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According to a wise saying, 'a person often meet her destiny on the road she takes to avoid it'. This was the case of twenty years old Lara Kingston also known as Phoenix. She is a talented acrobat and a ruthless assassin. She is also a member lethal gang. Thirteen years ago, Lara lost everything she held dear. Ever since then, her heart remained frigid. On her path to seek revenge, she encountered Dex at a masquerade party organized by David Kingston, – Lara's ruthless and cold-hearted uncle, who was responsible for the mysterious death of her parent Dex Logan, is the twenty- seven years old, handsome billionaire CEO of Logan Aviations. He is an optimist, a ruthless dictator in disguise, and a hopeless romantic. He is the head of a dark underworld gang but on the surface, he is a peace lover and a philanthropist. It was love at first sight for Dex but a huge annoying distraction for Lara. Would Lara consider Lex's proposal at the cost of her personal vendetta? Would she forgive Dex after learning the bitter truth surrounding her parents death? Would love triumph or would it come crashing down?

Chapter 1 A Ruthless Beauty

[Artlyn Palace]

It was a night of glamour, mystery, and luxury. Guests in their number, all adorned with elegant god-like attires move around the hall fraternizing and making merry. The captivating orchestra band rendered both ancient and classical music, keeping the hall lively and electrified.

Under the disguise of the event, an underworld gang carried out their mission seamlessly.

"Phoenix, move in on the target. The cat has taken the bait." A slightly rough voice echoed from the other of a blue tooth device.

"Copy, Alpha." Phoenix carefully maneuvers her way through the crowd of happily chatting guests. She carefully scanned her surrounding before walking into the convenience.

Her alluring body was magnificently accoutred in a classic sapphire blue plunging neck dress. She wore a feathery orange-red Phoenix mask, which concealed the top half of her face.

Unknown to her, an attractive pair of deep blue eyes had been transfixed on her when she unconsciously brushed her delicate skin on his arms.

Dressed in a black elegantly tailored tuxedo with a matching phantom wise owl mask was Dex Logan. He is the billionaire CEO of Logan's Aviations. He had earlier received an honorary invitation to the David Kingston masquerade ball themed, 'A Mystical Night With The gods'.

The evening event was held in the prestigious Artlyns' Palace which was located in the heart of Duras city.

"X-ray, you are clear to go in now. Phoenix is on the move." The voice from earlier gave another directive.

"Already ahead of you, Alpha." X-ray grinned. He was three kilometers away from the event venue but his gifted hand was about to cause mayhem.

"Phoenix, you are good to go in 5...4...3...2...and..." X-ray skillfully accessed the Artlyns' Palace security system and shut it down.

The light in the event room suddenly went off causing brief panic. However, before the security details could swing into action, the lights and security system were miraculously restored.

Nevertheless, a momentary security sweep was still initiated, but, since everything seemed perfect, the organizers of the event relaxed their minds

Inside the comfort of a secluded ladies' room cubicle, Phoenix smartly changed into a black leather one-piece cat women's suit. She slid comfortably through the ceiling vent to the targeted room. The room was well secured with laser beams and high-tech security gadgets. During the temporal light glitch, she deftly beat the security check, maneuvering the laser beam like a skillful dragonfly.

With the prized red diamond safely secured, she discreetly found her way back to the ladies' room cubicle. The diamond was to be displayed at the later part of the evening event, but it was gone without anyone knowing.

"Package secured, I'm comiing out!" Phoenix reported and swiftly changed back into her party wear. She reconfirmed her surrounding before stepping into the main event hall.

"Venus, abort mission! Phoenix is out and is moving for the kill," Alpha instructed with a devilish grin plastered on his face as he moved between different guest.

Alpha, a tall handsome guy with hypnotic grey eyes, in an all-black elegantly tailored suit, slightly bumped into Phoenix. His well-defined face was concealed under a black ancient Greek warrior gladiator mask. He was the fierce and ruthless leader of the gang.

Like a professional swindler, Phoenix speedily passed on the red diamond to him, giving him a furtive wink.

"Copy, Alpha! Phoenix, he is all yours. Ready to take the show on the road." A s*xy female voice non barcode name, Venus, affirmed on the other end of the phone.

Venus walked seductively toward the Alpha. Her angelic face was partly covered by a purple Venetian carnival mask, with her blond delicate hair cascading down her shoulders.

"I am suffocating in this dress. This is simply torturing." Venus's eyes sparkled as she came face to face with Alpha. She gently cupped his masked face and kissed his full lips.

"Let's get out of here. The show is about to have a premature end." Alpha smirked, licking his lips lustfully. He led Venus of of the ballroom like a gentleman handling a delicate lady.

Phoenix walked seductively to the VIP section of the hall. Her marked target was completely overwhelmed by her enchantress figure. He lustfully scanned her body like an X-ray machine and licked his lips, as she came up to him. This made her feel repulsive but she swallowed hard. Her mission was more important than the disgusting fool.

