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Sold To Mr. Lawson

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It all began with two hundred million dollars. "Going once, going twice, and Selena Moore is sold to Maxwell Lawson!" Because of a certain rule in Cline's auction event, Selena was picked as one of the items that would be bid on. The rule is simple: the winner would get a one-day date with the item they won. Unexpectedly, Selena was bought by Maxwell Lawson—the CEO of Zuiqe—who is infamous for his ruthless and devilish personality. And when she thought the absurdity would end after her one-day date with him, a deal was made between Maxwell and Selena's boss. "I'll collaborate with Mercian. But on one condition." Maxwell smirked. "Give me Selena Moore." Dwaine Scoth, the CEO of Mercian, who is desperate to save his failing company, is blinded by greed and power. He sold Selena—his secretary, friend, and first love—to Maxwell Lawson to save his company. Betrayed by her first love, Selena was forced to become Maxwell's secretary. Although she was confused by his sudden interest in her and his strange behavior, she had already decided to get into Maxwell's wrong side and make him terminate the contract himself. However, "If you're thinking of purposely getting on my bad side to get fired, give it up. Because no matter what you do, I won't let you go." Despite her efforts, Maxwell had no intention of letting her go. Just why is a ruthless man like him too obsessed with keeping her? What sorts of secrets and dangerous love would she get with Maxwell?

Chapter 1 "Sold"

Selena's POV

Cline Levée de fonds is a fundraiser event where future heiress and heirs of conglomerates attend. Each year has different activities, be it a marathon, gala, golf, or concert. And for this year's activity, it was an auction event.

"This is why I'm against you wearing a backless dress," an annoyed man's voice snapped me to my thoughts.

After glancing at his suit on my shoulders, which covered my bare back, I traced my gaze to his face. To his soft ash blonde hair, to his summer blue sky eyes, straight nose, and red wine lips that perfectly matched his small porcelain face.

The man in front of me is Dwaine Scoth. The CEO of Mercian. My boss, my friend, and my first love.

"I'm not cold, Sir Dwaine," I said quietly as I turned my gaze in front and saw the piercing gazes directed at me. "I'm also afraid that your fangirls would eat me up. So, take this suit away and take pity on your secretary."

"I don't care. It's not like their jealousy would harm our mission tonight," Dwaine retorts, leaving the last sentence in a serious tone.

That's right, we didn't attend this event just for the fundraiser. We came here solely for our mission. And that is to save our company, Mercian, which is now on the brink of danger. And to do that, we need someone's help.

"He's here," Dwaine uttered, which made me look at the entrance door of Cline's VVIP hall.

And the person who would help us is Maxwell Lawson, the very same man who's now paving his way inside the hall.

As the chandelier's light cast a shadow on his brushed-up jet-black hair, his hawkish gaze met everyone's gazes, making them hold their breath under his villainous, strong presence.

No one dared to come closer to him as all they could do was stare at his picturesque face.

Maxwell Lawson—The CEO of Zuiqe and future heir of the Lawson group. A group everyone is afraid of getting involved with. The reason? They're known for being ruthless, especially Maxwell.

And the only person who bravely took the first opportunity to approach him was Dwaine.

"Maxwell, it's a surprise to see you here," said Dwaine with a gentle smile. "You rarely attend this kind of event."

Maxwell's face remained stoic until he grabbed a glass of red wine. "I'm also surprised to see you here, Dwaine," said Maxwell in a cold, low voice, the corner of his lips tugging up. "I guess you can't even resist having fun despite the conflict in your company."

What Maxwell said was a complete ridicule—gaining unwanted whispers from the audience.

"I heard Lawson and Scoth's are on bad terms. I guess it's true."

"That can't be helped. We're talking business here. Zuiqe and Mercian had been competing for the number one spot for the best fashion brand company in the world. And now Mercian's is in a dire situation; it wouldn't be surprising that Maxwell is happy with it."

Yes, they are right. Maxwell Lawson is indeed our company's greatest rival. That's why, just to ask for his help, we can't help but swallow our pride.

Under the unpleasant attention, Dwaine kept his emotions under control and kept a smile on his face.

"You're right. I indeed can't miss the fun." Dwaine took a glass of cocktail and spoke, "So, why don't we make it more entertaining by placing a bet on the last item on the auction? The highest bidder would be the winner. And the loser must do whatever the winner wishes. How about it?"

A bet. This is a risky move we need to make for Maxwell to help us. Once we won the bet, we would use it for a collaboration contract between Mercian and Zuiqe. And once the collaboration sets off, we can save the company.

And the chances of Maxwell taking our bait would be 90 percent.

My guess became right as soon as Maxwell spoke.

"A bet…" he murmured, not adding words for a long moment.

It was then, when his vampirish black eyes sharply stared through my eyes, Maxwell continued, "Count me in."

Chills run down my spine immediately.

