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The Billionaire's Secret Babies

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Aurorae
  • Chapters: 100
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 79
  • 7.5
  • 💬 5


Bella Stone has never imagine in her life intended or aspired to rent out her womb to anyone. Due to a necessity, she reluctantly agrees to carry the future baby, the seed of the famous model and entrepreneur couple, Julia Estelle and Edward Darkwood. Bella thinks everything will go smoothly. In her imagination, after carrying and giving birth, she will receive a lot of money and be able to leave. However, who would have thought that because of one night's mistake, Bella and Edward accidentally got involved. Worse still, Bella ends up carrying his seed without Julia's knowledge. So, can Bella keep this significant secret tightly sealed and continue pretending that the baby she is carrying is the result of Julia and Edward's seed? And when the baby she is carrying eventually comes into the world, will Bella be willing to simply give her baby to Julia?

Chapter 1

"Give birth to a child for me, and I will reward you with one million dollars."

Bella was startled. Her eyes widened upon hearing the offer she had just received.

Bella Stone was a young accountant recently laid off from a multinational company. Pressed for funds, especially for her mother's weekly dialysis, she sought help from a friend to find a job.

Renata Venya, a renowned makeup artist and a close friend of Bella's, presented an incredibly tempting offer.

"Come on, Bella. Just meet Julia. She is in desperate need of someone intelligent like you. I'm sure you'll be interested in the offer she will make."

Renata mentioned that Julia Estelle, a top model, was looking for a single, intelligent, and attractive woman to collaborate with her.

Bella thought that Julia wanted a partner for collaboration or, at the very least, an assistant. However, after making an appointment and meeting with Julia, she was shocked by the unconventional offer and request Julia presented to her.

"W-what? Giving birth to a baby for you?"

Julia grinned. The woman nodded confidently, confirming Bella's bewildered question.

"Yes, you heard it right. I will also cover all the expenses and care when you are pregnant."

Bella looked at her in disbelief. She was faced with a ridiculous and unreasonable offer for the first time.

“Why? Are you still confused?” Julia asked as if reading the confusion in Bella's expression. "Well..." Julia continued. "My husband, Edward Darkwood, and I have been married for three years. And my husband feels that it's time for us to have a child this year."

"So, why don't you just get pregnant and give birth?" Bella interrupted hastily.

She asked in amazement. After all, from Bella's eyes, Julia and her husband seemed perfect and healthy.

Bella knew that Julia and Edward were an attractive couple and came from an upper-class background. Moreover, the man was widely known as a successful businessman. But why did it sound funny and absurd when they sought someone else to bear their child?

"I'm sure you know who I am. As a famous model, I am required to maintain an attractive appearance. I'm sure you know that pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can ruin one's appearance. That's why I'm looking for a woman with a clear background to give birth to our child."

Besides Julia, her husband, a handsome man, looked coldly at Bella. Since then, not a single word came out of his lips. Just a penetrating gaze. Just like a lion ready to pounce on its prey at any moment.

"B-but why me?"

"Because, according to Renata, you are the right person. Besides, I have also investigated your background. That's why Edward and I are confident you are the right woman to bear our child."

Julia smiled. She stared intently at Bella, who remained motionless. Julia knew that Bella must still be confused and unable to accept her crazy offer.

"Don't worry..." Julia said casually. Once again, she tried to convince her, hoping that the persuasion she gave would make Bella melt and agree. "The two of us will give you considerable money."

"How do I give birth to your child?" Bella immediately responded.

Julia then smiled smugly. Looking at her intently, she answered casually, "Of course, through the process of in vitro fertilization. Let's say Edward and I are renting your womb to nurture our future baby until it's time to be born."

Bella fell silent. She knew that the in vitro fertilization process required considerable money.

From Julia's explanation, Bella grasped the crucial point that she had to lend her womb to accommodate the future baby of the two people before her.

"How?" Julia pursued impatiently. "I know from Renata that you need a large sum of money. Again, don't be afraid; I will give you two hundred thousand dollars as a down payment right now. The rest will be paid in two installments. Certainly, during our collaboration, I assure you that you will not lack anything."

Bella became more conflicted. On one hand, she desperately needed the money Julia offered. But on the other hand, her heart was still hesitant to accept such a crazy offer.

Imagine she, a young, unmarried woman who didn't even have a partner, had to get pregnant and bear a child for someone else.

However, her mother's health was much more critical. After all, she had been working tirelessly to find a job to cover all the expenses for her mother's treatment, which were not insignificant.

"How about it, Bella? Do you want to accept my offer? And... during the pregnancy process, I ask that you stay at my house."


In the end, Edward spoke up. The man turned and looked at Julia while shaking his head repeatedly. "You're going too far. Why bring her to our house?"

"Oh, come on, Honey." Julia smiled. She gently stroked Edward's cheek while trying to persuade him. "By bringing her home, I can easily control her condition. I must ensure she is in good health and everything is guaranteed."

"You are rarely at home. How can you control it?"

Julia smiled again. "There's you, Edward. Even if I travel and am not home, you can help control Bella's condition. After all, she's carrying our child. You must ensure that she is in good condition, right?"

Edward ran out of words, especially when Julia looked at him pleadingly to grant her request quickly.

Turning away from Edward, who had protested, Julia looked back at Bella. She signaled that she needed an answer right now.

"Opportunities don't come twice, Bella. If you agree, I will pay you immediately. So, make a favorable decision."

Bella was silent for a moment. As if racing against time, she tried to think realistically.

"All right, I accept your offer."

Bella thought, who else could give her so much money? Even though she had worked for a good company for years, her salary might reach hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

And now, just by being pregnant and giving birth, she could earn 1 million dollars. Julia was right; opportunities only come once.

"Great," Julia responded with a broad smile. "As promised, I will give you two hundred thousand dollars immediately. After that, I will take care of the agreement paperwork and arrange the schedule so we can go to the hospital together to meet the obstetrician I chose. But before that, I want you to start packing."

"Packing?" Bella furrowed her brow.

"Yes. Starting tonight, you must move and live in my and Edward's residence."

Chapter 2

"Bella, what are you doing?"

Jessica looked puzzled, carefully observing her daughter, who seemed hurried and busy packing clothes and other essential items into a large suitcase.

Jessica was curious and wondered where Bella was going at this late hour. Moreover, her daughter had yet to mention or hint at any plans to travel shortly.

"I have to move, Mom."

"W-what did you say? Move?"

Bella then closed and fastened her suitcase. She turned, trying to maintain a calm expression so her mother wouldn't worry. On the way home earlier, Bella thought about what excuse to give her mother. That's why she tried to stay calm. A moment later, she smiled and replied, "I got a new job today, Mom."

"You already got a job? Where, dear?"

Jessica was increasingly curious. But, judging from her expression, she was also happy to hear that her daughter had finally found a new job after being unemployed for a while due to being laid off by the previous company.


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