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The Badass & The Beta

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He is such a man wh*r*."Well, what do you expect with the kind of guys?" They are called man wh*r* for a reason. So, envoy, my wolf, said inside my mind with a growl. She is not happy with what he has been doing with the other girls. Of course, he doesn't care. So, screw him and his s*xy devilish melt your panties smile. I don't need him but I am curious...So, I wonder if he knew it was me, he was kissing and touching me last month at Emilia's birthday party where I was hiding away from the loud music and noise. But instead, I ran into him.And...We had s*x! We had s*x! We had s*x!How could anybody fall in love with a man that treats a woman like a s*x object to screw and throw away! So, I left before he could see the girl he hates and loves to torture. So, after having s*x with Jayson Woods. I sneaked out the door. So, he had no idea it was me in the bed kissing and holding me in his strong arms.I will cherish that for the rest of my life.I am nothing like the other girls when he calls up to scratch his itch. What if the man wh*r* wants to play?What if I am more than that?What if I am his mate!

Chapter 1

(A month after Emilia Lake Party)

Ashely P.O.V.

"In this corner, standing here. We have Sunshine," he drags outshine. Weights one hundred and twenty pounds and standing here at five-five." The announcer says over the microphone.

"In this corner, standing here. Daisy Woods!" He drags out wood." The announcer yelled out in the microphone. "So, at One hundred and twenty pounds and five-two foot tall." She has been undefeated six times champion." I hear many people out in the stands hooting and yelling my name.

"Daisy Woods!"

"Daisy Woods!"

"Daisy Woods!"

I stand there looking over at my opponent. I am ready to fight this Sunshine, and I am nervous at the same time. I have been stepping on eggshells, and I have been jumpy lately in the last two days because of school when we came back on our winter break. Because when I ran into Amber and Jayson (the super, wonderful couple), I rolled my eyes thinking about how they make me sick and angry and just thinking about them together. I feel anger inside me. And I don't know why? I have this feeling when she is around him. It's like I want to scratch her eyes out for being close to him.

Then I thought why I was getting angry with her around him. I shouldn't care. Besides, they deserve each other. Because all they got in common is they love to bully me and make my life like a living hell.

I hope I have a break from it because of one of these days. I do believe in God's karma.

I'll get them back. But then I thought that they were not worth it. Karma will get them back. I wait for God to take care of it.

I'll let it work on its own. Thinking back on that day, I am ready to fight. I need to hit something or someone. Since the run-in with him and her! I growl out, holding my fist in my palm. I could feel my nails wanted to come out. But we are not allowed to because this must be a clean fight.

No, crawl, no biting, and no kicking in the face. The ref said the rules of the fight club, not mine.

Come on, let's get this started. I am ready to f*ck someone up. That was when I saw my opponent on the other side staring at me with her mask.

Yes, we are wearing masks, so no one knows who we are. But the look that she is giving me. It's like she wants to kill me.

Wtf? I wondered why she was giving a hateful stare.

I shook it off, and we saw the announcer and ref in the middle. They pointed at me to walk towards them. So, I did. I look at her when I am walking in the middle. Then she starts to move. We don't take our eyes off each other.

"Remember, ladies, and I want a clean fight.

"So, no biting, no crawling, and no kicking in the face." Got it, ladies." I hear him say with a severe tone of his voice. I nodded my head. I see her do the same thing. We still got our eyes on each other.

Okay, ladies, bump gloves." I hear the ref say. So, I hold out my glove hand out, being a good sport, but she's just staring at it, and she turns away and walks back to her corner. She has two men talking to her. But she still her angry eyes on me.


Okay, I think she got something up her *ss. I thought.

That was when I heard Envy laugh.

"Not funny, Envy." She didn't repeat anything.

But except for a tiny whisper inside my mind.

"Sorry." I shook my head and went back to her and the fight.

I didn't want to snap at my wolf. So I make it up to her later with a run after the fight.

When I walked closer to my corner, I was at the ring. That was when I smelled this fantastic scent of woods, mint, old spies. That was when I started looking out in the crowd to find the smell I smelled. Then, before I could move or say something to Envy, she beat me to it when I heard her say.


"We. Need. To. Find. Mate. Now!" She said with excitement, and she was jumpy at the same time as she wanted to come out and find him, our mate. So, I am scanning the crowd with my eyes. At first, I didn't see anyone staring at me. But, until I saw him staring back at me with his blazing dark blue eyes, he is I am speaking about is no other than...

"Jayson F*ck*ng Woods!" I mumbled under my breath, so right now, he is staring at me with heated eyes.

I can't believe it.

Jayson Woods! he is here.

What the hell? So, the rumors are true.

He is here to fight.

Then I thought maybe he was not here, and I must be imagining things? That's what I want to believe; there is a but there.