'Did he just smirk at me?'

Oddly enough, an ominous feeling plagued my heart.

And that lousy feeling immediately came after the lights went off and the spotlight went through the stage.

"Distinguished guests, welcome to Cline Levée de fonds," after the formal greetings, the auctioneer made an announcement that shook everyone.

"We will hold an exciting auction to celebrate Cline's 20th anniversary. This time, the items that you'll bid would be you, our guests."


Third Person POV.

"Going once for number 23."

"Going twice."

"And Mr. Jones is sold to number 23!"

Enthusiastic cheers penetrated the hall for a moment.

In contrast to the lively atmosphere, Selena's heart was filled with nervousness.

"Now, for our third item, we have Selena Moore. A beautiful executive secretary of the CEO of Mercian! Let's start with one million dollars. Oh, it looks like Miss Moore is popular," with great energy, the auctioneer started to call the bidder's numbers.

With the spotlight shot on her, Selena felt increasing anxiety.

Their plan was simple: win the bet and make Maxwell comply with their wish. However, her confidence in the plan's success plummeted when she was randomly selected as one of the auction items through drawing lots.

And it has something to do with all the lustful gazes she got from the bidders who can't wait to have a one-day date with her if they manage to win.

Because she knew what would follow next, and her fear came true.

"Five million dollars."

Gasped filled the place at the new bidder's offer.

"Five million dollars for number 18!"

Selena's brows were etched as she looked at Dwaine, who raised his card with the number eighteen on it.

'You can't, Dwaine!' However, no matter how she gazed at Dwaine with a warning, Dwaine raised the bid higher, not intending to let all the lecherous men touch her.

Selena worriedly thought, 'With Mercian's dangerous situation, Dwaine was forced to use his own money for the auction. Fifty million dollars. That's the maximum money he can bet with Maxwell. So, he's supposed to use it for the last item. However, if he continued to bid more for me, we would surely lose to Maxwell. As well as Mercian.'

And while Selena and Dwaine were preoccupied with the auction, a hand raised in midair.

A deep, cold voice followed it.

"Thirty-Million dollars."

Everyone ghastly turned their head at the bidder.

Comfortably sitting on his seat as he sips his wine with an imperceptible smirk, he raises his card again and adds his bid more.

"Fifty-Million dollars."

Gulping, the auctioneer announced, "Fi-fifty dollars for number 17, Maxwell Lawson!"

'What!? Is he kidding?' Stupified, Selena dazedly stared at Maxwell. 'No. He must be up to something. Fifty million is a big sum. There's no way he'll tactlessly spend it on me—who's not even the last item. After all, you can only bid one item.'

In the midst of surprises, a pair of blue eyes gawked bouncily between Selena and Maxwell. Pressing his lips in a tight line, he raised his hands.

"Sixty million dollars," Dwaine declared, stealing the show from Maxwell.

Selena widened her eyes at Dwaine. 'Dwaine, this is a trap! Don't fall for it!'

Not minding the gazes, Selena shook her head. 'He's baiting you to bid on me. That way, he'll win the bet!'

But is that really a trap by Maxwell?

The answer to that question came quickly.

"Two hundred million dollars."

Silence once again struck the hall.

Slowly turning her gaze away from Dwaine, she looked at him. It was then, when Maxwell's frosty gaze clashed with hers, that Selena realized that she was wrong.

"Going once for Maxwell Lawson!"

It's not a trap.

"Going twice!"

Because Maxwell is serious about winning her.

"Selena Moore is sold to Maxwell Lawson!"

For two hundred million dollars, Selena was sold to Maxwell Lawson. 

He is known for being ruthless and arrogant. But why does a man like him, who doesn't even spare women an ounce of attention, bid a big sum of money on a mere secretary? 

Just what an absurd deal awaits Selena?


“Miss Selena Moore is waiting for you in the executive hotel room. Let me guide you on your way, sir Lawson.”

Footsteps echoed in the hallway as the concierge guided Maxwell to where Selena was waiting. While in the middle of walking, an expected familiar figure welcomed them from not so far away, making Maxwell cease.

“Leave,” Maxwell ordered.

Understanding the tense situation, the concierge bowed her head and left.

Placing his one hand in his pocket, Maxwell stared at Dwaine, whose face was dark.

Maxwell smiled provocatively. “I had fun today, thanks to you.”

Seeing his arrogant smile made Dwaine feel more unpleasant. Jarring his jaw, he frigidly spoke, “You’re getting crazier, Maxwell Lawson.”

“Is that a compliment?” said Maxwell, looking unbothered.

Dwaine clenched his hands.

“What are you planning to do with Selena? Answer me, you b*st*rd.”

 Maxwell didn’t respond for a moment until he stepped towards Dwaine and uttered, “I bought her for two hundred million dollars just for a one-day date.” He grinned. “What do you think I’ll do with her tonight?”

