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She was ugly 2

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Time has passed, nothing is like before, they are no longer teenagers, and the group will have to make decisions that will define their lives forever. Keidys will be the first, when she finds out that she is pregnant at just the wrong time, when she has ended her relationship with Josef and doesn't know whether to tell the young man or go away from him. Little by little, problems will come to the group of boys that will not be so easy to solve, like Josef, who has found out that he has a great gangster behind his back threatening to kill his loved ones and among them are his best friends. . How can they get out of their problems? Will they be able to make good decisions?

Chapter 1: Memories of a happy past

Keidys was walking down an elevator with a bustling step, his personal assistant did not stop talking to his left, on the right were two girls who were talking on the phone.

"We must hurry, we are half an hour late" said one of them.

"We can't cancel the Keidys photo session, you know it's very important, the appointment with Josef can wait, it's your professional career, please" his assistant insisted as he walked briskly.

As they left the building, a crowd of people began to shout as if there was no tomorrow, the bodyguards waiting outside tried to make room for Keidys to pass, but suddenly, she felt her world wobble, she rolled her gaze around her. It was like slow motion. She stopped her step and one of her bodyguards repaired her strangely.

"Miss Keidys, are you feeling alright?" he asked seeing her too pale.

But the young woman did not answer anything and in a second she fell to the ground, everything happened so fast that it took the journalists three seconds to realize that they had great news in front of them. Although, of course, upon realizing it, the bomb went viral. The news did not stop talking about the fainting that the young actor and international model had.


Alejandra was lying on her bed eating popcorn while watching the news where they were showing the news about Keidys' career.

"Look at this girl, she thinks she's such a diva" she laughed, then she drank her full glass of soda.

At that moment, she saw how Keidys fell to the ground, Alejandra's mouth felt open, her whole body bristled, then, when she reacted, she let out a great scream and all the popcorn flew out of her hands along with the glass of soda.

"My friend!" she yelled loudly and ran out of the room, then came back to grab her cell phone, dialed Josef's number, "My God, Josef, Josef, Josef."

"What's going on? Talk quickly, I'm very busy, I'm going to go into a meeting," said the young man, quite serious, over the line.

"Keidys, Keidys, he fainted, I just saw him on the news, live..." Alejandra released between sobs.

" Wait, what?" Josef's voice already sounded very concerned.

"Yes, it was only seen that she fell and then people started screaming and she was carried away by a guy there, I think it was her bodyguard, I don't know, but that looked very ugly..." Alejandra walked from one side to the other looking for clothes to get ready and go in search of her friend.

"I'm going to talk to her assistant, I have to hang up, I'll call you when I know which clinic, they have her at" Josef informed and then hung up the call.


Claudia smelled the eggs that were in front of her and everything inside her stirred.

“Oh no…” she ran to the bathroom and began to vomit.

Mateo let out a sigh, then walked to the bathroom door:

"You feel very bad?" asked.

"Awful, those eggs looked rotten."

"That's not true," Mateo denied.

“I know, but you must understand me; These three months have hit me very hard.” Claudia began to wipe her mouth in the sink, Mateo entered and hugged her back.

“I'd love to help you, do something to make you feel better, although, I can only make a delicious meal that you vomit in the end.

"I'm sorry, when it's over like something and this time I won't throw it up" Claudia said, turning to see him.

"Calm down, just don't stop eating, you must do it for the baby" she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Mateo entered the room and sat on a piece of furniture, although Claudia was pacing from one place to another, as if she wanted to say something.

"What's going on?" Mateo asked, remembering that his wife always took detours to be able to talk.

"I was thinking that... the baby shouldn't come into this world and live with unmarried parents" Claudia blurted out.

"Are you saying we should get married?" Mateo inquired and swallowed dryly.

“I know, it's, it's… a bad idea. Forget it” Claudia put a hand to her waist and scratched the back of her neck with the other.

"No... It's not a bad idea, just... I was surprised that you told me" Mateo got up and hugged Claudia, then gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Let's get married, it would be the best for the baby."


Keidys was sitting up in the hospital bed, her chest aching as if she had a sword stuck in her. He didn't hear anything around him, he took a deep breath not to let the tears come out of his eyes.

