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Second Chance

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Chidot
  • Chapters: 32
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 97
  • 7.5
  • 💬 0


Elena the only daughter of a business tycoon meets and falls in love with the son of a carpenter. Her mother was a socialite that wouldn't settle for less including a poor son-in-law. Elena falls pregnant and she has to make a choice between her husband and twins or lose all Anthony gets tired of Elena's inability to take a stand for their marriage, which her mother was hell-bent on destroying. He makes a decision that separates a mother from her child and a wife from her husband. Innocent lives must suffer the consequences of their action, would there be forgiveness and redemption?

Meeting him

Meeting him

Elena's pov


Finally, my days as a student at St. Xavier University was over. I graduated with third-class honors which were not too bad considering that I was not too keen on getting a degree, all I had wanted was to design and make clothes.

However, my father Mr. Desmond Badmus would not hear of it. "My only child and daughter would earn her degree first." He had insisted. "I want you to be a lawyer just like me, you can pursue your passion in fashion as a hobby." Father continued as he persuaded me to do as he wanted.

I agreed to fathers demand, you see, I didn't have the will power to stand my ground. My parents knew my weakness and it was easy for them to get me to do as they pleased, especially my mother who ran my life as if it was hers to live.

Meanwhile, in school, I had waited patiently for the chaos that came with students leaving the hostels for their family home every end of school semester to subside, I wasn't in a rush since this was my last day in the hostel and I wouldn't be coming back again.

It was a bittersweet feeling for me as I packed my belongings into my suitcases. Mother ensured that I had everything that would make life easy for me in school, weekly she sent me foodstuffs both cooked and raw. The raw ones were usually given out by me, I wasn't a homely person and could barely boil an egg.

My only roommate Helen had an agreement with me, I provided the foodstuffs and she cooked, I also sorted out some of her bills for her while she washed and cleaned up our apartment and helped me run some errands. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

"I will miss you, Elena." Helen had said the morning of our departure, she looked sad. However, I knew what she would miss was my money and connections my influence gave her. Helen was a good friend to me and I was surprised when I discovered that I would miss her too, apparently, I had gotten attached to her since knowing her for almost four years since I started schooling here.

I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see that it was almost quarter past one in the afternoon and the sun would be at its peak. Helen had left earlier, she got a free ride home from one of her friends, as I packed my belongings I realized that I had no one to help me carry my luggage to my car, the car was a birthday gift from dad for my 20th birthday last year. Mother had chosen the gift for me, she insisted she knew what I wanted and when I should get it.

I opened the door to my flat in the hostel and peeped into the long corridors, the hostel was a three-story building and each floor had a total of 6 flats consisting of two bedrooms, a kitchen, two toilets, and a bathroom for each room, and a sitting room. My flat was at the end of the corridor and had a beautiful view, mother had paid off the earlier occupant so she would vacate the

room for me.

The hostel was almost empty and since I hardly talked to the other students in the hostel, it dawned on me that I would be carrying my luggage to the car all by myself.

I had about three large, two medium and one smaller sized suitcase carefully arranged at the corner of my sitting room. The furniture and other stuff in my room would be moved the next by my father's employees.

I lifted one of the larger suitcases off the ground and began the journey towards my car. I was already sweating before I reached the staircase of my building, my leg ached, it was the most tedious work I had done in my life.

As I stood panting I regretted telling my father not to send help when he called me to ask if he should send the servants over to me. Now here I was breathless, my nails would be ruined before I finished loading the suitcases in the car, which would take all day if I continued like this.

"Watch your step ma'am." The husky voice said while he held me from falling down the flight of stairs. my heels gave way as I was about to take the next step and I almost rolled down the stairs if not for the hands that held me.

I had to steady myself before gazing at him, his arms were huge probably from exercising, I wanted to lay my head forever on his muscular chest, it was so hard and soft at the same time.

"Sorry," I said when I regained my composure. Then my eyes met his and I drowned in the sea of his luminous eyes. My tongue felt tied and I maintained eye contact with him for what seemed like hours. It felt as though I was in a movie, I could hear the soft rhythm of a love song playing nearby.

"Are you okay?" He said, there was a smile at the corner of his mouth. I immediately felt stupid and wondered how long I had been staring at the most gorgeous face I've seen in a long while.

"Yes, I am," I replied shyly. A moment of awkward silence passed before he spoke again.

"I'm Anthony and you are?"

"Elena," I replied, stretching out my hand towards his already outstretched hands. His palms had calluses but it felt warm and made me tingle.

"Nice to meet you, Elena. Do you stay in this hostel, because I haven't seen you before?" He continued.