No sh*t, Ashely! You should have known he would be here—my inner voice. I always heard the rumors of him fighting in the underworld fighter rings. But that was what it all was, just rumors. But there one day. I overheard him and Elijah, Jake, Andrew, Matthew Avery's mate chatting one day outside by the football field. It wasn't a friendly chat either. I remember hearing something like...



S*x slaves.







What in the world? I can't believe I heard that out of their mouths.

So, I know it's real now. I see he's here right now, staring right up at me. That was when my heart started beating faster, and my breathing quickly came shorter too.

Oh, F*ck I can't breathe.

So, I try to take deep breaths and exhale and inhale a couple of times until my breathing comes back to normal.

That was when I realized he couldn't see me.

I let a sigh of release.

He doesn't know it is me under the mask—the girl he hates and calls names and bullies. But just in case, I am getting out of here. I am not waiting around for him to catch me. I came here tonight to fight because I needed to. I need to help my dad with my mom's operation for second-stage breast cancer.

My dad says he doesn't need help with the money. I know that. But I want to do my part of the help my mom gets this done. So we can all go back to what we were before her sickness that's not trying to kill her.

I thought with a sniffer. I can't cry.

Not here, Ashely, I told myself.

And now I won't get the money because that *ssh*l* is ruining my plans.

So, I got to get out before he came near me. But, it's obvious he sees me.

So, now I got to get out of here. When I look back over at Sunshine, she gives me a look like, don't. Even. Think. About. It! But I didn't care. I wanted out of here before he figured out who I was. I knew before that night at the party he was my mate. So, I did the stupid thing anyone could do.

No, Ashely, it's not the time to think about you and him, and that night were- I licked my lips thinking about how wonderful he was that night. So, gentle, he was kissing down my body.

No! I shook my head. I looked back over at Sunshine. She didn't like what I was going to do. But I can't be here. Not right now when he is around.

I should have been careful. I turned towards Jayson, and he was right up by the stage. Oh, sh*t, he is staring right into my eyes. There is no way he knows who I am by staring at me.

"No, and yes, I heard Envoy say inside my mind.

Oh, f*ck. That's just great. Oh, okay, I got to think of something and fast. But the only thing I can think of to do is...

A jump was in my head.

That's what I did.

I jump off the stage.

So, that is what I did.

I jumped off the stage, ran towards the exit, and ran into people. They were trying to grab hold of me and trying to take off my mask. I held up my hands and protected my face, so they didn't pull off my mask from my face.

I was fighting my way out the door. Once I got to the door.

I ran outside and kept running until I got to my bike. I had this plan inside my mind to jump on my bike and drive off. But I didn't get to because someone or something grabbed me. That was when I went into a panic. I tried to throw my arms up and hit whoever got me in a tight grip. But of course. That's not what happens.

Nope, it was the opposite because I could not move my arms. After all, he has got my arms down by my body.

Because the person that got me in this situation where I couldn’t move my arms. Him.

I froze and gasped for air. Because I am afraid that he will find out who I am. All he has to do is. Remove my mask. That's hiding me from the world.

"Hmmm, you smell good, my little mate," he said, kissing down my neck. I got my back on his front. I can feel how his hard and thick c*ck feels on my *ss.

I felt him thrust in and out behind me, and it feels good.

I mean so good.

I closed my eyes and went back that night when we were together.

I will always cherish that night.

Because now I want him again. But I can't take the chance of him finding out it was me the whole time.

I can't take that look of disgust on his face.

When he finds out, it is the crazy girl that he hates, and it is the girl he took that night over and over again. He won't be happy it was me. I am his mate.

I was in my thoughts should I wait a little longer and enjoy this side of Jayson. Not the Jayson that hates her.

Before I got to answer myself, he opened his mouth.

"See what you do to me, little mate," He thrust between my thighs

" Do you feel what you do to me," he said, biting my neck now.

F*ck, I want to ripe your clothes off. Like I did that night, little mate." he groans with his fingers sliding down my legs and up. He moved up under my shirt and down my stomach where my pants sat.

He started to unbutton my pants. I can feel his fingers going inside my panties. I felt a sharp shock of electricity go to my core.

Oh, f*ck, this feels good.

Oh, God, I have not been touched like that for a long time.

Well, except when I am pleasuring myself in bed thinking about him.

I licked my lips when I felt myself getting wetter. I was already wet when we locked eyes inside the building.

"F*ck I knew it, your wet for me." I heard him say when I was running with my thoughts.

That was when I let out a loud gasp when I felt his fingers inside me.

"Oh, yes, you turned on the whole-time little mate; I heard him chuckle.

"Oh, please- I didn't know what asked of him to keep going or stop.

But whatever he thought, what I meant.

He kept thrusting his fingers inside my wet p*ssy.

"I am going to make you come over my fingers. You're going to open your dirty little mouth and s*ck them off." I heard him say.

I couldn't speak except moaned out when he didn't hear a response.