" Do not tell anyone about what is happening to me, this will remain between us" ordered Keidys.

"It's not something that can be hidden for a long time, Keidys, with time it will be noticed, also..." the doctor tried to explain.

“I know, I know, but please let me tell you. I have to think about it better” said Keidys quite nervous.

“Maybe in your situation, being in this state is not so favorable, but remember that the decision you make will change your life. I won't tell your friends and family anything, you can take the time to think about it,” said the doctor.

After a few minutes, Santiago (her older brother) came in and hugged her as if there was no tomorrow.

"I thought you were in very bad shape; I saw you faint in front of the cameras and... How is it that it was stress and a bad diet? You don't play with your health, Keidys."

"I'm sorry, the schedule was very tight, sometimes I couldn't even sleep, but I'm going to get away for a month or two to improve my health," Keidys explained.

“That's what the doctor told us, although, your assistant seemed like she was given the worst news, you should find a better assistant, someone who cares about your health, not just money. I'm going to find the right one for you,” said Santiago. Although, Keidys paid little attention to him, at that moment he wanted to run away from there, from his reality.

Later, her whole family came in and gave her a great sermon about taking care of her health, this greatly bored the young woman, since the least she needed at that moment was something like that. In the end, Alejandra came in and when she saw her in that bed, she made a rather dramatic face:

“I almost had a heart attack when I saw you faint on television and I knew I couldn't do anything, I called Josef, he came, but he had to leave for an important meeting with his partners, he said he'll be back in about two hours. His life is very difficult, he will be the next to receive a faint as he continues like this. That's why I chose to be a writer, something calm and that I love very much" Alejandra displayed a big smile, although she noticed that something was wrong with Keidys, it seemed as if she had cried, "what's wrong? Are you bad because you'll have to retire for a few months?"

"It's just... everything was going too well, I was already an international model, and you know the movie will be released the other week, everyone is waiting for it and that will make me even more famous, it was my dream..." Keidys's voice broke at the last.

“Oh, baby, but you'll be able to go to the launch, it's not the end of the world, it was just a faint, surely, you'll be working by then, right? You never listen to the doctors.” Alejandra was confused by her friend's reaction.

"Yes, you're right" Keidys took a deep breath to calm down.

Alejandra left the room quite uneasy, as she was walking down the hall, she received a call.

"Yeah?" answered.

“Love, how is Keidys?” It was Gabriel.

“Okay, it was just stress, the doctor said that she had to take some time off from her job or else her condition could get worse, knowing her, I imagine she will do it for a month or less. Why didn't you come to see her?"

"I'm busy with a photo shoot, a model was late and we're just about to start," he explained.

"At this time? But it's already after seven at night, Gabriel" Alejandra began to get angry.

"I'm sorry, but it's my job."

The young woman let out a resigned sigh.

"Okay" Alejandra hung up. At that moment he saw Josef who was entering the hospital.

"Are you awake yet?" asked.

"Yes, two hours ago, I think" answered Alejandra.

"I was talking to Tomás, he's on his way" explained Josef, he looked quite agitated.

“Did the meeting just finish?” Alexandra inquired.

"Yeah... It was very stressful" he let out a sigh, it was clear on his face how tired he was. "I'm going in to see Keidys."

Josef was sitting in the armchair in the room talking about how the meeting went, it was normal for the couple to tell everything about their work, it could be said that their courtship had been limited to that, to talk only about their daily lives, but this time Keidys didn't I was to hear anything about it.

"...Although, if I had that much free time, I think I'd go crazy, what are you going to do all day? Eat ice cream?" Joseph asked.

"I had planned to spend time with you and my family, when was the last time we were all together? I think three months ago when Claudia gave us the news about her pregnancy, just one night" Keidys replied.

“Love,” Josef spoke with a calm voice, “you know I'm very busy with work, I have to travel first thing in the morning. Although, I'm leaving calmly, you're fine, you just have to rest.

“Are you going to leave? For how long?”

"I don't know, three weeks or more, as well as it can be less" he answered "it shouldn't surprise you, all these years it has been like this, you are also constantly traveling".

"Yes, but now I'm…" Keidys stopped as he remembered his true reality.