"Yes, I live at the flat at the end of the first floor," I said. I noticed a frown crisp on his forehead and I wondered why. The frown disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

"Let me help you with that." Anthony took the suitcase and asked me to lead him to where I was taking it to.

"Thank you," I replied and led him to my car. I felt so self-conscious and hoped I looked beautiful to him as most men and women always complimented my beauty. I wished I had taken the time to apply at least a light makeup.

"Do you still have more bags or is this the last one."

"Just five more to go."

"What! isn't that too much luggage?"

"This is my last day here so I'm taking all my stuff back home with me."

"If you say so," Anthony replied and started back to the hostel.

He was such a fine gentleman that I didn't want to part ways with him which was quite inevitable unless a miracle happened.

"Are you a student here."


"What department."


I thought he would ask me what I studied in school and when he didn't I volunteered the information myself. "I studied law," I said, trying to match his step.

He stopped and looked me over then continued walking, thankfully he reduced his pace which made it easier for me.

When we got to my flat, I expected the usual surprise and admiration most people had when they came into my apartment for the first time. But Anthony didn't flinch, he just took two of the suitcases and went out, I in tow.

When all my luggage was in the car and he had to leave I stopped him.

"Erm…" I stammered "Can I have your phone number so I can call you later in the day." "To say thank you," I added quickly.

He repeated his phone number off hand and asked for mine too. I felt like a child that just got a new toy. "I hope he calls me." I thought to myself

"See you then." He said and made me walk off.

"The campus is almost empty, when do you plan to leave," I said, trying hard to keep the conversation going.

"I don't have much luggage, unlike you." He said and laughed. His eyes shone as he laughed, I felt mesmerized by it all.

I joined in and laughed too, it felt refreshing. "I can wait for you to get your things, then we can drive off at the same time. Where is your car packed? I could shift my car closer to yours." I knew I was beginning to look and sound clingy, but I couldn't help myself.

"I don't have a car, I planned on using a cab," Anthony replied.

"I could drop you off at your place. Please don't say no, that's the least I can do to say thank you for your help earlier."

"Okay, give me a few minutes." He said and left.

I quickly called my mother to tell her I would be home late, she picked at the second ring.

I swallowed hard before speaking, as I was about to tell a lie.

"It's almost 2:00 p.m honey, your dad and I have been expecting you for over an hour plus now. Everyone is waiting and I had the chef make your favorite meals." Mother said, she sounded angry as she spoke. She hated it when things didn't go as she planned

"I'm sorry mum, I am stuck in traffic. I will be a bit late."

"Where exactly are you? Hello."

"I can't hear you mum, the line is breaking," I replied and cut off the call. I knew if I stayed longer on the call with mum I would weaken and go straight home.

I stood fidgeting, my eyes focused on the path Anthony had followed to his hotel. A few minutes later I saw him coming towards me, my palms started sweating and I placed it inside my jeans pocket to keep it dry. I have never reacted to anyone the way I was reacting to Anthony who was only a stranger to me a few hours ago.

"Is this all you are going with," I asked pointing towards the green backpack he was carrying?


"Alright then." I walked to the driver's seat and sat down before Anthony joined me.

"Your location," I asked as I drove away from the campus.

"Ajegunle." He replied

My heart sank, I wanted this man to be part of my life but Ajegunle, that was the slum of Nigeria.

We drove in companionable silence, though I stole glances towards him, he felt so right sitting next to me.

"Turn left," Anthony said abruptly, taking me out of my deep thought. I did as I was told, forcing myself to remain focused.

"My house is the building with the huge black tank in the front yard," Anthony said.

Within seconds I reached the building and stopped the car. I knew this was the hour of our final goodbyes.

Thank you, Elena, I appreciate your kindness." Anthony said to me, smiling. He opened his door and alighted.

I felt disappointed, somehow I had thought he would ask me out on a date.

Meeting her

Meeting her

Anthony's pov


Becoming the best-graduating student at St. Xavier University was a dream come through for me. It had not been easy from the start as I had to work harder than most students, coming from a poor family with limited resources made things more difficult for me.

"I can't afford to send you to the university." My father had said to me the day my West African Examination Council (WAEC) result came in and I made a distinction in all the subjects. I watched his face contour in pain and frustration as he spoke those words to me.

I had been heartbroken but not surprised because I knew he was barely making enough to feed us as a roadside carpenter and my mother's work as a janitor in a private secondary school at Ajegunle was even more minimal than what my father earned.

After I graduated from secondary school I spent the next two years working as a record keeper in an engin


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