who was so wise, could run the show somewhat. He always listened to the people's complaints as much as possible and did not hesitate to change the rules and laws of the government if he felt it would harm his people.

The security system in the kingdom was also well-developed. The king always maintained good relations with other empires and countries and cooperated in the military field. The kingdom's military armament is entirely complete with well-trained military personnel. In other words, the Howard Kingdom is peaceful and prosperous.

"The Crown Prince disobeyed my order, Your Majesty. I asked him not to pick up the doll that fell into the pond for fear that he would fall in and drown. But he disobeyed, as usual, the Crown Prince always disobeys orders," Queen Barbora said as she turned to Queen Kanaya. "Queen, you must be more strict in raising your son, for he is after all the heir to the throne. We must train him properly while he is still a child."

Queen Kanaya bowed, feeling guilty for her son's behavior that had upset the Queen Mother. "Forgive Pierre, Mother. I will be more strict in his upbringing."

"I only want Pierre to rule like his father when he becomes king. The great and wise King Ardion."

King Ardion smiled. "Mother is too complimentary, I'm not ...."

However, the king's words were not continued, not by design, but because he needed help. He held his chest with a grimace on his face as if he was in great pain.

"Your Majesty, what's wrong with you?" asked Queen Kanaya, worried about her husband's condition.

"Your Majesty, has something happened?" Queen Barbora also showed concern.

But the king never answered, for he suddenly collapsed and lay on the ground.

"Father!" cried Pierre, horrified to see his father's body no longer moving.

They surrounded King Ardion in panic. Yes, they were so panicked that they didn't notice that someone far away was grinning with satisfaction that the plan was going so well. That was the last day the king interacted with his family, for he never opened his eyes again. The king was dead.

Chapter 2 Transfer of Power

An atmosphere of mourning enveloped the elite cemetery area reserved exclusively for the royal family. The sound of wailing emanates from Queen Kanaya, the King's wife, who suddenly lost her husband. Doctors at the royal hospital said the King died of a heart attack.

Another person crying was Pierre, the only son of the late King Ardion and Queen Kanaya, now crowned Crown Prince, the heir to the throne.

The funeral procession was solemn. The mourners and the royal family began to disperse when all the processions were over. Viona saw Pierre crying even though he had left the funeral area. Feeling sorry for him, Viona approached him.

"Pierre, don't keep crying," the little girl said as she rubbed Pierre's back.

"My father is gone. How can I not be sad?"

Viona was silent as Pierre's answer sounded harsh. But Viona did not want to give up. As much as possible, she tried to comfort Pierre so that he would stop sheddin


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