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The Billionaire's Obsession

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Because of past grudges and broken hearts. Arsenio Denver, bought a woman at an auction and married her by force. Clarissa Jovanka. A woman sold by her mother who lost a gambling game. Arsenio, doesn't think Clarissa exists at all. He restricts himself from all women, including his wife. For Arsenio, women are the same. Just lustful gratification. And Clarissa who slowly dropped her heart to Arsenio, did not know at all. If her husband, only loved women from his past. Until one day, Clarissa knew the truth. She ran away from Arsenio in a state of pregnancy. Even though Arsenio, had buried his past and loved her. But Clarissa doesn't know all that. How is Arsenio's struggle to win Clarissa's heart back?

Chapter 1


Arsenio's stifled growl sound, at night.

Meanwhile, the woman on top of Arsenio's body smiled broadly, looking at Arsenio's closed eyes.

"Did you enjoy it, sir?" asked the woman on top of his body. Her hand rested on Arsenio's chest.

Hearing the question of the woman in front of him. Arsenio opened his eyes, looking at the beautiful face of the woman moving above him. He did not answer the woman's question. But his lips mumbled and growled, enjoying the erotic movement of the woman moving on top of him.

This is what Arsen did every night. Arsen would change women two to three times in one night. All this was because of heartbreak and disappointment, his heart was played by love. Loving another man's wife and intending to snatch her. But the heartache and disappointment he got, not sincere love. But the wound that until now is still imprinted on his heart.

Almost 2 years Arsenio tried to make peace with his heart and mind. Eliminating traces of the woman who once stopped by his heart. But for some reason, until now he hasn't been able to forget Ellie Muller. The beautiful woman with proportional body who had stolen his heart. That beautiful woman also gave him a deep heartache. Until now Arsen can still feel how painful it is.

The woman on top of Arsenio's body moved even more wildly. Arsenio, alone who heard it gasped as his reverie was broken. He looked at the face of the woman on top of his body.

Arsen smiled faintly, his hands crawled, clutching the woman's body above his body.

Obviously the woman, who was already covered in the haze of passhion, was increasingly uncontrollable when Arsenio's hands crept everywhere. Until fifteen minutes later Arsen growled restrained. Letting go for the umpteenth time this night and of course with a different woman.

Yeah, a different woman in every bed game. If in the past Arsenio only played with virgin women before Ellie. This time Arsenio plays with any woman, either virgin or used. Arsenio, doesn't care if the woman is used or not. What is clear, his desire is fulfilled every night. Moreover, every night he would change women up to sometimes 4 times. That's why, Arsenio doesn't care, the important thing is that the woman is free from all kinds of diseases..

Arsenio, released their union and walked towards the bathroom. Washing his tired body after making love with the woman of the night he paid for.

While the woman who became his bedmate immediately got off the bed and walked to pick up her clothes that were thrown in random directions. Put them on in a hurry and left the room.

Outside, as usual Brandon, Arsenio's assistant and confidant was waiting at the door. Together with a bundle of bills in his hand. Let's not forget his ears that were plugged with handsets, so as not to hear the strange voices of his master and his hired woman.

Seeing the open door, Brandon removed the handset from his ear. He glared at the woman who had just come out from inside. How could he not be miffed, every night he would stand until he was tingling, waiting for her to come out of the room, after making love to his master. He should have brought a folding chair tomorrow, so his legs wouldn't tingle and ache.

Especially this woman in front of him, who had already made him emotional when he saw her.

"Get out of here!" Brandon exclaimed coldly and hardened his jaw.

Meanwhile, the woman just smiled in response to Brandon. She snatched her payment and leaned closer to him and whispered.

"Thank you, sir. I like it very much."


"Get out of here before I break your neck, Miss." Brandon swore and tightly grabbed the neck of the woman who had just come out of the room.

Obviously, the woman was shocked when her neck was grabbed by Brandon. She tried to remove Brandon's hand from her neck. Not long after, Brandon smiled triumphantly. Then he let go of the woman's neck.

"Don't ever show your ugly face to my lord again, Miss."

