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Snitching My Bestfriend's Billionaire Husband

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Are you a snitch? Or did you ever betray someone? Mollie Porter snitched her best friend's billionaire husband for money, she swallowed her pride even betraying her best friend again. While Sean Pearce, a ruthless and unfaithful husband will not help without something in return, a contract will be made. "It's your choice; give me my daughter or be my f*ck buddy again," Sean Pearce once said,

Chapter 1

I groaned as the sound of the bell pierced through my sleep, dragging me from the depths of dreams into the harsh reality of another day. I glanced at the clock groggily, noting the early hour. Dawn was just breaking, casting a soft glow through the curtains. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I stumbled out of bed, my body protesting the early hour. If this is one of my daughter's stupid matches, I will confiscate her iPad for the whole week.

"Aoife!" I called her name, my voice filled with a mix of annoyance and exhaustion. The thought of dealing with her antics before I even had a chance to fully wake up was almost too much to bear.

Aoife had made it her mission to find me love, believing that I deserved happiness just as much as she did with her iPad. And so, every morning, I greeted these strangers at my doorstep with a fake smile plastered on my face and my heart heavy with the knowledge that I would have to endure another day of awkward conversations and forced connections.

At first, I was angry with her because she was letting anyone come to our house. The men tried to drive me to work. I don't know where she found them. What if the man she picks to go to our house is a bad person? And also, I don't need a man to have happiness. I am content with her and my work.

I have been a single mother for 9 years since her father passed away—I mean, left us. It was a drunken mistake. I partied on my cousin's birthday that time, and all I can remember is that jerk flirting with me, and then waking up naked in my cousin's room. He was my best friend's boyfriend at the time, and I did not mean to ruin their relationship at that time.

I became a moron for letting that night be repeated, and for being his f*ck buddy. I broke a relationship and my friendship just for temporary happiness. Now, I am left to raise my daughter on my own and pick up the pieces of the mess I created. It's been a difficult journey, but I am determined to make things right and provide a stable life for my child.

"Aoife, where are you?" I called her again, and as I made my way downstairs, I couldn't help but wonder who Aoife had chosen for me this time. Would he be kind, with gentle eyes and a warm smile? Or would he be like the others before him, fleeting and forgettable?

Aoife's father was a kind person, even though he had a different attitude toward others. He was the person who would grab your attention when you saw him at first glance. His presence was a magnet for curiosity, drawing gazes like moths to a flame.

I don't even bother to fix myself, brush my teeth, or whatever because I don't want to enter a new relationship with someone who might not be worth my time.

As I opened the door with a polite smile plastered on my face, I greeted today's visitor. He smiled back, all charm and charisma, but I saw through the facade. These encounters were nothing more than scripted performances, orchestrated by Aoife in her well-intentioned quest to find me a companion.

"Hi?" The man greeted me unsurely, maybe wondering if I was the girl he should see.

"Are you Mollie Porter?" he asked, his voice tinged with uncertainty. I nodded, knowing that this meeting would likely end like all the others—with a polite exchange and a quick exit.

"Hi, I'm Ryan Wallace," he introduces himself.

He scratches his forehead. "I'm sorry if this seems awkward, but I'm just a friend of the one in that red car," he says, pointing to the red car in front of our house.

"He just wants to know the person he matches on the dating app." I chuckled, realizing the mix-up.

What dating up is he talking about? I glanced at the red car, noticing a man inside who seemed to be looking in our direction.

 "Oh, I think there's been a misunderstanding," I replied with a smile.

"I think you have the wrong Mollie Porter," I replied with a smile. "But nice to meet you, Ryan."

I was about to close the door when he stopped me. "Wait?" Ryan said sheepishly, looking at the car and me.

I nodded, feeling a bit awkward but trying to be polite. "Yes, really, because I'm not on any dating apps," I said before finally closing the door and walking away.

I called my daughter again one more time, but she did not answer. She must have eaten the cereal in the box while hiding in the kitchen pantry. I chuckled to myself, knowing my daughter's sneaky habits all too well. As I walked back to the kitchen, I couldn't help but wonder what other mischief she might be getting into.

I decided to check the pantry, and sure enough, I found her there with an empty cereal box. 

"I caught you red-handed," I teased, making her jump in surprise. She sheepishly grinned back at me, knowing she had been caught in the act. The cereals were all over her face, pants, and floor.I couldn't help but laugh at her messy appearance, realizing she had truly enjoyed her secret snack.

"Get up; I will cook some breakfast, even if you already have one." I gently scolded her.

"Sorry, Mom," she said, still giggling as she got up from the floor. As I started making breakfast, I couldn't help but smile at the memory of her mischievous cereal escapade.

I cooked some omelets and French toast. I also brewed some coffee for myself. As we sat down to eat, my daughter's eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of the delicious breakfast spread before her. Despite her earlier sneaky snack, I couldn't stay mad at her infectious laughter and genuine joy. We were about to eat our breakfast when the doorbell rang again.

I quickly went to answer it, wondering who could be interrupting our morning. I opened the door with a smile, but as soon as I saw the person standing in front of me, his piercings shone from the sun, as did his smiling eyes and lips. My smile slowly faded, and I immediately went outside and closed the door.

"Why are you here?" I asked, trying to hide my annoyance. The person standing before me was someone I hadn't seen in years, and his unexpected appearance brought back memories I had tried to forget.

"We matched and talked on the dating app. I thought you had already forgiven me." I felt a surge of anger and betrayal at the mention of the dating app.

What have you done, Aoife?!

Chapter 2

I could feel my heart rate increasing as I struggled to maintain my composure. Despite the flood of emotions rushing through me, I managed to respond, "I think it's best if you leave."

He does not age; his face is still striking, with a rugged charm that draws attention wherever he goes. His deeply tanned skin speaks of days spent under the sun. He has an air of mystery about him, with piercing dark eyes that seem to hold a thousand untold stories.

"Can we just talk for a minute?" he asked, pointing at the patio, where my mini table is. It was meant for Aoife playtime during the afternoon. There was a big name for Aoife on the table. She drew it when she was younger.

I hesitated, unsure of how to respond to his unexpected appearance. His presence stirred up memories I had tried to bury deep within me. As much as I wanted to hear what he had to say, I knew it was a conversation best left in the past.

"We have nothing to talk about," I said firmly.

"I wan


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