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The Assassin's Choice

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Gifty
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 12
  • 3.0
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Usually, people have a lot of fantasies about meeting their first love of their life again in the future. Maybe a bump on the sidewalk, a spill of coffee on clothes, or even meeting in the elevator. No one ever sees their first love again, by trying to murder the sister! Yup, Emily was always unlucky, right from child hood, from never catching the eye of her best friend/ first love, to him moving away, to her dad dying and also being raped on the same day. She thought that life couldn’t suck any more than this. Until she is forced to be something she isn’t, a killer a murderer, all because her daughter’s life is on the line. But when she is tasked to kill the first man she ever loves… things may just get worse for Emily, and her chance at happiness.


Emily stood in front of the Don's office door as she violently battled with the gum in her mouth. She knew exactly why he had called for her. It was about those bastards she sent straight to hell last night, Satan must have given them a nice welcoming party.

Ugh! They deserved it, they had disturbed her fun last night and she had to teach them a lesson.

Okay, I don't need to think of this too much,let me just enter. She said to herself as she adjusted her clothes.

She was putting on a black leather jacket, a black jean pants which made her ass look even more round than it was and a pair of black combat boots.

In the back pocket of her jeans pants was her pistol, which had been specifically designed for her and a set of well designed and sharpened knives and another pair of knives in her boots.

There is a reason she was called the black cobra and that's because she always prepared for any fight that may come anytime.

She walked into the office, smirking at him as she continued to chew on the gum.

"You called." she said as she sat down on the chair in front of his table and placed her legs on the table.

"It's good to see you too Emily." She could hear the anger in his voice and it was a pleasure to her ears. God she loved how angry she always made him feel each time.

"Well, I want to say it's good to see you too but you know it's impossible" She smirked at him then brought out one of the knives in her boots and reached across his table to take his face towel and started cleaning the knife.

His face soon paled, then he frowned.

"Do you know the amount of trouble you caused with the police when you killed those guys at the club last night?" He growled clenching his fist that was placed on the table.

"See, they deserved it okay. I was having the fun of my life with this hot and cute guy but they decided to spoil my fun." She replied emotionless, then decided to throw in a fake pout. She knew exactly what he was going to say next and she wasn't even ready for lectures.

"Emily, this is getting too much. You kill people like you are killing an insect" He said with a fake concerned look on his face.

Bastard! She cursed inwardly. The hatred she had for this man sitting across this huge office table was really indefinite.

"Ugh fuck!" She said under her breath as she rolled her eyes.

Not again. How many times will I tell him to stop faking being concerned about me?

"Whatever!" she shrugged, putting her knife back where it came from.

"Well, I have a job for you. The mission is to wipe out the family of Eddy Norman. The king of the American mafia" he said, looking serious.

"Is that all? When do I start this mission?" She asked, getting excited that she was going to kill soon.

He could obviously tell because he sighed loudly.

"Don't kill unless necessary. This is the American Mafia we are talking about, I’m sure you have heard news about them. Just keep it in mind that any little mistake, you will practically be food to the ground in the next second." He warned loudly.

"Get to the point. When can I leave?" She ignored his warning, she wasn’t in for his little pep talks.

"As soon as possible. You will be going to the United States of America tomorrow" he replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't want a dirty job." He repeated his earlier warning.

"I want a very clean job with no traces. Jordan and nine other guys will be accompanying you. You have to do all it takes for this job. If not, consider her dead" he said as his lip curled up to a smirk.

She wished she could punch that smirk off his face. "Okay, I understand" she spat getting angry at herself for letting him get to her again.

She immediately stood up and walked out of the office. Not waiting for him to dismiss her.

"Eddy Norman." Why does that name sound so familiar?

The name seemed to give her a particular feeling she couldn't place her hands on, a feeling she doesn't like at all.

The familiar name kept ringing in her ears as she strolled down the stairs. She could swear she had heard the name somewhere before.


A man slowly walked away from where he was hiding as he watched Emily stroll down the long corridor of the mansion straight to his room.

He immediately entered the room which was at the far end of the corridor, he immediately looked at his environment to make sure nobody was following or trying to eavesdrop.

When he was certain he was the only one around, he quickly entered the room making sure to lock the door behind him.

He immediately removed his phone from the pocket of his black pants then dialed a number which wasn’t registered on his phone then quickly placed the phone which seemed the call was answered on the first ring.

“ She has been informed about the mission. The name seems to ring a bell to her but I don't think she remembers.” he said into the phone.

“That's good, everything is ready now you know the plan.” the unknown receiver replied.

“ Yes boss, I won't disappoint you.” He replied immediately.

“Number 24 don’t ever let your guards down, you know Emily is a very smart girl. She could easily catch on with our plans if we made any mistake.” the receiver said.

“ I understand,I will be extra careful.” He assured and immediately the call got dropped then he put back his phone into his pocket before a scary grin appeared on his face.

Oh little Emily does not know what’s coming for her!

Chapter 1

Jet black hair swayed everywhere till it became a perfect bun. Emily had tied her hair into a perfect black bun. One could see her well defined long neck. It looked so pale with the alarmingly large amount of scars on display; like a beautiful piece of art.

She seemed extremely focused on her series that was being played on the large smart television in front of her. She didn’t even notice the numerous times the door bell had rang.

Maybe she just decided to ignore the bell since she knew they had recently landed in the United states of America; she definitely wasn’t expecting anyone since she had given strict orders for the guys not to disturb her unless something important came up.

"Who could it be? I wasn't expecting anyone." She thought as she gently stood up from where she was sitting with a scary and annoyed look plastered on her face.

She moved as quietly as possible as she removed her pistol from her waist holder.

"Who is i


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