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Sweet Revenge

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What will you do if the one you love so much and have sacrificed everything for betrays you? Kristen is a beautiful, intelligent and born artist, who leaves in a village in Italy. She gets an opportunity to work in a very reputable company but gives the opportunity to George her lover . George however betrays Kristen and married a rich lady. Kristen goes to Milan and meets Rich a Billionaire who falls in love with Kristen. My heart palpitates as soon as I saw Kristen. I feel sorry for how the guy treated her. I am a type that did not care about the feelings of ladies but Kristen is an exception. I don't know why but I suddenly feel the urge to always be by her side. I don't ever want to lose her. I want to be her guide, happiness and also her protector.


Kristen is a girl who lives with her grandmother in a small village called Cassone in Italy. Their village is where the Aril River called ‘Ri river’ by locals starts. Aril is fed by many freshwater streams and forms a small cool pond which the trout visit to lay their eggs. Flowing for 175 meters, the river passes three bridges and over a small waterfall, before ending in Lake Garda. Her parents died when she was ten years old. For the past fifteen (15) years her grandmother Dorcas has been her only family and friend. Kristine has a special talent from birth, thus she is an artist. She can draw everything that she sees or imagine. She would spend hours by the river Ri just to draw anything that she sees or imagine. Due to financial reasons, Kris couldn't continue her education after her high school. Her dream was to move to the city and work with one of the big firms as their artist. She fell in love with George when she was 19 years old. They have been a thing since then. George always escort her whenever she get a painting job or whenever she sits and draw. He really admired her drawing skills. Although her grandmother has shown her dislike to their relationship, she has decided to be with George because she doesn't believe he is a gold-digger as her grandmother claims.

Why does your grandmother hate me so much? George asked. Hmm, I don't know, she said throwing stones into the river whiles sitting with one knee up. She said you are a gold-digger just like your father. Seriously? and what do you think? Hmmm, you are not. Can't we forget about this George? Let's go to your house. It's been long since I tasted your mum's food. They went to George’s house and as usual she was received warmly by his mother and sisters. Everyone in the village loved and admired Kris because she was beautiful and humble. She arrived home late and met her grandmother sitting on the rock chair. Where are you coming from Kris? She asked angrily. Oh my sweet grandmother, Kris said playing with her grandmother's hair. Oh stop it I know you went to the gold digger’s house. Oh my dear Kris, won't you pay heed to my advice? Oh grandmother, I am feeling sleepy. Kris said and went inside her room. She got up early in the morning and went to sit beside the river to draw. This has been her daily routine since she was 8 years old. She expressed her feelings through drawing. Can you tell me why you are confused? The male voice distracted her from her work. She turned and found George. Hey, how did you know? Good morning, she said and gave George a soft kiss. I know you Kris. You express your feelings through drawing. Hmm, yes you won, I am confused.

My grandmother always advice me to be weary of your family and yourself. George, I love my grandmother so much. Never have she lied to me. My mind and heart are fighting each other. George held her waist and gave her a smile. I will never betray you, Kris. They spoke about random stuffs. I need to visit Petra's house right now. George, I need to measure a room and paint it for her mum, who would be coming this Friday. Kris said and passed her backpack which contain all her sketches to George. She run off before George could say another word.

Meanwhile, a group of people are on the shores of River Ri. They work with a very popular and big multi dollar company from the States. They are there with some of the company's artist to sketch something about nature. I will have to be fast so as to go and help Kris. George said and rushed towards the other forgetting to close the back park. George pumped into a very beautiful lady causing her to fall. So sorry, he said helping her up. In the process some of the sketches fell. The lady's eye left George to the sketches which just fell. I am so sorry, it was not intentional. Did you sketch this? The lady asked ignoring George's apology. Yee- SS George said. Wow Wow wow. Do you live here? Yes George replied. With this talent? You know what follow me. She sent George to the rest of the executives and they were all happy with the sketches. They finally got what is expected of them for their boss. You know what? One of the executives who introduced himself as Andrew said. We will give you a million dollar contract to work with our company. Our boss will arrive from the States next two months then we will finalise your deal.

If you accept, then let's get ready to go to Milan. Well can I at least have a day to inform my family and make the necessary arrangements. No problem, by the way my name is Josephine and I am the head of the art department in Richland.

George went home with mix feelings. How do I tell Kristen? What do I tell her? He wondered. What's bothering you my son? His mother asked. He narrated everything to his mother. Wow, this is a life changing chance. Speak to Kris and convince her she will understand. George went to meet Kris later in the day. George you look disturbed, what is it? Kris asked with concern. Kris, do you love me? George asked. Don't ask me stupid questions, I do. Kris replied half smiling. Well, remember I love you too and will never betray you. Whatever I do is for our future. He said. George, tell me what is it? You are scaring me. He narrated everything to Kris. Kristen kept quiet for fifteen minutes after George was done with his narration.

Grandma 's Advice

Kris Pov

I don't know what to think or say. Why did George tell a lie? Why should he do that? I am just confused. I got up and left ignoring his calls. I went straight to bed when I got home. I am not just ready for grandmother's questions. I just kept tossing on the bed. To say I am confuse is an understatement.

I woke up the next day feeling better. I was able to get an answer and a solution to the problem at hand. I took my bath and went to George's house.

George Pov

I couldn't sleep the whole night. Kris didn't say a word after I told her about the incidence. She just left. I told my mom and she has been worried. She thinks is nothing as Kris shouldn't make an issue out of it. We were sitting at the hall discussing the issue with mom and how to be able to convince Kris. Kris dear, we heard my cousin shouting. I rushed to her and gave her a hug. Kris I am sorry. Don't worry she said. My mum held her hand and took her t


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