"You'll be with your family, our friends too, you won't be alone, I'll come back later and I promise we'll spend a whole day together" he took Keidys's hand and kissed it, although he noticed that his beloved wasn't very well, there was something in her that did not agree with what the doctor said, I noticed a great sadness in her eyes; but he was so immersed in his work that he didn't want to stress himself out so that he could have everything under control.

Tomás arrived at the hospital, found Alejandra sitting on a bench, she looked very sad and somewhat stressed.

"Fatty..." he sat next to her and hugged her while giving her a kiss on the forehead. “Gera isn't around here. Not arrived?"

"Gera? No... I haven't seen her, surely, she's on her way" replied Alejandra.

"Josef is talking to Keidys?" Thomas asked.

"Yes, they already have a good time talking."

“That fool, he would rather go to a meeting than be aware of the health of his girlfriend with whom he has been with for more than six years. I wouldn't put up with something like that, family and the love of your life come first” Tomás sighed and then looked at the young woman he was hugging. "Gabriel is like that too, isn't he?"

"She is finishing a photo session; I imagine she will come to see her tomorrow" Alejandra said with an uncomfortable tone.

“Stop defending him, I never asked if he was coming. I hate seeing how my friends obsess over their jobs, it's not the same anymore, we can't spend time like before, do you remember that on Friday nights we planned to go to dinner, parties, or sleepovers? Those were beautiful times” Tomás displayed a smile.

"Yes, but all that is now lost" Alejandra laid her head on Tomás's chest. "I'm sleepy".

"You should go to sleep, it's already very late."

"I almost didn't arrive" they heard Gera's voice.

"Until you show up" Tomás said with a serious tone.

"I got stuck in a traffic jam, it's not my fault," Gera claimed.

"Oh... Don't start arguing now, especially not in a hospital" scolded Alejandra.

"How is Keidys?" Gera asked.

“It's okay, it was just stress from work, now he's talking to Josef” Alejandra explained as she moved away from Tomás and rubbed her eyes. Gera sat next to Alejandra, and they began to talk.

Early in the morning, Keidys was discharged. Mateo and Claudia were waiting at home, having prepared a delicious breakfast.

"I found out about everything when the news came on at night, no one was able to let me know before, with those friends I have, why want enemies?" Claudia blurted out angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I forgot" Alejandra excused herself somewhat nervously and displayed a smile.

“Well, the important thing is that she's fine now,” Mateo said, finishing serving breakfast to Keidys who was sitting in front of the table.

"Where is Joseph?" inquired Mateo.

“He had to go on a trip, business things” answered Keidys.

“It seems that Josef cares more about his work than his girlfriend” Tomás blurted out as he sat down at the table to have breakfast.

"Yes, I realized that" Keidys began to eat as normal, his group of friends looked at each other's faces somewhat worried.

"Family!" Gabriel yelled entering the dining room “I arrived at a good time.”

"Until you show up" Gera said quite bored.

"I'm sorry, the photo session took too long and then I had to edit them, now I finished everything and I'm starving" he walked to the kitchen and began to serve himself the food. "If Mateo and Claudia hadn't made breakfast, I think we'd all be looking at each other now," he mocked.

“We would have ordered food delivery; how much is it?” Keidys let out a giggle that everyone joined.

“If Josef were here this would be another reunion, great, it has become very rare that we all meet like this, it reminds me of when we were at school and at night, we watched movies and sang karaoke,” said Alejandra.

"Yes... They were beautiful memories" Keidys blurted out quite nostalgically.

Chapter 2: What if we don't part forever?

Everyone was having breakfast; Claudia pushed the plate away and the eyes of those present focused on her.

"It's just... I don't feel well" she got up and put her hands over her mouth.

"Are you going to throw up?" Gabriel asked.

"If you're going to do it, go to the bathroom" suggested Tomás who was the most asquint of all.

"You feel very bad?" Gera inquired.

Claudia grabbed a chair, Mateo took her by the arm, afraid she was going to lose her balance.

"Are you okay?" asked Alejandra getting up from her chair, as well as the others.

"It's just dizziness, it's the pregnancy," Mateo explained.

"But it doesn't look good, let's go see the doctor or something" Gera said a little worried.

“No… it's normal in the first three months” Mateo reassured “love, let's go to the bathroom, or do you want to lie down?

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