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The Devil

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The devil Lucifer expected many things from the world. Since he fell from heaven with his brothers when they were expelled he found nothing to make him see beauty in it, but everything changes when by chance he sees a little baby girl and she fixes her eyes on him. The little girl can see him and that was impossible, how does she do that? It was inevitable for him to move away from her and over the years Lucifer began to experience something he had never felt before, love. The little girl has grown up and he got as far away from her as he could, it wasn't easy, every year the devil himself visits young Sandy on her birthday and from the 18th birthday onwards their lives change to give life to the most epic love in hell. The Devil is a novel about an unplanned love, about overcoming, tender and above all about the value that a being without feelings gives to a family that he had never thought of having. The angels of heaven and the demons of earth will fight for old disputes defending with their lives everything they have achieved. Don't miss this epic, out of the ordinary story.


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