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Stealing from the Mafia

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" You don't know how to kiss. Was it your first time? " Mazov asked as he noticed how uncomfortable she felt. Catalina was about to cry as she didn't want to so any of this. This required too much courage and she didn't want to sell her body like this. Her body was violently shaking from the shock and she was about to have a panic attack in few seconds. " No... I had my first kiss with you in the room. It was second one. " She managed to reply back but her voice cracked in between the sentences. Mazov grabbed her cold body and wiped the sweat off her face. " Are you scared? What's wrong? Let me help you out! " He took her in his arms and covered her body with the towel by perfectly securing it around her body. This woman amazed him every single time they met. Stupid girl! It didn't take him long to understand that she was indeed an innocent and pure angel trying to look like a demon. But why? Who made her like this? Who broke her heart? **** When Catalina Brown took the challenge to steal from the Mafia in order to impress her master she wasn't expecting a dominant possessive male who won't let her go out of his sight even for a second. The worst part was she was getting addicted to him more than she had planned....

Chapter 1 : Who killed his men?

In the darkness of the room, the television's screen glowed with paparazzi running behind the man in black. He didn't pay any attention to them and continued to talk on his phone.

" Who might have killed them? Any rival? He was your finance head after all " one of the reporter asked trying to keep pace with him.

No answer!

" How does it feel to have the tables turned against you ? You too have many suspicious blames of murder on your part " That was it. He halted in his way and turned out to grab the man's collar.

" Whoever has done it, will pay. " He watched directly at the camera making Catalina conscious of his words, " I am after you. You shouldn't have killed my men. Mazov Kuznetsov never forgives. "

He got behind the security, protecting him from further questioning. She could feel, he was in a foul mood. Well who won't be. If your best friend and best crime partner was killed.

Catalina switched off the tv and rose from the torn out chair. In the pitch darkness, she smiled thinking about meeting him. It was close . She would be successful, she wanted to be under his name. For the world, he was the perfect businessman. The youngsters worshipped him like a God, for them he was role model.

But for her , he was " The Pakhan " . The face of dark world. Murder, Kidnapping, Trafficking and what more. He was the king of all. His cold stare could make a grown man piss.

The power he held over the economy was more than the President itself.

She tied her hair in a long braid . After wearing her boots, she zipped her black jacket and straightened up her knee length skirt. With a small duffle bag, and a mouser kept hidden in it she walked out of the house.

It was 2AM and no one was on the streets. She ignited the engine of her car and drove to her destination. The routes of the mansion were printed on her brain. Like planned, she parked her car 800m away from the mansion.

She crawled to the small opening in the wall, made for excess water removal from the garden. Her petite frame fit perfectly in it, with a practice of nearly 16 years she moved like a snake. Her body was flexible enough for her to get to the other side.

Two guards stood unmoved at the entrance but it was not from where she was going to enter. Obviously.

On her toes, she walked to the pipeline stuck on the wall. She knew the structure like her name. 300 count while climbing up and she will be in there. She rubbed her hands with sand to create more fiction.

Like a squirrel, she clutched the slippery pipe. 200,..230,..290..,300.That was it. She touched the window's handle and to her surprise it was unlocked. Even if it was locked, she knew how to open it. But her lucky stars were with her after all.

She silently made her way inside the dark room. One mistake and she would be dead.

She reached the corner of the bed. The man slept peacefully without the shadow lurking him. She pulled out the loaded mouser and positioned herself.

The Pakhan opened his eyes when a cold metal touched his forehead. He stared at her in the darkness, unaffected by any of this.

" Welcome, kitty. " He spoke his voice crystal clear with no trace of sleep " The problem is you are not just a kitty but a wild cat " He laughed at her, Catalina gulped down feeling a little fear.

" Don't. Don't move. " She ordered him keeping the gun connected with his head. " I can spill your brain in pieces right now. So better listen to me. " Her voice hinted him no fear.

" Why did you kill Pasha? " He asked suddenly.

" I didn't kill him, Misha did. " She replied.

" And why did you kill Misha? " He asked narrowing his eyes.

" Because I had to reach to you. He killed your man and I killed him. " She replied.

In the darkness, they couldn't see each other or anything. But none of them felt any different. Catalina was comfortable with talking to him, a mutual understanding of some sort.

" Misha was my man. Both of them were. So "you" are the one who killed them. " This shocked Catalina. But with the best of her knowledge she knew Misha was working for another man.

" I had no idea. I only wanted to meet you. " She said.

" Why? Do you have a crush on me? Well. My bed is cold but it doesn't have to. " His voice beamed with playfulness.

" No, it's not about that, Pakhan. I want to work for you. " She replied .

" Switch on the lights then, Kitty. I wanna see your face . The stupid face of an over confident girl. " He asked her still laying down on his bed. But she didn't move.

" I don't know where the switch is. " She said confused with the conversation.

" oh. That's a shame. You come to some guy's bedroom and doesn't even know about the basics. " in dark, he shook his head. " On your right side. Turn the lamp on. "

Catalina found the switch and pressed it. As soon as she touched it, an alarm went off. The pakhan snatched the gun from her hands and with one hand pushed her on the bed with him. She collided with his naked hard chest and now the gun rested on her cleavage.

" Rule number 1 . Never believe a Mafia. " He laughed loudly and footsteps echoed in the corridor. The door opened with several men in there and one of them switched on the lights at last.

Catalina watched nearly 50 men with shotguns in their hands. When they saw her, they got confused.

" Yes. This is the murderer we were looking for .A girl . 5'2 and Petite. She killed them. " Mazov aka pakhan spoke to them.

He grabbed her hair forcefully and made her stand in front of him. Catalina for the first time watched him closely. 6'4 and all muscles. She forced her neck up to watch him speaking. In only his boxers, he threw the gun away and stood like a Greek god.

His eyes roamed over her. A long tight braid reaching the back of hers, her slim body perfectly dressed in that black skirt. Her eyes captivating his dark Soul made him change his plans instantly. Their eyes didn't let go of each other. He was attracted to her in a strange way.

" What shall we do to her? " One of the man asked.

He grabbed his throat and pushed him aside.

" It's not we.. The question should be What am I going to do with her?! Only me. Now leave! " They all moved out of the room within two seconds...

" I forgive you. Let's join each other in bed. Huh? " He asked touching her cheek.

" I want to work for you. " She replied backing off away from him.

He gritted his teeth in anger but let it go.

" Are you sure? Because then you won't be able to change it. " He asked.

" Yes I am, Pakhan. " He laughed at her thinking about the pain she was getting herself into..

Chapter 2: His cruel ways...

Mazov grabbed her by the elbows. With their face inches away from each other, he loosened her braid freeing her long black hair. He removed her jacket and threw it in a corner. Before, Catalina could defend herself he held her wrist and dragged her with him out of the room.

Once outside a big white door, he let go off her hands to unlock it with the key from the stand. He pushed her inside, as soon as it opened. She stumbled and was about to fall when he caught her hands. She was met again with his cold body, reminding her that he was still in his boxers.

The room was completely white. Everything. There was nothing out of place or of any other colour. Just one white clock hung on the white wall. It made loud noise tickling every second.

Mazov made her sit on the chair, with handcuffs attached to it. He wanted her to scream in fear, to finally show him that she was a weak little girl after all. But instead she watched him with a fire glowing in her eyes.



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