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Sparkles of destiny

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Aimscious lost her dad through the hands of an evil prominent man, Mr. Simon,who wants to acquire their family land. Mrs. Solidad Nelson her mother fought through life to push her little baby through quality education but one day , the unexpected happened . Will she be able to own the sparkles in her destiny? Read to unravel this mystery.


Happy Family

It was a beautiful Monday morning, the Nelson family started their day with the regular ups and downs of Mrs. Nelson in the house and Mr. Nelson in the farm as usual taking care of his crops and animals. The Nelson family was blessed with three brilliant, adorable kids, Nicole Nelson, Betty Nelson and Aimscious Nelson who was the youngest among the three siblings. Betty playfully followed, Nicole, their older brother all over the hall, teasing as they got ready for school.

On the other side of one of the rooms laid little Aimscious in one of her regular nightmares , a regular unpleasant one which kept haunting her.


The house was practically on fire; Nelson, and Nic were stuck in one of the rooms while Betty was no where to be found. Solidad helplessly struggled through the thick smoke, calling out her children.

"Aims!, Nic , Betty–!!" She shouted, chocking on her breath as she coughed due to the smoke. "Where are you" She added in a breathless manner.

" Mum, save me, please!" She heard Aimscious' voice echo from one of the rooms. She briskly shuffled her way though to where the voice was coming from and found her little girl, almost out of breath.

"Hey, love, open your eyes– mum is here" She hastily scooped her in her arms and rushed her to the hall where the smoke wasn't so dense. After making sure she was okay, she rushed back in search of the rest. Solidad swiftly approached the room the others well locked– She quickly picked a wood nearby and broke the door, just in time to save Nichole. About to save Mr Nelson but suddenly, an explosion occurred. Nichole instinctively let out a bitter cry of horror.

"No!!– Dad" His voice lashed out his anguish.


Aimscious shouted as she struggled out of her sleep with teary eyes and a pale , tensed face. Her forehead covered in sweat as she catch on her breath, panting. Solidad, Betty and Nic heard her scream and rushed off to her room in great panic.

"Honey, Open the door!" Solidad's tensed voice echoed, following her harsh tap on the door. But it just remained shut no matter the number of times she knocked. She became even more nervous with each fruitless tap. " Why isn't she opening up" She mumbled with a flushed gaze.

Betty and Nic had no choice than to take over– They kept knocking so loudly that she couldn't stand it any more. With about another tap, the door racked open, leaving their hands suspended midway in the air. They hurriedly rushed in, their eyes swiftly scanned the whole room then at Aimscious who was now sitting lost in her bed.

Not noticing anything unpleasant, Solidad hobbled over to her daughter's bed and settled at the edge as she glanced at the 8years young girl with a brooding gaze in silence.

" Aims? – Are you alright?" She calmly asked and she just tilted her head without a word, her gaze still fixed on the with a blank look in her eyes. "Why were you screaming then?– Did you have a bad dream? She persisted.

Aims, as they as they affectionately called her spontaneously stared up at her mother and back at his siblings with teary eyes. "It was that nightmare again, mum" She stuttered in sobs, her eyes evident with how horrifying it was. Solidad instantly bundled her in a hug as she teared up– her worried gaze travelled to Betty and Nichole who both stared at their sister with a worried gaze.

Nichole let out an inaudible sigh and crunched by Aimscious' bed. "Don't worry babe sis, we're here now– everything will be alright" He consoled as he gently brushed his hand over her head.

Betty patted her back to console her and they all came together to hug her.

" Don't cry Aims– Let get ready for school , we're getting late." Nicole pointed out. "I promise to get you some ice cream after school" He added. Nichole is a lovely person who cherishes his sisters so much and never want to see them in pain– He goes any length to brighten them up whenever they're down. Aimscious cheerfully and quickly got up to get ready for school at the sound of ice cream; she instinctively forgot all about her dream.They all laughed and went down stairs for breakfast before leaving for school.




The school bus soon pulled over and Nicole alighted along with his sisters. Lilian, Aim's friend was anxiously waiting for her, right in front of the gate since she doesn't pick the school bus because her dad drives her to school. Her dad was one of the big men in our town– The founder and President of Sliver Spoon Company.

"Aimscious! " She called and hurriedly hugged, pulling me away as she dashed off towards the hall. Aims on the other hand was taken by surprise on her sudden pull.

"Come , come, I've got something to tell you" She added in a swift as they faded away. Betty and Nichole just chuckled and head off to their respective class.

A few meters close to their class, Aims gave up the run– She halted in her tracks, gasping for breath.

"Wait, take your time, Li" She stuttered as she took in a long breath. "I'm actually running out of gas at the moment " She added and Lilian paused. She stared at her w


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