The woman felt her sore neck. She s*ck*d in the thin air filling her lungs. Immediately she turned around quickly, leaving the room. Her place to make love to the man who paid her.

"D*mn woman!" swore Brandon. How could he not, she had teased him beforehand. If his master knew, she had seduced him first. He was sure his master would have his head right now.

In the bathroom.

Arsenio chuckled, remembering this was what he did every night. If he used to be paid, by a woman, to leave a trail of wounds. This time he is the one who repays by paying women in every game.

The heartache of not being chosen drove him crazy. By taking revenge on every woman. Paying women, is his way of venting his emotions, anger, love and heartache all at once to women he can't reach.

Ellie Muller,

I don't know how long he can forget the shadow of that woman. Arsen didn't know, even though it had been almost 2 years, he left Belanda and returned to his country. But until now, he hasn't been able to forget Ellie. And maybe, just maybe, Ellie was already happy there.

And why, he was still suffering and couldn't get Ellie out of his mind.

"Sh*t!" Arsenio swore loudly. His hands were clenched and his face was bright red remembering 2 years ago. Until he lost control and broke the glass in front of him.


The back of his hand was bleeding. But Arsen, did not care at all about the wound and the flowing blood. Every time he remembers himself who is stupid, it always makes him emotional. But to be honest, Arsen still hopes for Ellie. He really hopes Ellie will come here and marry him.

Arsen doesn't care about everyone. As long as Ellie wants to marry him, he doesn't mind anything else. But, unfortunately, Ellie did not choose him until now.


The sound of broken bathroom glass was heard again and shattered into pieces. I don't know how many times Arsen's hand was injured, because of venting his anger. Arsen really couldn't forget Ellie. That woman really made him a fool. Waiting for his unrequited love for Ellie until now. He thought, Ellie would be his. But apparently, Ellie's love for that man cannot be separated. And he, could not snatch Ellie from the hands of her lover.

"What a f*ck*ng woman!" he cursed. He no longer believed in love. Love would make her stupid and hurt. No one deserved his love. If he had given his love to Ellie in the past and she had rejected him. That means, neither Ellie nor anyone else deserves his sincere love. Women were just his lust fulfillers and bedmates. They are nothing more than that.

After half an hour, Arsen came out of the bathroom. Arsen, walked to take the paperbag that was on the bed. He took out the clothes that Brandon brought and put them on.

5 minutes later, Arsenio came out in his full clothes.

He walked out of the hotel room he rented. The room where he had s*x with the woman he paid for.

Brandon, who saw his master coming out of the hotel room immediately followed his master's steps. But Brandon was shocked to see his master's bandaged hand. I don't know how long his master will change and stop like this. It's been almost two years since Arsenio Denver went crazy every night. Making love with several women. Of course it was all because of the woman named Ellie Muller.

Venting his heartache, because he was rejected by Ellie. Until these 2 years Arsen went crazy like this. I don't know how many women have become his master's bedmate, for the last 2 years. He himself can't count them, let alone who did it. Arsen only considers women as tissue. Wearing it, then throwing it away. It didn't matter if the woman was unhappy or angry, he still didn't care. After all, who are they. They won't be able to fight him.


Chapter 2

The next day...

Tap... Tap... Tap...

The sound of Arsen's black and shiny fantofel shoes echoed in the lobby of the Wallia Company grup. Behind him Brandon and 4 bodyguards walked after him. Arsenio Denver, the sole heir of the largest Company empire in an Las Vegas city. He was a handsome man, 191cm tall, with a sharp nose, dusky eyes and a firm jaw that was overgrown with coarse hair. He looked like a Greek god, capable of bewitching the fairer sex. But not the woman of his dreams.

33 years old, Arsen was still single and unmarried. The heartache he got from his ex-girlfriend made him reluctant to get married. Arsen has no intention to marry anyone. He doesn't want to be disappointed again, because of love. He has everything, just buy a woman and don't give his heart.

Arsen didn't care about all the employees who avoided him. Previously he had gone on a rampage in his company, because of the carelessness of his employees. From the


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