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Seducing Mr. Perfect

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Going to school, getting a good grades and great job are what every young adult wishes for, right? Well, Karen Martins achieved two, which was going to school and coming out with good grades. Her step mother have been the one taking care of her since she lost her father at a very tender age. She doesn't have a choice than to start doing all the menial jobs that come her way, just to make ends meet.What happens when she needs money for something urgent?What happens when she was asked to seduce a celebrity's boyfriend which is also a celebrity and get even more of the money she needed? Do you think she'll agree to this? Karen has a talent which she's always ashame to show to the world. What's the talent all about?What does fate has in store for Karen?...

Chapter 1


I just closed from the restaurant I work as a cleaner, and I must say today was very hectic. I still need to deliver pizza before I call it a day. I was about to cross the road, when a car drove pass me and splashed water on my clothes.

“Geez! I’m still going to deliver pizza today, will I go with dirty cloth?” I asked out loud before rushing to the car.

The driver parked and came out from the car with a smirk dancing on her lips.

“Oh my! I splashed you wate? I’ll be very careful next time,” She said with a smile. Wow! Not even a sorry? She’s very arongant.

“I have a work for you.” She said with a smile lingering around her lips.

“To hell with you and your work!” I yelled angrily and she flinched. She dusted my shoulder with her hand as if she was trying to clean dirt from it.

“It’s a trade by barter, and I can ruin your life if you refuse to. I know where you stay, I know your mum, I knew you need money so much, I know you won’t be unfortunate you’ll surely accept.” She said with a smile.

“Who the hell are you!” I yelled.

“Calm down and stop raising your voice, hypertension is real!” She said with a smile.

“I need you to do something for me and I’ll pay you handsomely.” She said with a smile.

“What do you need?” I asked.

“I need you to seduce my fiance.” She replied….

Going to school, getting a good grades and job is what every young people wish for, right? Well, Avery Martins achieved two. Which was going to school and coming out with good grades. Her step mother have been the one taking care of her since she lost her father at a very tender age. She doesn’t have a choice than to start doing all the menial jobs that come her way, just to make ends meet.

What happens when she needs money for something urgent? What happens when she was asked to seduce a celebrity’s boyfriend and get even more of the money she needed? Do you think she will agree? What did fate has in store for Jayden?


The door to my room open and I had to run all the way from the bathroom to check who it was, I pray it’s not Sky, because I kept some money on my nightstand.

I was welcome with mum laughter.

“Why did you have to run out with soapy water?” Mum asked still laughing.

“I thought it was Sky” I said and release the breathe I don’t know I was holding.

“So you prefer to come out naked than Sky to take your money?” Mum asked still laughing.

“Yes that’s the only money I have with me” I replied.

“Don’t worry your money is save I am here, you can go back to the bathroom” she said and I flash her a smile before rushing to back to the bathroom.

I am running late already. I rinsed the soap on my body and pick up my towel from the hanger, I tied it on my waist, before walking out of the bathroom, did I saw waist? Don’t mind me I tend to say rubbish anytime I am late for work.

“Proper morning mum” I greet she was busy going through my phone.

“I just greeted you and you should at least reply my greeting” I said and she scoffed loud.

“Is this the first time you’re seeing me this morning?” She asked.

“You should be happy I later greet you” I replied and walked to my small dressing table.

“Baby” mum suddenly called walking to the dressing table, I knew she’s up to something, because she called me baby anytime she need something from me.

“What happened to baby mum?” I asked with a frown.

“Hey I am not asking for money this time, I am not heartless I know you don’t have any money with me” she said and that make me sad.

She sacrifice everything she has just to send me to school, she’s not my biological mother, she’s my stepmom, but I am not sure my mother can do more than what this woman did for me of she’s alive.

“I am sorry if I make you feel bad” I said and she smiled out.

“I don’t feel bad my daughter” she replied.

“So mum what did you have to say?” I asked and she picked up my hand dryer from the dressing table and started drying my hair keeping eyes contact with me.

“Baby why don’t you try and go for the Audition?” She asked.

“Gosh! Mum I thought we have talked about this before, I won’t win even thou I go, so it’s better I don’t go there to disgrace myself” I replied.

“There’s no harm in trying, and you need to believe in yourself, low self esteem won’t cause any good than harm” Mum said.

“Mum I agree I have low self esteem, you and I know I don’t like competition, I don’t like it” I replied.

“You don’t like competition because you’re scared, you don’t wanna fail, I know you more than you know yourself, let go of low self esteem believe in yourself because I believe in you” Mum said trying to confused me, what she doesn’t know is that I have made up my mind.

“The Audition is Six months from now right?” I asked and mum nod her head.

“Good, who knows if I will change my mind before then” I replied.

“Please do, I have pick your clothes” Mum said packing my hair in a ponytail.

“Did you like your hair style or I should change it?” She asked and I stood up immediately.

“The hairstyle is beautiful” I replied and walked to the bed. I picked up the clothes she selected for me and put it on.

