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Am a twenty one year old who lives writing . I go beyond my imagination to craft the best stories .


  • Author: Zigginah
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Anastasia Arlington was not the same woman she had been when she had first met Vincenzo . She had grown to become someone strong who people looked up to . She was not the naive wife who had married him because she did not have any other choice . She was the face of his company . The company that had been in his family for years was finally hers . She had not let love define her and blind her . Only she could think about things of the best interest to her and taking the company was what she needed . Not because she loathed her husband or anything but to be quite fair he had robbed her of the perfect fairly tale. Did the perfect fairytale exist ? She heard a knock on her door and wondered who it was when she did nit have a meeting scheduled. "Vincenzo what a nice surprise , I thought you had chemo right now ?",she asked him as she stood up . He looked disheveled, no longer the man she had once married . The man that every woman in New York wanted to be seen with . Now he was scrawny and looked like each breathe would surprisingly be his last . "I was headed there until I got the news that you bought shares and threw me out of my company ",said Vincenzo and Anna just chuckled .


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