" Aww, yes!" I cried out.

"Good girl, he said, breathing inside my ear. I can hear how excited he is playing with my body.

I want that.

Oh, God, I want-

no, I need to come.

That was when I didn't realize I was moving on his fingers.

I was taken deeper inside my p*ssy.

I love the feel of how deep he could go inside my walls.

I like the feel the tightest I am sucking his fingers in a tight grip.

I love it.

I never thought s*x would be this pleasurable, especially with your mate.

"Good girl, yeah, that's it. F*ck my fingers," I heard him say.

"Come for me, little mate, " he said and bit me hard on my neck.

That took me over the edge.

That was when I grabbed hold of his leg and squeezed it in a tight grip. He didn't care if I was hurting him. He didn't stop and pull away. Instead, he just kept moving and pumping his fingers inside me.

I started to shake, and I knew this was a mind-blowing orgasm.

I have wanted it since that night.

After my orgasm was gone and I felt him slowly pull out.

I let out a breath.

I am shaking in his arms. He got one hand wrapped around me. So, I don't fall.

That was when I felt his hand on my waist, and he turned me around to face him.

"S*ck!" He told me with demand in his voice.

I stared into his eyes. I can feel the heat coming off his body and mine.

This is different.

We weren't drinking or drunk. We were both sober.

But yet are we still in our right mind?

Hell, am I in my right mind? That is a question I asked myself.

So, I stuck out my tongue and licked his finger, looking up at him.

I wanted to see his expression. No, I need to see it.

But all he gave me was a still blank stare. But his eyes said something else.

They showed how this is affecting him. I see the want, and how to turn on he is right now.

But somehow, he is holding back.

But why I thought.

That was when I grabbed his finger and stuck it in my mouth. Then, I started sucking and licking it.

I was moaning when I was doing it—sucking his finger with my eyes on him.

He watched me for a couple of seconds, and he pulled his finger out of my mouth.

I gasped when I heard him say. I have been dreaming since that night.

"Mine!" He pulled me close to him. I heard him growl, and he slammed his lips down on mine.

That was when I felt his lips. Like I did that night, I gave him my first kiss, touch, and first time.

I let him kiss me again. After I ran away because I didn't want him to know who I was. Besides, I was afraid he would reject me. If he knew I was the girl, he hated.

So, I did the only obvious thing.

I ran after giving myself to Jayson Woods, my monster, my living nightmare from hell,

And he is my mate.

Oh God, He's kissing me, but this time with more force, and it is like he is afraid I will disappear because he was right.

Because I was going to run again, So, I kissed him one more time. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed as hardest I could. That was when I saw him stumble back—staring at me with unbelief. Like he cannot believe.

Because I shoveled him, I opened my mouth and spoke out once I stepped away from him.

"I can't do this" I am sorry. I tell him. That was when I started running away from him. So, I ran until I reached my bike. I didn't hear his footsteps behind me. That was when I realized. That he wasn't following me?

I didn't wait, and I hopped on my bike, and I started it up and left him in the parking lot. I was driving away from the man I knew would never love me. I sigh with my heart in my throat.

Don't cry, Ashely.

Remember never to cry.

I kept repeating myself to be strong and be the badass everyone is afraid of me.

You're a bad b*tch.

You're tough.

He is not going to be able to hurt you again.

I try to keep a positive attitude. Because next the time, it's just going to get harder to keep away from him.

My heart was racing, and my face flushed—thinking that was a close one because of what happened back there, that he was touching me—like that, pleasuring me and him demanding me.

So, I did. When I saw his face, it was priceless. I smirk.

Oh, God, I wanted that. Since that night, I dreamed about him kissing and touching me.

But we both know.

Because I knew it could never happen.

So, tomorrow it will go back to normal. Because tomorrow I am Ashely crazy, nobody no one knows in school Williams.

So, I need to be more careful tonight, or Jayson or whoever finds out what I have been doing. Because next time I am not going to be so lucky.

Chapter 2 “Ashely”

Ashely P.O.V.

The Next Day...

"Suck, I listen to him. Finally, he demands me to do it sucks his finger. I remember licking my lips.

Yes, I told him. I pulled his fingers and opened my mouth, and slid his face inside my mouth.

Oh, God, I want this. I wanted him so bad.

I have been thinking about him touching me and having me on my knees and- What I am saying. This is Jayson Woods; we are talking about it! He doesn't care about anyone but himself.

But I know it, Jayson.

Yes, Jayson, I need you," I told him, and we started kissing. That when I saw him turn into Alanis Morrissette singing You ought to know."

Okay, that's strange; why did he turn into her- before I get to answer myself.

I woke up when I heard the alarm go off.

What the fucking hell! My fucking head is ponding.

What time did I get in last night?

Damn it, and I am having them dreams about him again last night.

Damn it! I am not going to be able t


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