It’s a short backless gown. I don’t like looking untidy I believe in dress the way you want to be address, but I don’t like gown either, I love baggy clothes, putting on a baggy trouser and top the feeling is out of this world, mum bought all the gowns and skirt in my wardrobe and she loves picking them for me to wear.

It’s hard for people to believe I am a cleaner due to my fashion sense.

“Wow you look beautiful” mum said with a smile.

“I know right” I replied turning around for her to see me well.

“You need to get going now, I don’t want your manager to scold you today” she said, but I need to check on Sky before going.

“Don’t fight anyone today please” She said with a pout.

“I won’t” I replied and she smiled.

“That’s if everyone mind their business” I wink and rushed out.

I pushed Sky door and walked inside the room. “Where are you manners” he asked with a frown.

Wait I thought this îdiot is still sleeping I was planning to wake him up with beating.

“Don’t think you can walk inside my room anytime you like” he said with a frown.

“Anyways I thought you’re still sleeping” I said. “Why will I be sleeping by this time of the day? Anyway why did you’ve to spoil my plan I was planning to come inside your room and take some money” he said with a frown.

“The money you worked for right?” I asked with a smirk.

“No the money my sister worked for, how did you expect a 16 years old like me to work for money? Have you forgotten I am still in highschool?” He asked.

“You’re dumb, anyway here’s the money for your transport and lunch” I said and throw some money on his body.

“You don’t have respect for me, I am your senior, the fact that I am a male authomatically makes me your big bro” he said with a smirk.

“I don’t have your time I am running late for work” I said.

“I don’t even know why you have to wake up early, which money am I going to spend for my girlfriends today?” He asked hiself.

“They’ll all die of hunger today” I replied and walked out of his room.

Imagine a 16 years old boy having girlfriends while I didn’t have a boyfriend.

I walked to the store directly and picked up a mob and other cleaning materials.

The manager girlfriend is here, I don’t know what she’s doing here early this morning.

“Good morning Miss Helen, can you kindly move to the manager office I need to clean this place before customers start coming in” I said and she roll her eyes at me.

“Please Miss” I said and she scoff loud.

“I am not disturbing you,” she replied.

“You mean I should do my work?” I asked and she hissed out loud.

I picked up the brush and started sweeping the floor with it.

I discovered there’s dirty in where she sat, I don’t even know why it got there because I have swept this place before.

I picked up my brush and sweep the spot again before starting to mob.

She left out a smile and knowingly pour her juice on the spot I have already mob.

“Hey you haven’t mob this place there’s dirt there” she said and look away.

I went to mob the place again.

I sigh when I saw popcorn on the table again. This lady just wanna frustrate my life, but I won’t show her my true color.

“Hey pick my car key for me” she said and stylishly throw it on the ground.

I saw her empty her drink on the floor when I was about to pick the car key, I fall down and sprang my ankle and she burst into laughter.

Àswear I won’t let this slide.

“Dear dèvîl get ready to receive a visitor in hèll, because I am Kîlling this lady right away, no one can fûcking stop me” I said and she moved away in fright.


“Mr Smith” Justin said and sat on a chair opposite his.

“Am I free for today?” Jayden asked and Justin left out a nervous smile.

“No sir you aren’t free, you have a shoot by 5 pm sir” Justin replied.

“Can’t we just make it tomorrow, I am very tired” Jayden replied.

“I am afraid Mr Smith you can’t postpone it, this is the third time you have been postponing the shoot” Justin replied.

“Is that all?” Jayden asked.

“No you have dinner in your family house by 9pm” Justin said.

“Just kîll me” Jayden said and a lady walked inside the office half naked.

“You aren’t blind, or are you?” She said to Justin immediately she entered the office.

“I am very sorry Miss Luna” Justin replied and stood up immediately.

“I’ll be waiting for you outside sir” Justin said and Jayden nod his head.

“Hey baby” Luna said and sat on the office table.

Jayden bang his hand on the table and Luna flinch in fear.

“What the hèll are you doing here!?” Jayden asked with a frown.

“Common I am your fiance stop treating me like a stranger, or are you cheating on me?” Luna asked.

Jayden stood up from his chair and the next minute his land landed on her neck.

“I don’t consider you as my fiance” Jayden’s said angrily.

Here’s the first chapter, don’t discourage me please, like comment and shares please, I am begging now. Before I start blocking anyhow.


Chapter 2


“What are you trying to do? Are you trying to bèat me?” Helen asks with a frown.

“I am trying to kîll you” Karen replied moving closer to her.

“Don’t come closer!” Helen replied and moved back in fright.

Karen moved closer to her and grab her by her hair.

“Somebody help” Helen shouted.

“I have always endured the rûbbish you’re doing to me in this place not anymore” Karen yelled, the manager rushed out of his office and burst into laughter immediately he saw Karen beàting up his girlfriend.

“She deserves it, what did the innocent girl do to her?” He said and sat on a chair.

Karen sat on her tummy and started beating her.

The manager stood up and walked to separate them when he can’t take it anymore.

“Collins, can you see what this worthlèss human did to me? She bèat me up, you need to sack her” Helen said and burst into tears.

“I should sàck her as the owner of this restaurant?” Collins asked with a fro


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