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The CEO Surprised Baby

The CEO Surprised Baby

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Doyinna
  • Chapters: 50
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 211
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


After Ella has a one-night stand with an unknown stranger, she realizes she’s pregnant. Things spiral when a ruthless CEO of a Powerful company, Anthony Oswald, comes around. Ella is caught in a circle, after an incident. This leads to her finding out he’s the father of her baby. What happens when Ella discovers a gruesome secret that could endanger her and her unborn baby's life? Ella was caught in a loophole after Anthony traveled abroad without the knowledge of his child. Years later, they reunite. Unfortunately, Anthony who has started preparation for his wedding with his fiancee, meets Ella again. Will Anthony Oswald abandon his bride-to-be for Ella and his baby?

Chapter 1

Ella walked out of her house after Miranda almost pushed her off the entrance of the road. The thought of the kind of man she will meet again this time around filled her heart as her hand clenched her small handbag, she felt some pains that she couldn't express to anyone.

Her straight blond hair fell off her shoulder, even though it just finished raining, her aunt Helga has insisted on her putting on the pink harmless top revealing her cleavage in the cold weather. Her eyes hovered around to get a cab to take her to the emerald hotel.

"Shit, fuck you fuck you ass hole," Ella cursed as a Hyundai SUV splashed some dirty water on her body. She immediately ran her eyes through the plate of the car to get hold of the number plates, she swore to revenge whenever she came across the car again.

The short jean skirt she wore became wet. She opened her bag and brought out a navy blue handkerchief as she started dusting the particles of dirt from her short jean white skirt. Tears dripped out of her eyes as she soliloquized.

"Who do I know to meet tonight again? I am extremely tired of meeting with different men who try to harass me sexually. I am tired, '' she lamented bitterly.

Anthony Oswald frowned as he drove his car towards Emerald hotel. After splashing water on Ella, he refused to stop to help poor Ella out. He just drove off to Emerald hotel. He was already drunk, and he didn't want to go home in that state. His grandparents have warned him to stop getting drunk, and after he did that night, he doesn't want to go home to make his grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Karl Oswald.

It was Sunday, Anthony, who loves to tour alone from his guards, came all the way from Denver to Coronado, which is about a 3 hour journey. He decided to go to Emerald hotel to pass the night and enjoyed the blues song while driving towards Emerald hotel.

"Yes, I know what I will do, I am not in the mood of sleeping with anybody tonight," It was late and everywhere was dark, however, the street light was on and everywhere brightened up like the daytime.

"I am going to do what Rita told me, I will paint my sanitary pad with my red lipstick and lie to the whatever man I am meeting in the hotel that I am on my period, so he won't be able to touch me," she said to herself as she parted her lips, revealing her set of beautiful white teeth, she was glad that she has a great plan.

Rita, her one and only friend, has told her one of the tricks she uses whenever she isn't interested in having any sexual intercourse with a man.

"I have to confirm if I am with any sanitary pad first," she said to herself as opened her bag to confirm.

"Yes, glad I took it, I will paint the pad with it," she soliloquized and brought out the lipstick in her bag, unknown to her, the small sheet of paper, Helga wrote the room number of the hotel she is to meet the man has fallen off from her bag.

She took the lip gloss and rubbed more on her lips which made her lips shine brighter. She left out a big smile as the plan she has, gave her joy. Just then, a Toyota Camry passed by, she waved to the car and it stopped as she entered the car.

"Take me to Emerald hotel," she said to the driver as she shuffled her long hair to the back.

"Emerald hotel? Tonight? Do you have any mission there?" The driver asked as he looked back towards Ella and their eyes met. Ella was infuriated by the questions, but instead of letting out her anger. She smiled and replied.

"Yes, thanks," Ella replied as the cab driver kept staring at her, it was cold and her skirt was wet as well, she just couldn't wait to get to where she was headed.

"You are a young beautiful girl, it's late already, especially going out this late, and you aren't with your cardigan, it's so cold, I can see goosebumps all over your body" The driver said.

Ella has never come across a poke nosing driver like this all her life before. Even though the driver was right, she had wanted to take a sweater with her, but Helga had insisted on putting on only the harmless pink top and the short white jean skirt so as to look highly attractive to the client she wanted to meet.

"Could you move please, I am running late already," she replied softly. The driver signed deeply as he started his car and zoomed off to Emerald hotel.

Immediately Anthony got to Emerald hotel, the receptionist gushed over him and they gossip about him and how handsome he is.

"Wow! See how extremely handsome this young man is, I wish I could hug him," one of the receptionists said, sighting Anthony from afar.

"In your dreams, that is the CEO of the Oswald group of companies, every lady desires," The second receptionist replied.

"Wow, we are damn lucky to have such dignity visiting us today," The receptionist replied the other gushing over Anthony sweetly.

"You are welcome, to Emerald sir," the two receptionists chorused.

"Please, how may I assist you," One of the receptionists inquired, while the other blushed. Anthony's figures stand out, his blue eyes look attractive enough, his pointed nose stands and his lips give his face what perfection is.

"I need a room," he started and immediately one of the receptionists reached out to the keys hanging on the wall and took one out of the keys.

"Please, after me sir," the receptionist stated with respect bowing down her head as she led Anthony to the room.

They walked straight, taking the first turn by their right as they walked through the stair. The receptionist led Anthony to one of the standard bedrooms.

"Here is the room sir," the receptionist stated, opened the door to the room and allowed Anthony who was extremely exhausted. Anthony entered and walked towards the small refrigerator in the room.

"Here is the key," the receptionist stated and put the key on the table. Anthony uttered no words as the receptionist walked out of the room and slammed the door behind her.

The driver drove into Emerald hotel and immediately Ella opened her bag and brought out some money given to her by Helga for transport and stretched it over to the man.

"You are beautiful, don't bother paying me," The driver said. Ella gawked at the driver for some minutes before putting down her hands.

"Thank you," she said and alighted from the cab. Immediately her eyes caught Anthony's car.

"Gosh, this is the damn car that splashed water on me, I will break the owner’s rib today," she sighed deeply, looked at the car and hurriedly walked over to the car.

Chapter 2

She walked towards the car and realized that the glass of the car is tinted black, there is no way she could see the inside of the car. She hurriedly walked towards the back of the car to check the number plates and ensured she knew it by heart.

"I will get hold of this motherfucker that splashed water over my body without waiting," she stated as she stared at the number plate of the car. She crammed the number, hit the car with her feet and hissed.

She walked into the entrance of the hotel, stood for a while before taking a deep breath.

“I am meeting that unknown asshole now!” she lamented and walked towards the reception.

“Hi, please I am here to see someone” she stated immediately she got to the receptionist. The two ladies looked at her amazingly, their eyes met as they stared at her from head to toe before one of them replied to her.

“Room number, please?” one of them asked nonchalantly. Ella didn’t care, her mind hovered around seeing th


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