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Taming The Beast In Him

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"Walk up to him, lure him, tame him, make him fall in love with you, make him get obsessed and break his heart!" That was the order given to the little fragile Ivan by her helper. Yes, she suffered at the hands of her cruel stepmother and siblings until she met the popular chairman Lucian of Lucs group. He offered to save her from her pain and make her live the luxurious life which she has always wished for. A life of becoming an actress and getting the major role but can it work for her? Will she be able to abide by the law? Will she break the heart of who she truly loves and can sacrifice anything for? Will she be able to tame him? Read to get the answer of the unanswered questions.

Meeting the suitable one.

CHAPTER ONEIvan couldn't resist the tears that rolled down her eyes as she shivered under the cold atmosphere.“Why should I suffer like this?— I thought it would be over, but it seems worse”. She said inwardly as she continued with the dishes she was washing.Ivan is a smart lady who lost her parents at a young age, only for her to find out she has a stepmother and sister who is two years older than her.She has lived all her life in pain and suffering inflicted on her by her stepmother."Ivan!" Ivan immediately walked into the living room as she heard Else scream."Mother...""And who is your silly mother!?" She asked with rage as her slap landed on Ivy's face."Did you think I was the foolish woman who you killed or your father?". She asked with a frown.Yes, Ivan was the cause of her parent's death, they got into an accident on their way from the cartoon cinema which she persuaded them even though they refused.Summoning some courage, she speaks out. "And so? Are you any better than that woman whom you so much despite? Are you not ashamed that your daughter is a b*st*rd!?"Elisa clenched her teeth as she walked closer to Ivan and punched her in the face.Ivan gently cleaned the blood stain on her lip as she chuckled."Elisa! Am no longer a teen. I'm no more that girl that used to cry in the closet... Not anymore!“Ivan stared at Else for some moment with hatred in her dark eyes."I will never live this way anymore!" "And what way can you live?". A voice asked.That is the voice of Nora, the popular actress in the Hollywood world."Best known to me..." She paused, staring at them.She knows they are going to send her packing just as they always do, but it seems she is ready to leave and get herself a new life, rather than hurting herself this way."Mother! Why not let her..."With her mind already made up, she walked in and picked up her luggage before storming out. "Nora, I am about to do that so take your chill pill". "Ivan... It is not going to end well with you. I will make sure you come begging me and my mother".~~~~LUCA MANSION~~~LATER IN THE DAY*"Nora how could you? Why did you?". Luca asked as he walked into his bedroom, only to meet his wife to be in a month's time with another man.Bawling his fist, he gritted his teeth with his angry eyes staring at both Nora and his friend."Luca— I can explain''. She said as she leaned against the wall with the duvet wrapped around her chest.In a rage, he yelled at her. "Nora! Explain what!?" "And you Gideon— I did not expect you to have the guts to backstab me". He said as he held back the tears that clustered in his eyes."I'm... I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me. I swear it will never happen". She pleaded as she tried to come closer to him."Leave my house now!" He instructed without giving her a listening ear."L...""If you don't leave this minute... Then be ready to see my wrath". With that, he walked out.Seeing the face he is putting on and the anger building up in him, she has no choice rather than to leave the mansion immediately.«STAR BAR»Luca walked up to his friends who were chatting and having a good moment."Luca... Why is your face like this?". Greg asked, staring at Luca's reddened eyes."Nora," he mouthed as tears rolled down from his eyes.Staring at Luca's face with pity, Grey asked. "What happened to her?". "She__she cheated on me". He replied with a heartbreaking voice."You must be joking right?". Gabriel asked.He still finds it hard to believe Nora cheated on him, but he saw it, with his two eyes! "No, I am not. I still find it hard to believe this, and I have to get married in a month's time before I can take over my mother's company"."But I warned you. I hate ladies ever since Lydia cheated on the day of our wedding". Greg said with a chuckle."I love her. I gave her all she needed; money, car, attention, care, and career support, but instead she betrayed me". He sobbed."Ladies are like that. They are only after what you have and bid you farewell after they achieve it". Gabriel said."Yeah, that's why I don't give a f&&k about any lady 'cause all I care for is p*ssy". Grey echoed."Man, I am going through hell, like I can't live without her". He said as he gulped down a cup of drink."Chill guy. Don't harm yourself over a lady, okay?"."I'm already harmed".~~~~~~“I can't believe I have nowhere to stay... No house and food to feed myself”. She said inwardly as she grumbled."Young lady. Why are you walking around this street by this time of the day?". A man asked."Nothing". She replied, still walking."Just speak up, maybe I can help". He said.She raised her head and stared dangerously at him with irritation before uttering her words. "And who are you to help me? Some kinda sort of god?"."Young lady, we can help each other... No matter who we are". The man's words made her chuckle because his words reminded her of her father."Can I rely on you?". She asked, trying to be sure if she could trust him."Sure. I might be of help". He echoed."Okay, here it goes. I can't bear the harsh treatment from my stepmom, so I have to walk out of the house since the treatment is unbearable"."That is why I am roaming around__ I have nowhere to go, no family apart from them". She said as tears rolled down from her little hazel eyes."I'm sorry about that but eat this before we continue our conversation because I will love to know more about you". He said as he stretched a sealed noodle to her."Thank you". She smiled as she received the noodles with gratitude.“I think she is suitable for the job”. He thought.

Moving into his mansion

CHAPTER TWO~~~~ELISA HOUSE~~~~"Mother!" Nora screamed out as she searched everywhere for her mother but she was not in the house."Nora, What happened?". Her mother who rushed from the garden up to her asked."I am no longer getting married to him. He break-up". She said with tears rolling down her pale face."Why will he do that? What happened?". She asked as she walked up to Nora."I... I cheated..."Nora couldn't finish up her statement when a slap reached across her face."How dare you! Did you want us to go back to those old days when we had to live like perverts? Uh!?" She yelled."Mother! Lower your voice or it will bring down this building". Nora muttered."And so!? Do I look like I care about this damn building!?""All I need is your answer! Do you not like the way he treats us?". She asked


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