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About me

A teacher by profession and a writer. Scribbler, the dream in my mind is to fill the shelves.


Sweet Revenge
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What will you do if the one you love so much and have sacrificed everything for betrays you? Kristen is a beautiful, intelligent and born artist, who leaves in a village in Italy. She gets an opportunity to work in a very reputable company but gives the opportunity to George her lover . George however betrays Kristen and married a rich lady. Kristen goes to Milan and meets Rich a Billionaire who falls in love with Kristen. My heart palpitates as soon as I saw Kristen. I feel sorry for how the guy treated her. I am a type that did not care about the feelings of ladies but Kristen is an exception. I don't know why but I suddenly feel the urge to always be by her side. I don't ever want to lose her. I want to be her guide, happiness and also her protector.


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