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Spell Upon My Mates

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Alexey was once the funniest kindest heart, she trains the teen werewolves, and takes care of the Pack's chores as she tends to heal the wounds of her pack. But she was cursed from the day she was born, being a hybrid, half witch and half werewolf caught the eyes of the most powerful creatures in the world. A wizard, a Lycan, and An Angel. Alexey thought she would have a happy normal life with her human mate but everything went wrong when the king of lycans was after her powers. The wizard is after her heart and the angel wants to eliminate her. Would she be able to fight the most powerful creatures on her own? Or would she accept being used for her powers? Can she find love in all this mess being a target for three powerful men?

Chapter 1: A Hybrid's Daily chores

Alexandra's POV

I wonder when my life went wrong.

My Dad was a spellcaster, my mother is a werewolf.

I have seven brothers and three sisters which currently don't even remember my name.

My human mate Raily died in front of my eyes.

Along with my father.

It's All because of him.

The master of this house who attacked my pack years ago.

Rohan Monnier.

Lycan bastard who happened to rule a stupid pack.

" Hey freak, you're needed in the barn. "

However this pack is treating me differently, they need my powers.

Because I'm, a hybrid.

" I'm Coming. "

I shouted as I finished healing this wounded Lycan.

Before I stand up he grabbed my hand.

" Don't mind them, they're just jealous of your powers. "

Tamal told me as he is stretching his no longer broken arm.

" I know, that's why they killed my father, mate, and made my mother a slave. "

I smiled bitterly trying not to snap at him, Tamal tried to apologize but I just head out to fix my sleeping rope.

I didn't even have breakfast yet, calling me early in the morning.

Am I their lost mom or something?

" What is it this time? "

I asked exhausted as I entered the barn, watching the Lycans wiping their mouths of the blood.

Not again.

" Heal the cattle before they die, we were done eating. "

Lukas informed me pointing at the cattle cries in vain.

I clenched my clothes as I stare at him in disgust.

" Does your Alpha know about this? "

I asked him as I stare fiercely at his creepy smile.

" He knows enough. "

Lukas approached me fixing his golden hair continues.

" How about you do your damn job witch? Or do you prefer being a slave like your Mama? "

I swallowed the words as I watch the four of them circling around me.

" Yeah, your mother is pretty good at attending to us, I bet you will do fine as well. "

I felt my claws appear sensing the danger but in the end, I sighed, going to the poor cows to save them.

" The only reason you're alive is that I don't know where she is. "

I confronted Lukas who is still smiling, pushing him out of my way.

" If it wasn't for my king, you would be under me right now. "

Lukas commented sarcastically resting his elbows to watch me as I ignored him sitting on my knees, he is all bark no bite.

" Savan deo. "

I hummed the words as I points my hands at the cattle that were severely wounded.

" Haha, I never got tired of watching this. "

" Yes, our Alexey is a damn savior, we don't have to hunt or spend money or even die! "

Lazy bastards.

I healed all the cattle looking at their shackles, my chest hurts.

I want to set them free.

" Your highness! "

I heard Lucas as I turn from the last cow to look at him.

Rohan Monnier.

The king of Lycans, the one who captured my pack, killed my mate and father for being different and imprisoned my mother.

" So you were here. "

He spoke with a calm mysterious tone like his usual self, fixing his Expensive robe, he looks like he had just woken up too.

" Were you looking for me, my lord? "

I asked as I feel moche, the cow behind me scratching her forehead to my back.

Rohan scooped the barn as he sniffs.

" What did I say about not spilling blood in my barn? "

Rohan tilted his head to look at his Right hand, Lukas, who lowered his gaze, acting all innocent.

" Sorry my lord, I had to feed my people... "

" No excuses, you're doing the servants' chores today. "

" But! We have to protect our land! "

To be honest I'm glad they're being punished, on another hand I'm puzzled.

That very man shows kindness to the cows who are the same ruined my life.

Does he pity me? Does he regret it?

Because it won't change a thing and he knows that.

" Alexey? "

" Ah yes, I'm here. "

I must be too deep in thought, he is too much closer now, and we're completely alone in the barn.

When did they even leave us?

" Come with me. "

Rohan turned quickly as he ordered, I don't like the sound of that.