The general was the seventh loyal commander and stakeholder in David Kingston's trusted circle of friends. He was in charge of the security details for David and he was ruthless at his job. He took so much pleasure in brandishing his havoc recking cannon on any young girl that as much as wink in his direction. At the age of forty-eight, he was as lively and agile as a stallion in its prime. The girls loved him for his handsome figure and his wealth. In return, he fulfilled their heart desires after savagely satisfying his monstrous appetite.

"And who might this angel be?" The general's husky voice rapped in Phoenix's ears.

"I am your Cleopatra, offering my entire body to you, free of charge." Phoenix seductively trialed her hands on his conspicuously exposed face, sending exhilarating shivers down the general's spine.

"Ooh la la! I'm all yours!" The general sang, gently grabbing her slender waist and leading her to his office.

When they were finally alone and away from nosy security details, the Phoenix struck like a bolt of lightning. She swiftly asphyxiated the general like he was nothing but a mere puppet in her hands. The general's lifeless body slumped on the floor with a gentle thud. She further spent ten minutes, ransacking the general's office and confiscating important documents. After planting a ten-minute timer explosive device in the office, Phoenix discreetly left like she was never there.

The explosive device was designed by Volt, - the nineteen years old male physicist and weapon designer.

Phoenix was about to exit the venue when someone blocked her path. "You guys can leave without me," she cautiously notified her gang. "I need to diffuse a tricky problem in my path. Don't worry, I'll leave before the fireworks start."

"Okay Phoenix, be safe," Alpha reaffirmed.

"Hello, gorgeous!" Alex walked up to the beautiful lady before him. "The Phoenix, right?"

Phoenix's hazel eyes widened. She never told this breathtaking daredevil her name. "How in God's name did he discover me?" A thousand questions clamored for attention in her head. "Is my cover blown?" She stole furtive glances at the gigantic clock ahead. "Eight minutes left to the showdown!" Her stares became frosty.


"I guessed from the mask you are wearing. It is the Phoenix, right?" Dex interrupted her.

Phoenix glares softened. "No need to snap his neck," she thought. "Good guess! Now if you'll be a good boy and excuse me!" She spoke in a slightly irritated tone, tapping Dex on his clean-shaven well-defined jawline.

Her touch, though not on purpose, sent stimulating chills down Dex's entire frame. He shuddered and smiled. "Not after you dance with me." He offered her his right hand and prayed deeply in his heart that she would accept.

Phoenix bit down her lips in annoyance. This man was testing her patience and time was not on her side. She had barely six minutes left.

"You want to have your last dance in life?" She smirked devilishly at him.

"Yes! As long as l have that dance with you." Dex's heart melted at her intense stares. He felt an arrow pierce through his heart as an overwhelming emotion enveloped him. "Cupid must have struck me," he thought.

Phoenix let out a bitter chuckle. She had five minutes left to leave this hell hole. Otherwise, the damages she may sustain would be detrimental to her future mission.

"How about you take me to your bedroom in your house and I might give you that last dance." She took Dex's right hand, squeezing fiercely, she dragged him out of the hall to the car park.

Dex winced in pain but still tagged along. "How could a delicate and fragile creature like this beauty possess such an Amazon warrior grip?" He pondered.

"Your car!" Her voice was fired up as a lanky male valet approached with Dex's exotic grey Porsche car.

Phoenix snatched the keys forcefully from the valet like she owned the car.

"Get in!" She commanded Dex in an icy tone.

Dex who was currently, hopelessly in love followed her every directive like a bee, being lured to its death by a magical nectar-producing flower.

Phoenix looked at the time again, she had a minute and thirty seconds left to drive out into a safe distance from the imminent havoc.

"Phoenix, I just got word that your uncle has left the masquerade events with some of his circle of friends for a secret meeting." Alpha notified her.

"F**k!" She cursed out loud and sped out of the premises like a professional car racer.

"Why the hurry?" Dex gawked at her with a puzzled and mesmerized expression.

"Shut the f**k up, as***le!" Her frosty eyes shot ice piercing darts in Dex's direction.


A loud deafening sound could be heard from a few meters behind them, and the ground shook like an imminent earthquake was about to take place.

"What the hell was that?!" Dex screamed as he turned around to a horrific sight behind him.

"I just saved your worthless life, idiot!" Phoenix stopped the car and glowered at him, with the fleeting thought of punching his masked face.

Chapter 2 Rancor

Dex stared at Phoenix in horror, wondering why she was so hyped and furious. He stared at her and at the chaos behind them. Somehow, he suspected that she knew something about the partly exploded Artlyn Palace." knew this was g... going to h....happen?" Dex stuttered in bewilderment."F**k!" Phoenix struck the steering wheel angrily, making her hands turn red.Phoenix took in a forced breath to control her rampaging emotions. She was slightly frustrated that her Uncle, David Kingston, narrowly escaped the sixth, and almost successful attack on his life.'How many lives does the beast even have anyway?' Phoenix hissed.The last hit targeted at David had been on a chattered airplane he boarded. The gang struck when credible intel confirmed his presence in the plane. Unfortunately for them, he was alerted of the imminent danger. So, he escaped the plane unscathed in a parachute before it exploded.After this failed mission a


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