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Take Me Daddy: The Silver Fox Daddies Collection

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Dear Reader, Welcome to this collection of our best Daddy’s Little Girl steamy romances. These Daddies find something irresistible when their sweet, innocent little girls walk by. And you can only escape Papa Bear for so long in a house filled with these potent Papa-Wolf alphas who won't stop until they have claimed their mate. Within this collection, you'll discover curvy, tiny, and tall damsels; all enjoy the kink and heat they find in these s*xy, grayed older men! Now, don't keep Papa waiting, and let Daddy take care of it all!


margaret mccracken

Review after the novel completion

Love this book. It is a great collection of stories! You get to fall in love with several different characters all with their own stories and personalities. However I do wish each story had their own book there is several that I thought were not completely finished. There were also a few of them the could have a more details. I can not wait to see how these stories all end by the time I’m done with this collection

December 11, 2023

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