As a vast rage rose on Dwaine, without even thinking, he rushed and punched Maxwell in his face.

Maxwell staggered backward but not far enough from Dwaine.

“Ha…” Chuckling, he wiped the blood on his lips. “Your reaction was a sight.”

Dwaine grabbed Maxwell’s collar, his eyes glowering like a madman.

“What do you want? Why, out of all people, why choose my secretary!? You’re planning something, aren’t you?”

“Shouldn’t you ask that to yourself first?” Maxwell retorted.

Dwaine’s grip on Maxwell’s collar tightened more. “What?”

“You want something from me. That’s why you personally asked the chairman of Cline if I’m on the list of the invitees to the fundraiser event.” Maxwell grabbed Dwaine's hands on his collar and pulled it away. While he slightly loosened his tie, he continued, “You even made a bet with me—the man you loathed. Because if you win, you’ll use it to force me to sign a collaboration contract. Once the collaboration is set, not only will it save your company, but you will also have the chance to get in touch with Mr. Chwe.”

Dwaine’s brows etched into a frown. ‘How did he know that? Don’t tell me…‘

“You planned all of this from the start?”

Seeing how Maxwell didn’t deny it made Dwaine furious.

He can’t understand Maxwell. Why did he approach them even though he knew their plan? And why did he bid on Selena?

An absurd idea flickered on Dwaine. Making his face turned pale as he looked at Maxwell.

At the same time, Maxwell spoke, “Although the bet becomes invalid, let’s make a deal.  I’ll collaborate with Mercian. But on one condition.”

The moment Maxwell’s smile falls off is when the absurdity starts.

“Give me Selena Moore.”


The room was filled with an unsettling silence that seemed to cut through the air.

Taking one step backward, Dwaine's lips tugged upwards. “What… ha,” he chuckled. “You must be kidding, right?”

"Fortunately, I'm not," replied Maxwell, his expression serious.

However, Dwaine's smile vanished as soon as he heard his answer. His eyes grew cold. "Then, what do you call that?"

“A deal. You will give up your secretary to me, and I’ll collaborate with Mercian. I can even ask Mr. Chwe to help you if you want.”


 Dwaine was wordless for a moment.

Mercian—the company he spent his whole life—is in a dire state of falling. And it will be no matter in time, and it would fall into the hands of another person. That’s why he’s desperate to save it, even if it means to beg the man whom he hated the most.

However, to save Mercian, Maxwell’s condition was Selena.

His secretary, friend, and…

The woman he loves.

Shrouded with rage and confusion, Dwaine fiercely glared at Maxwell.

“Why Selena?”

“Why, you ask…” trailing, Maxwell narrowed his gaze and laugh half-heartedly, enjoying Dwaine’s ugly complexion. “What do you think?”

“Quit with that vague answer, and f**ck*ng answer my question!”

“I’m not obliged to feed your curiosity,” Maxwell retorted. This time, his gaze coldly stared back at Dwaine as the playful smile on his lips was gone.

“Remember, you’re not in the place to ask questions. It’s you who’s in a desperate situation, not me.” He continued in his low voice, “You don’t need to agree with my condition if you don't like it. It's your loss anyway."

Maxwell then walked forward and stopped before he could walk past Dwaine.

He whispered, “However, don’t forget that Mercian is your dead mother’s precious company.” Turning to Dwaine, he smirked. “I wonder what your mother would feel when she watched how her son gave up the opportunity to save her company for a mere woman.”


Maxwell glanced at Dwaine’s trembling fist. Keeping his smile, he tapped Dwaine's shoulder and said, “I’ll give you five minutes to think about it. And if you failed to give me your answer, consider that the deal is off.”

Within five minutes, Dwaine was given two choices.

Keep Selena to his side and lose Mercian—the company he cherishes the most.


Save Mercian and sell the woman he loves to Maxwell.

Faced with the biggest dilemma in his life, Dwaine had no choice but to give up one thing.

Is it Mercian or Selena?

Chapter 2 "One day date with Maxwell Lawson"

Third Person Pov.

Inside the hotel room, a grim expression was seen on Selena’s face.

And for the twentieth time, she uttered the words, “He bought me for two hundred million dollars.”

Biting her lower lips, she glanced at the hotel’s room door.

‘Maxwell bought me for two hundred million dollars. Why?’

In fact, the answer is simple.

The Cline’s auction rule is that ninety percent of the money of the bidders’ winners would go to different welfare, and the remaining one percent would go to the item or person that was bid on; of course, the money would still be donated under that person's name. Meanwhile, the bidders who won the bid had the chance to have a one-day date with the item they won.

Now that Maxwell—a healthy young man, bid two hundred million on Selena—a beautiful young woman, just for a one-day date, only means one thing.

‘He wants to spend a night with me.’ As she thought that, Selena anxiously walked back a


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