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Anastasia Arlington was not the same woman she had been when she had first met Vincenzo . She had grown to become someone strong who people looked up to . She was not the naive wife who had married him because she did not have any other choice . She was the face of his company . The company that had been in his family for years was finally hers . She had not let love define her and blind her . Only she could think about things of the best interest to her and taking the company was what she needed . Not because she loathed her husband or anything but to be quite fair he had robbed her of the perfect fairly tale. Did the perfect fairytale exist ? She heard a knock on her door and wondered who it was when she did nit have a meeting scheduled. "Vincenzo what a nice surprise , I thought you had chemo right now ?",she asked him as she stood up . He looked disheveled, no longer the man she had once married . The man that every woman in New York wanted to be seen with . Now he was scrawny and looked like each breathe would surprisingly be his last . "I was headed there until I got the news that you bought shares and threw me out of my company ",said Vincenzo and Anna just chuckled .

Chapter 1 HE'S BACK

ANA'S POV This was not how I had imagined my life to turn out. I had thought that I would be having fun when I was twenty not stuck in a loveless marriage.People always said that one had multiple choices but it ain't seem so to me because life kept making me wonder why I was even alive in the first place.I was living every girl's dream but it seemed like torture. Every girl wanted to be married to a rich guy who gave them everything they wanted and I had all that but I still wasn't happy.Maybe money wasn't always the solution to happiness. You could not use it to buy affection for the guy that you wanted.Every day was the same it was like I was living the same day over and over again. Wake up take a shower get ready, take breakfast and do whatever I pleased to do for the rest of the day.I had not seen Vincenzo for over two weeks and we had barely talked either I know what it sounds like, that am a bad wife but I wasn't really.That was what he wanted and I gave him that. He would be stuck on trips for weeks and not even say a word to me.Sometimes I wondered what I was to him. Maybe I was just a decoration that he had. He would get to tell people "oh I have a wife".I did not want to be a wife let alone a girlfriend but desperate times call for desperate measures.I got off the bed and went by the window to pull the drapes. I tried tugging on them but they couldn't budge as I sighed in frustration.I had been on edge lately I couldn't point out what the problem was and it was not my monthly lady issues.On top of being stuck in a marriage where I wasn't living, I had not had s*x in forever. Maybe it wasn't such a big deal but it was the reason I was so frustrated all the time.Someone knocked on my door and I wondered who it was."Come on in ", I said as I sat on my bed."Good morning ma'am", said Aliya as she bowed down."Good morning and please don't call me ma'am it makes me feel old ", I said chuckling."What can I do for you this morning?", I asked her."Mr. Vincenzo is requesting your presence for breakfast ", she said smiling."What, then did he come back ?", I asked her."Last night ma'am ", she said and I was too infuriated to even yell him to stop calling me ma'am. "Tell him ill be there once I'm done doing something in here ", I said as she bowed and left.Why did I even put myself in a situation like this? The first time in my life that I ever had the freedom of my own and I just threw it away to be with a guy like him?He could not even come to my room to tell me that he was back and in case you haven't guessed we slept in different rooms.I was hurt, to say the least, but I knew how he would react when I told him. He would assume it like everything else I had said for the last couple of months.To him, I was supposed to be content with everything that he gave me which in this case was money. There was nothing else that he could offer me.I had seen girls leave his room over and over again but I wasn't meant to complain. I chose this life for myself and I knew what was in store for me.It was just another day that was ruined by my husband Mr. Vincenzo Morello.After taking a shower and dressing up I left the room and made my way downstairs to the dining area where he was seated.A feat was prepared in front of him and he smiled when he saw me. "Good morning darling you took your time I see ", he said."There wasn't anything I was rushing to see ", I said as I sat down."Well I thought you of all people would be happy to see am back ", he said."You mean I was supposed to be happy to k ow that you are back through a maid ?", I ask him."Well isn't it still the same thing ?", he asked me."I didn't know you forgot the way to my room", I said as one of the maids served me breakfast."Am sorry I was tired when I came in I just thought I would see you in the morning instead ", he said.I sometimes wondered why I had accepted to marry him. Maybe it was for his looks and money. But being the most wanted bachelor came with its price. I was stupid to think that he would change for me. That he would realize how good I was and want to mend his ways but nothing as that existed.I had yet s*ck*d myself into something that I did not know how to get myself out of."You look so far away what are you thinking of?", he asked me."Ways of killing you ", I said."Wow you getting crafty I see ", he said laughing it off.I wasn't lying. If it were possible to kill someone and not get jailed for it then maybe I would have already done it. Death was the only way out of this marriage."Do you want to get rid of me that quickly ?", he asked me with a serious look on his face."You have no idea ", I said."Well love what can I say you are stuck with me for life how about you start enjoying this because it's the only thing you've got ", he said as he stood up to leave."And I forgot to tell you we have a ball to attend so I already sent a dress for you it will be here in like one hour, get ready and I don't want you to embarrass me so be on your best behavior", he said as he left.

Chapter 2 RED

ANA'S POV"Am not going ", I said."And why is that ?", he asked me."I just don't feel like going am I supposed to do everything that you say ?", I asked him."You're coming end of the discussion ", he said as he walked away to his room.Six months we had been married and we had never slept in the same bed. It was not that I was complaining but that was not how I had imagined marriage to be.I had thought it was this beautiful thing but each day that I spent with him I thought otherwise. I know people would think that I was a coward but I had no choice.He paid for Immaculate's medication, my stepmother without him would be dead. So I would rather be miserable that see her dead.I stood up from the dining room and went in the direction of his room. Just because he made all the rules didn't mean I had to follow them.I opened the door


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