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Miss Queen

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  • 7.5
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The Billionaire's Obsession
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  • 7.5

Because of past grudges and broken hearts. Arsenio Denver, bought a woman at an auction and married her by force. Clarissa Jovanka. A woman sold by her mother who lost a gambling game. Arsenio, doesn't think Clarissa exists at all. He restricts himself from all women, including his wife. For Arsenio, women are the same. Just lustful gratification. And Clarissa who slowly dropped her heart to Arsenio, did not know at all. If her husband, only loved women from his past. Until one day, Clarissa knew the truth. She ran away from Arsenio in a state of pregnancy. Even though Arsenio, had buried his past and loved her. But Clarissa doesn't know all that. How is Arsenio's struggle to win Clarissa's heart back?


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