I followed him immediately, there must be something urgent.

It's not my damn problem anyway.

" Where to, my lord? "

I hesitated before asking him as he simply headed to.

" My room, something happened. "

I captured his pale gaze as we were heading together.

" Ugh. "

I stopped before entering, smelling the air.

" What? Are you okay? "

Rohan stopped all of sudden touching my arms as I try to keep standing straight.

" I sense dark magic behind your doors, my lord. "

I'm not lying, I never faced that much magic before, maybe once, when my father is still alive.


I don't remember.

" Is there a spellcaster inside? "

I asked as I noticed that Rohan is still hugging me, I pushed him quickly.

" I'm good now, we can enter. "

I told him as I keep my magic ready and he looked at me a little.

" No matter what you witness inside, just know, it's not my doing. "

He told me before pushing the doors open, My eyes widened as I gasp for air.

There are four women on the ground, there's a black goo Coming out of their mouths.

I entered quickly, kneeling down.

" Hang in there, I will save you! "

I murmured as I held one of the women's arms looking at her dark eyes.

" You, you're the reason. "

The woman whispered coughing blood.

My eyes widened as I try to swallow the dark magic out of her.

" Because of you, I... "

" Please don't speak, I will heal you. "

I'm terrified of what she is saying, what does she mean?

And what is the cause of this?

No one uses this kind of magic anymore, only The lord of darkness Theodore whose father killed him already.

" Hey! "

" Leave her arm, she is gone! "

My eyes have gone dark as I hear Rohan's words fading away.

I couldn't leave her arm.

And I'm in a completely different place.

" Long time no see dear. "

The master of black magic.

The lord of darkness, Theodore.

Suddenly the space between us Faded as he is clenching on my hand, as I groan.

" Look at you Alexey, most of the spellcasters will be dead by now if I just look at them. "

Theodore whispered gazing at me with his pale eyes, chuckling.

" But you're different, aren't you? "

I stare at him dumbfounded, how is he in front of me?

" You're staring at me as if we never met before. "

Theodore touches my cheek therefore my nose with his thumb.

I can't move.

" I see, they wiped out your memories. "

He glared at me disappointed, I never talk to him about what is he even saying.

The only thing I remember is my father killing him.

" If you want your memories back, Come visit my tombstone, don't forget the flowers, "

As he whispered that, I blinked many times before seeing Rohan's face above me.

It was a dream?

" I had no other choice but to cut her arm! You were coughing blood! "

I looked at my arm, it was completely black but the color is fading bit by bit.

" That kind of dark magic my lord, I can't deal with it. "

I confessed the truth as I try to flee from his strong arms, but Rohan didn't allow me.

" What did she mean by her words? You're the reason for what? "

He asked me firmly, that is the part I must tell the truth.

He is suspecting me.

But I'm not sure what to tell him either.

" I don't know my lord, I didn't even see you in three days. "

" Are you sure? Maybe you wanted to take revenge on your father, lover, so you killed the women I enjoy sleeping with? "

He asked me but rather not in an angry tone, but with a twisted grin that made me want to vomit.

He looks happy.

" If I wanted to take revenge on you, don't you think you would be dead by now? but you have my mother captive, and I need to leave with her alive. "

My eyes widened because of how honest I am, I just spotted that I want to kill him after I find my mother.

I glanced at his reaction which I didn't want to.

As I thought, he is not smiling anymore, rather he is angry.

" So you want to leave me? "


To be continued

Chapter 2: Be My Mate

" So you want to leave me? "

Rohan asked as his eyes are glowing red in anger.

I pushed his arms to sit in front of him on the ground.

" What do you think I live here for? Do you think I enjoy being locked up here? You captured my pack, my mother, my brothers and sisters, and my friends, you forced my hand to cast a spell over them, they don't even know who I'm anymore. "

I raised my voice, I tried to keep calm but I couldn't.

" I told you, if you don't have me as your mate, I will make you. "

He answered as he is getting closer growling, I can hear his loud heartbeats.

He is living in a fantasy.

" And I will still reject you, my lord, now if you excuse me. "

I said the words, trying to stand before He slams my body on the ground.

" Ugh! Get off me! "

I stare at his furious eyes, trying to cast a spell upon him but he is cornering my hands.



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