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Take care of my heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Impact
  • Chapters: 60
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 668
  • 7.5
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One rainy night, after an attempt to fix the roof, Rose, Mitchell's elder sister broke her leg and as a result is unable to complete her schooling. Mitchell decides to work overseas to help her family, she gets overseas but discovered that she is deceived by the woman who had offered her job. Rentless, she allows no one to stop her not even her new boss; Robert Oliver. Mitchell encounters bigger challenges that test her determination and more importantly her heart while fulfilling her obligation in the Robert Oliver's home.

Chapter 1

Mitchell is a young adult who lives with her mother, grandmother, sister, and nephew. Mitchell and her sister, Rose works so hard to make sure the needs of the family are met since their father left them years ago when they were still very young.

Their mother has refused to tell them the reason why their father has left them, hence they took it upon themselves to Meet the needs of the family. The responsibility is shared between both girls, although Rose takes the greater part of the responsibility even though she has a son to cater for.

She works extra hours at the restaurant to make sure that she can send her son to school and also send her sister, Mitchell to college.

The bills of the family pile up and as a result they have to decide what they needed the money to do. The decision making begins when Dan returns from school and demands his school fees from his mother, Rose. He stumbles on them while they were trying to raise the money for the electrical bill.

" What do we do now Rose? Mitchell asked her sister who is already out of reality. She doesn't want her son to experience the kind of life she is living and as a result she feels bad whenever he demands something that was not in her power to do.

What do you think we should do? She asked in response.

Rose, I think we should pay Daniel's fee, that's what is important now. The electricity can go off for now. When we have a lot of money or when we have been able to settle some of our pressing needs, then we can go ahead and fix it again.

I don't think that is okay. Rose responded at once.

But why? What do you think we should do then?

Mitch, we need the electricity because of mum's shop, our stuffs in the refrigerator and our clothing. How about Dan? How will he cope since he returns from school late? Let's sit down and plan towards it again.

Mitchell sat down as she watched her sister start the calculations again on another page of the book they have been using to calculate their expenses. After some minutes of silence in calculation, Mitchell decided to give her sister a suggestion.

Rose, I think I have an idea. She told her amid a yawn.

What's it?

The calculations you have been working on are enough, I don't think there's a way we can adjust the budget to our favor, the electricity should be cut off while we pay for Dan's school fees.

Then? She asked her immediately.

I think we should get a lamp, the lamp will be able to help him out at night with his assignments.

Rose became emotional again, she looked at her sister with a sad face, held her hands tightly "I'm sorry Mitch, I never wanted you to get into this situation we find ourselves. I had wanted to get enough for us since our father left us but time is my limit.

"It's nothing dear sister, you have been trying all you can to help us and I will also assist you to ensure that we can do all we can to help our mother and grandmother.

Thanks, Mitch, come here, Rose called her "I love hugging you whenever you show how intelligent you are in understanding the situation of our family.

Who among us will go to Dan's school tomorrow to pay up his fees? Mitchell asked her sister knowing well that she will be the one to do it.

" I don't know why you will always want to ask me what you know you will do. Rose commented. Well Mitch, get ready because you'll be doing that tomorrow.

Yes, Ma. Mitchell responded with a salute.

Mitchell watched her sister go to bed. She immediately went outside and sat on the wooden chair. Her mother usually tells her that, that was the chair her father usually seats when he was with them

" Funny me, Mitchell said with a smile. I never got to know him that much, but I'm always told I look like him and I always sit in his favorite chair. This blue seat of his.

"Father wherever you are, I wish you can hear the voice of your daughter, Mitchell, I never got to know you while I was growing up but I was told that you left us for reasons I can not tell because your wife, has refused to tell me.

I think Rose knows why you left but they're keeping it from me and your grandson, Dan. Come home soon, I'm not a stubborn girl and I promise you that I will take care of you no matter what happens when you return home to us.

And most importantly hug you in my arms like this all day long ( she hugged her mother so tight without knowing)

I can see how you long to see your father, Mrs. Williams told her daughter.

Mother! you? When did you arrive home, I didn't notice your presence. Where is your bag? Mitch asked her mother.

Rose had given her a warning not to do anything that will make her mother to have the thought of her husband, their Father.

I have taken it inside the house already. She replied.

Then, you must go and rest now. Go inside mum, you need to rest.

She watched her Mother walk inside the house and then she continued talking to the stars.

She turned to see if her mother was behind her but she wasn't. She pointed her finger to the sky.

" I hope you tell Mr. Williams what I said. Good night, I'll see you tomorrow. She smiled while she placed her hands on her chest showing that she wished she was hugging something or someone.

It was already late, she got inside to join the others on the bed but discovered that her space has been occupied. She smiled and walked to the chair that was adjacent to the bed.

" I'm always comfortable, it doesn't matter where I lay my head to rest". She said as she tried to stretch the body on the chair.

Chapter 2

Daniel's fees were cleared the following day with the electricity cut off. Although Mitchell and Rose found it difficult to cope without electricity but there was nothing they could to do since they were out of cash to meet up the needs of the family.

About a month later, nothing seems to work out for both sisters but they made sure the square meals were always available. They do not want their mother to be aware of what they were going through lately.

The job they switched to doing at the Sea side was paying as it used to. Most times they went on empty stomach to make sure that everything was in order.

Mrs Williams has noticed the sad attitude of her daughters lately, she tried to know about what was happening but they have always assured her that all was well with them.

Before they could realise what was going on, it was the raining season. Daniel was almost done with an academic session, so the rain will not disturb him whenever he wants to go to sch


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