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About me

I'm a writer who aims to share my imagination, excitement, sadness, and happiness through my stories.


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It all began with two hundred million dollars. "Going once, going twice, and Selena Moore is sold to Maxwell Lawson!" Because of a certain rule in Cline's auction event, Selena was picked as one of the items that would be bid on. The rule is simple: the winner would get a one-day date with the item they won. Unexpectedly, Selena was bought by Maxwell Lawson—the CEO of Zuiqe—who is infamous for his ruthless and devilish personality. And when she thought the absurdity would end after her one-day date with him, a deal was made between Maxwell and Selena's boss. "I'll collaborate with Mercian. But on one condition." Maxwell smirked. "Give me Selena Moore." Dwaine Scoth, the CEO of Mercian, who is desperate to save his failing company, is blinded by greed and power. He sold Selena—his secretary, friend, and first love—to Maxwell Lawson to save his company. Betrayed by her first love, Selena was forced to become Maxwell's secretary. Although she was confused by his sudden interest in her and his strange behavior, she had already decided to get into Maxwell's wrong side and make him terminate the contract himself. However, "If you're thinking of purposely getting on my bad side to get fired, give it up. Because no matter what you do, I won't let you go." Despite her efforts, Maxwell had no intention of letting her go. Just why is a ruthless man like him too obsessed with keeping her? What sorts of secrets and dangerous love would she get with Maxwell?


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